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    Wanted to give the community a heads up that we are upgrading servers for hosting the radio station, the MindStar Media TeamSpeak, and the MSR website. Our media services are powered by SchmitzIT.

    Currently, the radio station and MSM TeamSpeak are on a server of their own, and the MSR website is hosted on a secondary server that provides hosting for other entities as well. However, we have acquired an upgraded personal server with an environment that will host all three of our media operations.

    We have also purchased an application that will allow us more flexibility with regard to community interaction - specifics will be announced in a later post. We are looking forward to providing many more features, and enhancing even further, the quality of our service to the community.

    The server conversion will take place most likely over the next few days. However, we will be doing testing on the new server prior to the complete conversion, so there should be minimal interruption with radio streaming. We will make the announcement of the specific downtime when it is known.


    FUTURE PODCASTS - (available at the MSR website and elsewhere - to be announced)
    • developer interview with Ed Robles III (CEO/Creative Director - Digital Scryers LLC)
    • developer messages to the community - periodic updates
    • developer storyline discussions, including the original storyline, and the Covert Ops Series and what there is to look forward to - (i.e., in-game Covert Ops Role-Playing Events w/Rewards - and other future series after the Zekkonians)
    • fun with Kris and Quests - (not confirmed as of yet)
    • revival of MindStar's Who's Who Series - player and society profiles of those who interact with Cyrene, either as a home base, or a place they provide a service
    • humor content is being expanded to tickle your funny bone
    • and a surprise or two
    VIDEO LIBRARY- (available now)
    • organized by topic
    • large-screen player
    • other player videos (Cyrene-only) can be uploaded via staff request
    PHOTO GALLERY- (available now)
    • organized by topic
    • photo albums can be viewed in slide-show format
    • other player photos (Cyrene-only) can be uploaded via staff request
    • iPod "Photo of the Week"
    • photo is a capture at an MSR gathering or event chosen to be featured with full credit given to the author of the photo
    • several projects have been in pre-production, but we have to have other things in place first
    • after the server conversion, there will also be an increase in live broadcasting
    • more party gatherings will occur with special events and special prizes
    We have been incredibly busy, and therefore the party scene has been a bit quiet, but that will be changing quite soon. I also want to offer my apologies to Nasty Nuggetz from Irken Invaders for the delay in getting his birthday bash video published. That will be coming soon as well, and your patience is very appreciated.

    That's it for now, but further announcements will be made as we move forward, including the exact day and time of the server conversion and any potential interruption in radio stream service.

    As always, we thank you for your support of our media services, and especially for listening to MindStar Radio, where the community is our beat ... meaning, the community provides the energy that in turn inspires us to go the distance. :thumbsup:
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