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    Our very own Kim|Calypso has kindy agreed to go under the spotlight for an interview with DJ Bonnie on Normandie radio!

    What I'm looking to find out is what are all those great questions that you have been wanting to ask, whether it serious or funny, mundane or just plain curious - let us know!

    You can send DJ Bonnie a PM or post them here ( please lets try a little to keep it on track [​IMG] ) Remember its questions for the interview and not ones Kim will be answering on here or ones you made a support case with [​IMG]

    We can't wait to hear what the community would like to ask, as I know I have a ton of my own!

    Once we have a great selection of questions, We will let you know the date - and hopefully you will all enjoy the show as much as we will. [​IMG]

  2. OMG I have to restrain myself to behave! Will this interview be recorded?

    Ok, questions

    Why have not the bugs been fixed before new content is released?

    Does he think he is God? (sorry, I tried to behave but I couldn't think of any other questions) :)
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  3. Yes this interview WILL be recorded as ALL in the future will be.

    Simmer down Softy... :wink:
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    Kim agreed to an interview with EP too. In October 2011.

    We've spent many hours of research, compiling questions and updated when development made them obsolete.

    We never got answers.

    The counter of Calypso officials agreeing to interviews with EP but not standing to the agreement is now showing 3. In total we've probably spent days of research, compiling questions, taking and processing screenshots, ... for nothing. Thank you Calypso.

    You seem to have more luck. Here's a version of the questions for the interview from early December, some of which are of course obsolete by now:

    There has been much speculation whether you are a man or a woman. Can you give us a RL picture of yourself finally terminating all speculation? (You can stay dressed)

    How long do you work on Entropia Universe already and what does your career in the MindArk Group look like?

    You mentioned before that you are the son Jan Welter-Timkrans. Do you perceive it as a potential conflict of interest that the son of the founder and major shareholder of MindArk seems to run Planet Calypso, which directly competes with the planets of MindArk's Planet Partners?

    You live in Mexico right now, how do you like it? Was it an inspiration for some of the new environments on Calypso? Did you encounter a little Rextelum under your bed?

    Where (else) do you draw your inspiration for new features/content from?

    Since you are living in Mexico we conclude that you are working closely together with Ilunova staff. Ilunova is still a little
    obscure for many of us. Could you elaborate what exactly Ilunova are doing?
    Do they supply work for the Entropia Universe Platform?
    Do they supply work for Planet Calypso?
    Do they supply work for other Planet Partners?

    Are you Mr Calypso - the one deciding over everything Calypso? The creative director for Calypso? Or what would be the correct term?

    How many people besides you are dedicated to the development of Calypso? Not necessay the number of people but rather the total

    Could you elaborate the whole process for the implementation of the new areas connecting Eudoria and Amethera from conceptual design to the VU Day?
    How many people have been involved? To which extent have MA Platform and Ilunova been involved? How much specialised are the people involved, is there one for modeling and texturing, is there maybe even a distinction between environment and creatures and such, is there one dedicated to quests, ... or does everyone pretty much work on everyting?

    As far as we understand there is a kind of 'platform library' in which MindArk offers a number of creatures, vehicles, items, etc... to use on every Planet. Could you shed a little more light on this feature to improve our understanding? Is everything in this library available for free or do Planet Partners have to pay license fees?

    Does this library also contain whole systems like Taming? How are those systems released to the Planet Partners? Do they just pop-up in the world builder /authoring tool (how is that actually called correctly?) after a Version Update?

    From a game design perspective would you say the Real Cash Economy of Entropia Universe is rather a blessing or rather a burden? Where do you see the biggest challenges/advantages for a game designer dealing with a Real Cash Economy?

    You mentioned before that you play EU yourself, as a regular avatar. How do you feel the game gives value for your money, and would you change anything in that respect if you could?

    What other games have you played and enjoyed in the past?

    Talking challenges, you seem to be pushing the implementation of challenges for the players as well as diversification of the current gameplay as well as simplification of some features, for example merging melee professions. Can you elaborate on these plans?

    Despite challenges being the essence of a game there seems to be a little bit of resistance among the current player base regarding challenges as well as diversification of gameplay. Given the little number of challenges in the past could it be the case that large parts of the player base are just not challenge-ready? So how do you plan to proceed?

