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Planet Calypso News: Leaked RDI Footage Reveals Moment Missing Scientist Goes AWOL

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by EP-Newsbot, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Links to leaked security footage...shows a comic.

    Üjust realized this misison is old...but I do it "just for fun" :

    -Talk to Mehdi

    -Mission named: Go to Livas
    (1st tp/go to Corinth East Hangars B) -> Livas Outpost

    -Talk to "Sven Anori" in building (Livas Outpost)

    -Kill 20 Berycled (no more sounds when attacking and wrong sound (changed) when dieng..but they are close to the building. (I bought 10 PED ammo)

    -Return to Sven Anori (Livas Outpost)

    -Go/tp to Atleas Heaven (Hiiiiii Wirecard Bank !!!! :'D)

    -Talk to girl "Sam the Shark" right at the TP

    -There you get a nice "The operation failed due to an internal error"
    (but the Quest will continue)

    -You get some more text, which was probably important, but I didnt read it and now I have to "Find Sams card"...no idea where to look for it.

    -Had to google that I need to drop some probes (do mining) to actually find her card...ya, right...she wont talk before you found the card by mining the area...

    -Bought probes for 20 PEDs...
    1. NRF
    2. found 1x Average Melchi in front of Atlas Heaven (6.52 PED)
    3. NRF
    4. NRF
    killed Fugabara Dominant
    5. NRF
    6. Very Poor Melchi (0.82 PEC)
    7. NRF
    8. NRF
    9. NRF
    killed Snarg Mature (hey, those look nicely detailed now) (1.11 PED)
    10.Very Poor Aliceness (1.75 PED)
    11. NRF
    12. Card Found and another NRF
    killed Chirpy Mature (0.07 PED)

    -Sam the Shark gets the card

    -Go&TP to Twin Peaks

    -Talk to Isaac Mooten (his NPC is still loading up on the building where the traders are usually located) :p

    -He says "somewhow" instead of "somehow" and wants you to kill Daikibas...to retrieve his chewed up data pad. He wont say how many. But you will have to travel West and kill some, before he hands out any info...

    man, the streets to the daikiba place are covered with grass and plants...they defenitley need some cleaning. :'(

    On the 3rd Daikiba I globaled 16 PED incl. Regen. Chip 1 (L) full TT.

    On the 9th Daikiba I retirevd the Data pad.

    Back to Twin Peaks...where is the street...ah, there...still covered by grass.

    -Isaac wants you to go/TP to Osere now...talk to Karoline Bakker...she wants you to kill 20 Kerberos...before she hands out any info...so I bought another 10 PED of ammo. (which wa sonly enough for 12 Kerberos, as 2 Providers came along)

    -Bought another 11 PED ammo (wasted 8 PED, 3 PED left)

    -Karolina says ty and wants you to go/TP to Fort Troy now...*sigh*

    -At Troy, talk to kaj Petrov, he wants you to kill...uh, no wait, he wants you to mine the coast, to find a lost necklace...else he wont talk...

    As I had 3.5 PED of probes left...I bought another 5 PED of them..you never know...

    17 probes to go :

    1. NRF
    2. NRF
    3. NRF
    4. NRF
    5. NRF
    6. Tiny garcen grease (1.40 PED)
    7. NRF
    8. NRF
    9. NRF
    10. NRF
    11. NRF
    12. NRF
    13. NRF
    14. tiny crude oil (1.21 PED)
    killed by Allophyl...oh yea, there a Allophyls around that area

    As I had only 3 PED of probes left, I bought probes for 10 PED...you never know...and on topf of it, another 20 PED of ammo...the Allophyls, you know...

    Killed Estophyl Young :(2.68 PED)

    After 3 more drops, while excavating 2.48 PED Melchi, the necklace was found. Hallelujah!

    Back to Troy...Kaj says ty...(no he doesnt) gives you a log...you read it...and have to find a cave entrance..far...faaaar away...go/TP to Boreas...then travel south east

    I choosed to fly there...jump into the water and dived...jsut to get "teleported" into a bugged ...something...which was probably the cave...walls built up slowy and a log on a table tells youw hat to do...kill monsters...

    Now comes the best part of the story !

    A scanner is also on the table...but its named "Slime Processor"...good job MindArk...goood job... -_- (I wont even mention what kind of item on the table turned into a TT Terminal or a Repair Terminal....)

    slime processer.

    But it gets even better :
    In the cave you will find a Force Neuxs Stone...which reqiures a Pheromone Gland...ya...of course...you dont have a Pheromone Gland...and your jobs actually is to find "Log 47"...lets go...and at least bring MKII weapon to kill Neomex...

    1st Neomex (12 PED shrapnel) no pheromones
    3 more Neomex looted pecs

    I walked to the "log 47" position, "operated" it and recieved the[NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier I (L) Blueprint (L)] worth 1 PED...hu...hmmm...

    Then I realized other players entered the cave as well...so you arent alone...there is no map when you press M...and...I left the cave...

    All in all : Bought 51 PED ammo and 35 PED probes

    Returned was: 11.81 PED ammo left, 9.50 PED probes left

    51.30 hunting loot
    13.80 mining loot

    Total Return : 93 PED vs. 86 PED input

    3.36 PED repair Weapon + attachments
    0.31 PED repair FAP

    3.67 repair cost + fuel while flying and driving around

    I won 3 PED doing this mission and got a MF Blueprint (L) worth 3 PED right now.
    So I won 6 PED doing this mission when seling the BP...which I wont.

    So, 3 PED won and standard quest with a strange ending...I guess I have to waste hundreds of PEDs on Neomex now, to be able to loot slime and pheromones to enable the slime processor and the Fore Nexus Stones...but somehow I want to log off again, thinking of how this "adventure" would have ended without a 16 PED global and a 12 PED Neomex...the Quest would have been a 25 PED loss. :)

    Had to kill Neomex for another 30 PED...got 28.08 loot...1.66 repair = -3,58
    So in total total its -58 PEC for the extra adventure, if you calculate in the 3 PED bonus...and I still have the precious blueprint. x'D

    How about your adventure on finding the professor ? (I didnt find him) x'D
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
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  2. San


  3. spoiler alert :'O xD
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  4. San


    I thought you wouldn't mind. Are you... actually playing?

    Btw, I didn't kill a single Neomex for it. Just run to the second log to pick up the blueprint. Got a couple on my back and biting ofc, but time enough to go, click, and run away with your fans until you die. Leaves the field clean for the next green dot and gets you back out faster.
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  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Thanks guys. I've done the "walk across the dessert" part of this mission which I was so far enjoying. Sounds like the rest of it is "reasonable" which is encouraging to know. I think what MA are doing here is (finally) trying to make something for "the rest of us" to do in the summer while the ubers are out killing Eomon.

    TBH I applaud this effort. I've enjoyed the story comics in more recent years but it it nice to have a low level mission to play along with too. Dropping some big ass mobs was fine for a few big players but it is is nice MA have finally remembered the other 90% of the players.

    Will have to see how I do on it. I've not started shooting/mining yet but probably wasn't going to keep track of expenses... considering it now but also not sure I can be bothered.

    Will see where the muse takes me. Thanks again for the story

  6. now if vehicles only worked around that damn volcano...

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