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Klods New Ore & Enmatter shop

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Klodvig, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Klod is back with a new Ore & Enmatter shop and this time its located in New Oxford, SHOP NR:7. WELCOME!

    How to find the shop?
    Easiest way to get there from the New Oxford tp is to run to the big deer/moose/cow. When u are in front of it u walk to the north side of it and there u see a path down IN UNDER IT. Go down there and turn west. Then continue west until u cant go any longer. There u find my shop and the number is 7.

    Whats in the shop?

    In the shop u find varius ores and enmatters but also tickets for the Champions League events we organise on CND (Sundays 19:00-20:00 pe-time), + u may also find occasional items for sale. The ores and enmatters will for now mainly be concentrated on the folloing ones: Lysterium, Belkar, Iron, Caldorite, Melchi, A-gel and Oil. The reason for this is that theese are the most used ones atm but later on i will try to have some supply of other as well. I will also try to have some tailoring materials in stock later on but for now thats just in small amounts.

    Why buy in the shop?

    This is a good question cause to many it looks like u can get everything from auction just the way u want it. Perhaps I say and probalby not in the amount u want it if ur not a very patient person. In shops u get a decent price for a suiting amount without having to wait 15 minutes to get it. So its a quick ay to get what u want without having to dodge crazy buyout prices. Since this particiular shop is located inside a art work u also get to see a nice statue each time u visit and not only the outside:P

    Who is the shop for?
    I will have a sortiment of ores and enmatters suiting both beginner crafters and thoose who have some skills but need certain ores for continued skilling. The prices will be set as fair I can do it but dont get mad on me if some prices might be set to high on the rarer ores, since well they are rare and hard to determine price on. The basic sortiment will be kept as low as possible so go check it out, u might get a bargain.

    So will u check it out?

    I dont see why not.

    Take care ppl and welcome to visit my shop. Nr 7 under the big staue in New oxford! Welcome!
  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Glad to see your ore shop is open again - and at a new address also. :-)

    I hope to visit there after work tonight.
  3. Nice shop klod :)
    Alot of nice ores & enmatter :yahoo:

    Abit tricky to find shops down there, its lika maze, but i guess there soon will be a map.

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