    Would you say that from a story and game design perspective it is not neccessarly recommended to make use of every systems available on the platform? For example there could be a slight reluctancy to implement classical melee weapons, tamable mounts, etc. in a science fiction setting?

    In the end, is 'popular demand' from the current player base paramount over consistency of settings and a designers mindset? What decides when the demands of the current player base seem to conflict with features potentially attracting new players?

    Calypso has already a long history with several dramatic changes of the evironment and storyline branches that are perceived unfinished by many players. Are there plans to add more 'historic' landmarks to the current Calypso? Are there plans to continue those old storyline branches or are they considered being finished?

    Brainstorming, a couple of new things / changes for Entropia Universe / Calypso you can imagine? No matter whether they are next logical steps to be implemented in the near future or totally crazy ideas.

    At Jameson's Reach there are two models of Mechs to be seen. You already mentioned that these will be controlable by players. Are these two Calypso designs or from the 'platform library'? Will there be more? Besides look and feel, will mechs be in any way different from the vehicles we know, have other or additional features?

    Many players are also looking forward to the re-implementation of beacon missions - a very basic form of instances. Now that these have been re-implmented are they considered finished or will they be improved/expanded? What can we expect from other instances? How will they be different from the current beacons missions?

    Aaah, the ETA... You are Mr Calypso but you sure have an insight on when approximately (month, year) specific features will be implemented if at all. Can you give us an outlook on the following mix of Calypso content and platform features:
    - Instances (others than Beacon Missions)?
    - Treasure Hunting?
    - The Argonaut Base?
    - Mechs?
    - The areas in the north-western ocean of Calypso with underwater hunting LAs and forts you mentioned?
    - Something else we don't know yet?

    Can we have one or more exclusive screenshot of a future something? (Np, of course we can take 1000 of them ;) )

    Traditionally the last question in EntropiaPlanets interviews which might be a tricky one if you are Mr Calypso: Which of the not yet released planets are looking forward to the most?

    Anything else you would like to let the community know?
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    its today 18 EU time, I will miss it though :eek (2):
  7. :cry2::cry2::cry2: I should go sleep earlier, my English listening skill not good enough to understand what they are talking about :banghead::banghead::banghead:
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    Really? You can listen to it? I get a blank page saying "Infinite loop detected in JError"
  9. Yep listenable, but i can't understand what they are talking about :banghead::banghead::banghead:
  10. I had no problems listening, the accent's thru me off on some of it. :biggrin:
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  12. Thank you Tass for posting the link to the Interview with Kim. Much appreciated!


    DJ Isclay
  13. Hi Everyone! Glad to start being more involved in EP..great forum. Thank You Tass for link!.The printed transcript will be posted sometime today I was told..and I will replay it on my show for those who missed in different timezones..working..etc..and didnt catch it all. Was very informative laid back interview with 2 very nervous participants I must say! (told them to drink booze before it..LOL).But glad to be on Entropia Planets and love the people who run this forum and the vast knowledge they offer to all of us players and members in EU.
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  14. Just an FYI who didn't get a chance to hear originally aired interview. DJ Rose will replay on her show today.

    I will air it at 21:00 MA time. Today..[​IMG]
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    Hello, and welcome.....this is a brief synopsis of DJ Bonnie’s l interview with Kim, Lead Game Designer on Calypso. She starts by welcoming him and thanking him for taking the time to come chat with her, stating that the community has lots of questions for him, but she would like to start with a little bit of personal background on him as a person.

    B: It’s so great you can chat with me today, the community has sent us TONNES of questions for you, so I really hope you are ready.

    K: Yeah sure, bring on the wolves.

    B: Ok I will try and get through as many as we can today, I’m sure they will be fine. So to start off I’d like to know where did it all begin, how did you end up in your current role and living in Mexico?

    K: Well, I started working on support as an extra job during high school and later on I did some testing and did testing for a couple of years until I wrote a game design proposal for a system and showed it to some people. They thought the project looked pretty good so I got moved to game design. I was there for a year and a half designing systems. I designed the mentor system, and I did the parameter merge for the mining changes we did, and pretty soon after that I got asked if I wanted to take over the running of Calypso, and I accepted! Around the same time I also got the offer to work for a year at the Mexico office, and seeing as winter was coming I thought that it might be a cool idea, a nice adventure.

