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Kitten Time Crystal Made

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Kitten, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    Sweet. now just make 2 more...
  3. So there's a secret or is it working better now?
  4. max condition risky as heck
  5. tried max condition twice. Well third time's the charm I guess :)
  6. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    tried max condition one and lost it all :/ out gathering again...
  7. Forgot to say gratz :)
  8. hmm gratz! can you actualy put it into the time portal with the greece picture on it?
  9. No, make 5 more (gotta get back) :)

    Big gratz Kitten!
  10. 5?? make 59 more and take us all with you :D

    Ancient Greece is dangerous, you'll need me as a guide :D
  11. I'll be Greece that is in danger if Kitten goes there =P *whip whip*
  12. dont listen to them, you dont need 59 more crystals, 11 more is enough, then i can be your body guard and pack mule and carry all your new discoveries which you will make a huge fortune from when you sell ;D
  13. A good bodyguard should know his/her way around. And as it so happens, i AM from Greece. What are your credentials?

    Take me! take me! :monkey:
  14. well, if you're from greece you can show her all the cool stuff, like internet caf├ęs, the air port and train station when you go to ancient greece.... (see where i'm getting at? ;) )
    my credentials? i probably know my way around ancient greece as good as you do... and besides im a jellyfish. ;)
  15. Which would certainly come handy if Kitten was visiting Atlantis. How exactly could you help her if she has to carry you around in a jar?
  16. hehehe goof balls >^.^<
  17. Forget those two, take me with you. What you really need is a history buff when traveling through time. I have the added bonus of watching Stephen Hawkings lecture on time travel so I'd say I'm the closest thing to an experienced time traveler you got. :)
  18. roflmao!!!!
  19. dont worry at current rate of success I can go myself in a month :-/
  20. Do you think the time portals actually work or are they waiting for enough of us to get crystals first?

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