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Lack of Entropia Presence on FB

Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by Netvalar, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. I am surpised with the number of entropia tools out there such as entropia life and mininglog that there isn't a stronger presence on facebook for entropia







    Next Island

    https://www.facebook.com/search/results.php?q=next island&init=quick&tas=0.7472555791954235

    Well done looking for each planet as they only have 1 page each. What really surprises me is that none of the forums/societies of entropia universe came up in any of these searches. I did find 1 group but groups are invite only and not the same as fan pages. Of course it is possible that societies due to their naming may not have come up in my basic search.

    One advantage to forum based sites to have a facebook fan page is promoting 1 - 3 forums posts there. Admittedly each facebook post will only get a tiny fraction of views but over time those fractions add up to whole numbers.

    Then again I may be just ignorant and a facebook fan page doesn't fit well for socities, entropis tools or forums?????
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  2. no games.. MA needs to team up with Zynga or Playdom someday to make some kick ass facebook game that will pull in a lot of people's interest's so that they download the client.
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  3. I was thinking of fan pages not facebook social games. Though a few years ago I played a game that did make a flash based version and someplace in my research for musicians I came across a process for turning flash apps into facebook apps (wonder if that would still work with the timeline arrangement????)

  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well my soc is on there, entropia pioneers. Groene Drak too I think... but we are old socs doubt anyone knows us now.

    For interest: There is a VERY interesting audio interview from mindstar9 with john bates where they talk about facebook and the emissary program they did and what worked and what didn't. The main issue being that people either didn't have facebook or they created a special "avatar" facebook account. This meant it wasn't really achieving the "hey look what I am playing" effect. I guess people didn't want all the acheivements and what not popping up on their news feed. I suppose there is still a bit of a negative stigma around playing games. Showing how many hours you spent gaming last night might not be on everyone's agenda. ;)
  5. Cool 2 soc though I noticed you are using the groups tool rather then a fan page for the soc. Of course with soc that may be the better way to go as it will keep most things private.

    I'll have to drop by and give that a listen.

    In regards to sharing I agree there is a negative stigma in regards to the sharing of game achievements. While at the same time sharing the socializing aspects of gaming is (for the generation younger then me) valuable to our facebook friends. Alot of that comes to the difference between advertising marketing and social media marketing. Where one is all about "hey here is this cool game" while the other is about "hey I talked to these cool people in this game".

    A similar process happens with musicians where the negative stigma is "hey you can buy my album at amazon" compared to "here is a cool video of our last live show what do you think". The 1st one gets ignored the 2nd one gets attention that could lead back to the musicians fan page where the information for buying their album is mentioned.

    Regarding the emissary program they have some great content that is easy to share. I think they can add even more with 5 planets to choose from. Of course IMO it would be best to change things rather then add things (you can always bring older things back). The invite set-up though really should use facebooks list tool so that users aren't sending invites willy nilly.

    However it is the social aspects that really would be helpful on facebook. For example sharing event stories such as Narfi's (http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/an-amazing-event-thanks-to-all-my-support.7881/) would fall into the category of "see what me and these cool people did in this cool game". Something like that would be best posted to a fan page that people can check out and then share on their own wall. Of course I mentioned soc and forum/web-sites having fan pages but I feel that most soc would be best served with the private group instead.

    oops my fingers hurt enough typing for now
  6. ok I listened to that interview for anyone else here is the link http://mindstarmedia.com/whos-who/whos-who-officials/entropia-universe-evangelist/.

    Of course I have to punish myself since I am supposed to be a researcher extraordinaire and yet couldn't find a simple interview on a simple web-site. Granted this is because I didn't look for john bates even though he was mentioned stupid stupid mistake. So lets take a moment here while I hang my head in shame and take 50 lashes.

    1 ... 50

    Ouch those are going to scar better make sure my fap is fully repaired.

    The emissary program was only briefly mentioned, however alot of what he was talking about in regards to word of mouth is true and what I mention in this thread is only a small part of that. Oh and now I have an e-mail address to send tons of thoughts to this will be fun
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    ah now I feel bad. I remember after hearing that interview I thought of mailing him and even wrote something... I never sent or finished though -_-

    Jon is an ok guy I think. I don't know if its a culture/language thing but MA reps always seem so... dead pan? Almost slightly robotic. This came over in Bonnies interview. She'd put a lot of flamboyance into a question and the answers were very abrupt and to the point.

    Not that this was always bad of course. Its nice that where information existed it was very to the point and revealing. I guess my only bind with this is that I'm enthusiastic about Entropia so it was lovely to hear my own enthusiasm reflected in Bonnie. I wanted the person at the other end to be like Neverdie though. Full of enthusiasm. You get the same with Jon Bates.

    Ah well, I do wonder if its MA's ability to not appear to get too excited about what they are doing is what has allowed Entropia to tick along so steadily all these years.

    Who knows


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