    B: And how long have you been in Mexico now?

    K: I am actually now in Sweden for another week or so but I was there for five months and I am going back next week.

    B: Excellent, do you ever get kind of homesick, living so far away?

    K: Yeah sometimes but you know, you don’t have to be here long until you get home and are thinking you want to go back to Mexico, so....You miss some things, wherever you are, I guess.

    B: I suppose that’s true, although at least you get some cracking weather in Mexico.

    K: Mexico is fun

    B: I’m not sure of your hobbies but you like snorkelling and fishing and things like that, do you get up to much of that in Mexico?

    K: Yeah I try to do as much as I have time to do, I like snorkelling, I like fishing obviously...I’m going to do some marlin fishing when I get back now in April. That’s going to be fun, maybe some snorkelling with the whale sharks outside Isla Mujeres as well.

    B: Oh I’ve been there, it’s awesome, really good snorkelling there, although there is quite a bit of current I must say, you do get dragged around a bit.

    K: Yeah you will need your life vest.

    B: So I do believe you said you are back in Sweden right now, does that mean you are coming to us from the Entropia batphone right now? (Bonnie goes on to explain what she means by batphone...aka batman and robin, hot line to the boss etc)

    K: Actually I am on my couch at home, I wasn’t going to stay at the office and have all the people distracting me for fun while I am talking on skype, they will throw stuff .
    From there DJ Bonnie moves the conversation more towards game play and listed below are the questions , and the answers Kim gave.

    Q1: Mr Joey would posted on PCF that he would like to know why the team are redesigning old creatures and not creating new ones?

    K: You need to upgrade the visuals of monsters, at least that’s my opinion. You could of course make new monsters that look good but when you put them in a game alongside 10 or 12year old models such as the old Molisk or something the whole picture of the game is going to be something that is of low quality. I’m not saying we are not going to add new creatures, we do have the rextellum and we are going to introduce some new monsters that are currently in the works as well, I’m not going to tell you about them right now, it’s going to be a surprise but of course maybe the molisk was redesigned in a way that shocked some people. Different opinions I guess, some people like it some people don’t.

    Q2: Blackhawk asks are there any plans to make PVP3 and PVP4 more desirable places to hunt, and to mine in.

    K: Yes there are plans, some of which involve special quests and missions that will be done in those areas, and we also have crafting recipes for higher level gear that might require resources from those places but as I am sure many of you are painfully aware of there are exploits and I think those should be fixed first before we introduce any content designed to draw players to those areas. But it is definitely something we consider. I love PVP it is one of my favourite game play elements.

    Q3: Rick England asked about the new developments for mind force that were mentioned are planned for the future, I would love some bigger kinetic chips because that is what I like to play within PVP, and Raven and Nighthawk also added that they had heard this was on the cards. Is there any more you can tell us, would it just be attack?? Would we get heal chips, or any other chips??

    K: Well there aren’t any concrete plans at this time of what kind of mind force improvements will be made but we all agree that we not only want to add higher end chips but that we want to add more kinds of chips, more advanced functions not just attack and heal but utility functions. Personally I would like heal over time or something like that.

    Q4: Okay I am looking quickly at chat here at Twin Peaks and people are asking about taming, which is my next question anyway. Rick has asked when pets returns are we going to be able to ride or fly them?

    K: Well that’s a bit of a tricky question, taming as you know is coming back, I can’t tell you exactly when as we may have to push the date back , then some people will get pissed....but we do want ride-able pets, I don’t know about flying.....maybe, maybe not but I can’t guarantee that will be included in the first generation of the taming system.

    B: So it’s more of an “anything’s possible kind of thing?

    K: It’s definitely a goal to have but I am not sure it is going to be in the first generation

    Q5: With the flying we already have a lot of vehicles that fly for us anyway. Remontoire would like to know if there are any plans in the future to have more vehicles on Calypso?

    K: Yes we are thinking about more ways to create some more interesting vehicles, possible some force flying vehicles could be interesting, there are no specific plans at this time, currently we have other priorities that are higher up.

    Q6: This one will, of course, be at the top of your list of priorities, fishing rods! Spongey, Chopper and Rose would all like to know when can they go fishing with their fishing rods? Others ask if there will be more professions in the future?

