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Discussion in 'MindStar Media' started by MindStar9, Feb 21, 2012.

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    My MSR/MSM partner has been busy, and he likes to surprise me with things now and then. This is his latest Cyrene video promotion as it relates to what you can expect from our efforts once Cyrene has launched.

    MindStar Radio and MindStar Media are more than a radio station and Facebook page. Our Cyrene agenda will include the continuation of the secrets and covert operations series with opportunities for Cyrene citizens and visitors to engage in role-playing activities that reveal the mysteries and secrets of Cyrene.

    Each series (like the Zekkonians covert operation that I've been writing about) will continue to appear in the "Covert Operations Storytelling" area of the Media section at Syer will also be producing videos along the way to document our adventures.

    Our goal is to utilize MSR and MSM to bring the community together on Cyrene in a way that will be beneficial to all. We will do our best to help support your services, as well as provide entertainment and fun at every turn.

    Stay tuned for future announcements about projects in the pipeline! :smile:
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  2. awesome work!

    As always ofcourse :D
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  3. Another great Video, what is Syer's background?
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  4. MindStar9

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    Thanks Softy ... and I'm going to let Syer respond to your question about his background, but he's asleep right now, or at least he SHOULD be :biggrin: (he's 7 hrs ahead of us) ... so it'll be a while before he's back at the forum.

    All I can tell you is ... he's multi-talented, quite creative, crazy as a loon (ok, I could have left that part out, but it's such a HUGE part of his personality and creativity and I love it), and ... he's quite connected with programs, people, and possibilities. Above all, his enthusiasm for Cyrene is amazing, and when the 2 of us get together on Skype for voice chat, it's non-stop brainstorming, BUT ... there's a whole lotta laughter going on.

    I'm going to gush right now, because I consider him another one of my blessings this year, and just what I needed to move MSR and MSM forward in the direction I've always wanted them to go. Cyrene is the perfect platform to make this happen, and I just couldn't be more excited. Syer and I work perfectly together as a creative team, and we're looking forward to bringing a different kind of game play into the mix.

    I'll alert Syer to come to this thread and respond to your question!
  5. Great video promo there for Cyrene! Would love to know what techniques you used :)
  6. I read 7 yrs at first o_O
  7. Where do I start.

    I was raised in South Africa by a mountain lion, a gorilla and a panther. I traveled the country side looking for the lochness monster only to find the entrance to Narnia. I became a multi billionair by inventing sunroofs for the cheetahs we ride to work everyday but lost all my money when the stock markets dropped on grass flavored toothpaste...

    -Facepalm- hehehe okay let me drop the real story for you. :sneaky:

    All the work I do is purely a hobby. I always loved how a story could be told with pictures and effects. I never knew that someday my work might be appreciated and above all, enjoyed by so many. As I am sitting here typing this, I am wondering actually how I got here. I tend to live in the moment of things, but never have I ever felt that I need to hold back in anything I do.

    I have been with Entropia Universe for just over a year and a few months and everything I have done in the community was to build and uphold the game. There were days where I would just login to help people sell their goods, connect the right people with each other and help manage some societies as I just love to see people work together in perfect harmony.

    My work that I do in visual was all self-taught. My designing was just a way of me expressing my true emotions and in the back, well I try to help present a message across that can bring people into my mind of dreams, to share the thoughts I have and make people see what I see, even if it is a glimps.

    My voice work, well that is something new. I never tried to work for radio or do voice overs for anything before until I did the video of my journal entry. For some reason that sparked something that I never know existed.

    To cover the lines of what I do, my real life consists of developing portals for companies and networking them together. I do corporate identity kits to get their image out there and I have a passion for promotion and PR work.
    I have worked in areas in South Africa that have made an impact on local and national gaming but that is another story for another day.

    My passion for Cyrene is so universal, something that I have never felt before. It is like it is one of my dreams that have become a reality, well in this case, a virtual reality. The dimension of the world, the story, the mystery, the intense veil of secrets that are covered in the stories that have been released is like one of my day dreams that have become real. Something I can actually go into now and play in. The world is so beautiful form all the concepts that have been released it is as if the mixtures of colors and pixels feed my ever hungry soul for adventure.

    But I am a small guy in this world trying to make a world of differences. That is why I will gladly assist anyone who asks, as long as it is within my power to give or do.

    When MindStar9 contacted me, I was so in shock to find out she sounded like a mirror image of myself. She is filled with so much life, she is passionate in everything she does and above all, one I am sooooo proud to call friend and partner.

    MindStar Radio and MindStar Media is a dream that I am so glad to be part of and being able to grow the community of Cyrene is the passion both MS9 and myself share. Something we will be avidly working day and night to accomplish.

    So in a nutshell, I am an ordinary guy, with a few skills that I love to use for the enrichment of others.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a message after the beep and I will try my best to get back to you after my adventures in the realms of Naria...

    -Now where is that damn cupboard? - :cautious:
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  8. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    That's too funny ... can you imagine if he was 7 yrs ahead of us? He could feed us lotto numbers! :tongueout:

    To Syer ... thank you once again for the surprise video, it's really awesome, and I'm looking forward to working on all our projects for Cyrene. It's going to get rather busy soon, so I'm happy that we have time to work on getting organized. It won't be long before the joint will be jumpin' ... and monsters will need to be herded, but that's Softy's job, so we'll leave that to her and deal with the other stuff. :beer:

    Thank you also for sharing your little mini-bio, and oh, any way to get a special pass into Narnia? :wink:

    Looking forward to catching up with you later, I have something more for you. :biggrin:
  9. I can hear the excitement when you both write and wish you the best! But I have to know one thing......why would cheetahs need sunroofs???

    Oh and btw those little hoverpods make an excellent front car for a mob train!
  10. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Thanks Softy, we ARE excited, and can't wait to get started on some pretty cool things to present to the community, but we are also going to take the opportunity to do some exploring so that we become more familiar with the environment. I know a lot about the "official" storyline, and have been able to incorporate some of it in my writing thanks to Ed and working with me on the story arcs, but ...

    It's going to be another thing to actually set foot on the planet and experience everything I've written about so far that has been revealed about Cyrene, and that's why I've been pointing people to the 4 episodes of the current series that I've written so far, because it DOES reveal quite a bit about Cyrene, and ... these series will continue. The current Zekonnian covert operation will conclude as soon as Ed and I can set aside some time and work story arc for Part 3 to finish it off.

    A new series will begin after the planet launches and we get organized, but the exciting thing about that is ... players get to join in the role-playing aspect of it and are written into the covert operation storylines. Syer will be doing video as well, but we have all of this on pause at the moment until the planet launches.

    In the meantime ... I'm not sure why the Cheetahs would have to have sunroofs either, because they're pretty fast and the wind alone would be a cooling system, yes? Unless it's to keep the sun off of the rider! :biggrin:

    OR ... unless I interpreted that completely out of left field and have NO clue what I'm talking about. :headscratch:

    That's highly possible! :tongueout:
  11. [​IMG]
    Well the sunroofs where purchased by the Ice Queen as she found it quite awsome to pop them onto her ... well, snow thingies with lots of teeth - well she was happy to pay.​
    Don't know how they apply to the cheetah but the proto-types were taken before they were implemented.​
    But ALAS - they were awsome :) :rolleyes (2):
  12. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Great video Syer, keep 'em coming
  13. Awesome video guys and lol Syer, love the riding a cheetah, how much does the sun roof cost tee hee :cool (2):
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