    K: Yes and Yes. Once again I can’t give you a specific date, the system is written so the design is made for fishing, that’s finished. All I can say is its going to be more based on your personal skill with using a rod than other professions might have. So that is something you can consider. It is going to be a fairly advanced profession, it’s going to take a lot of practise for the player to master it. Just like real fishing

    Q6: Fedec wants to know whether we will be able to have mobs that aren’t all identical, like ones with scars, different colours, mobs with mutations or even missing limbs, from maybe a mob vs mob encounter maybe in the future?

    K: I am almost certain that that one is a no, that isn’t going to be implemented, at least not for the foreseeable future.

    Q7: The next question comes from Bones, he puts that he is hungry for higher level power fists? Dan asks this too, is it something you think it is likely to happen?

    K: Yes several have been made already but for various different reasons they haven’t dropped yet, it is something I might look into tomorrow actually.

    Q8: The next question comes from John Blacknight, he would like to know if there are any plans to launch some really long crafting chains, Jetsina backs that up and Wess asks when the house construction comes out will there be like a 10 plus step chain to build these houses or indeed make anything ?

    K: For the crafting chain we have been talking about something like that but it’s no more than a “what if” discussion in the office at the moment. So nothing so far...... as far as the housing system goes no design specifications have been made for that as far as I know but it is probably going to be done pretty soon.
    Bonnie says she would like to invite Kim back to do another interview when this happens to find out more, and Kim agrees to this.

    Q9: Netsi would like to know if there is going to be a Mulmun mission?

    K: A Mulmun mission? YES probably in the pew pew area (PVP?)

    Q10: Speaking of shooting and mining and hunting, Lugsan asks will the headshot one day do more damage than a leg shot, and Deveny backs this up by asking when will combat play become upgraded?

    K: Well the answer is yes but we don’t know exactly what shape or form this will go in, you will be able to target different body parts, that is something we are definitely looking to implement. And the other question I can’t really answer that one at this time, there may be something interesting coming but no details.

    Q11: Will there be any Melee amps?

    K: yeah well that is my goal, currently the way the amplifiers are designed doesn’t really work but hopefully someday.

    Q12: Lots of community members asking about old items such as the foot guard blueprints from samurai armour, older amps and there any chance of any of these kind of things dropping again in the future?

    K: Oh no, not going there...I will get flogged tomorrow (laughs)

    Q13: Tycoon asks about statistics, are we ever going to get more statistics than we have already? For example specific decay numbers rather than say durability average, more about the sub end levels or types of damage and health levels on mobs?

    K: It is not likely, not at this time anyway. Some people at the office think that this could be a good idea and maybe it will be implemented sometime but nothing is planned, at least not for the foreseeable future.

    Q14: Jumping back to one of John’s questions he asked are there any plans to implement and allow spawning of destroyable objects such as defence walls, your own gun turrets, mobile shield generators and drones in pvp areas. What about seraph and mech in the motherships? would love it if they came to life.

    K: I am not sure I understand the question here, do u mean for players to spawn destructible objects?

    B: Yeah so if we had our own gun turrets or defence walls, or even the big mech in the mothership, if it will ever be able to be operated.

    K: Yes I think so but I am not 100% sure about this one, I can probably get an answer for you tomorrow about this one and get back to you on the forums about it in more detail, but I think the answer is yes.

    A short break is taken and when they return Bonnie tells Kim she has lots of space related questions for him.

    Q15: Can you tell me, when Cyrene comes out will space be rescaled again?

    K: No it will not be rescaled again.

    Q16: Will we ever see robot ships in space?

    K: Yes one is being made right now, pretty much finished.

    Q17: With the current layout of guns on the motherships and pathfinders, especially with them having issues in covering weak spots, especially behind you know if we will get access to the rest of the guns? Is there going to be something implemented t o change this?

    K: Yes this is something we are going to look into when we have more resources available to spend on it but as soon as possible I would say.

    Q18: Dusk would like to know if there are any more plans for events in space...I don’t know if you took part in the perception event? Will we see things like this? Wave events in space with the mobs or even fort events like fighting over space land areas?

    K: I would say yes to both of those questions actually, that could be pretty interesting I think, large scale space battles or land battle over an entire space server maybe, who knows...that could be interesting.

    B: It does sound like great fun and would certainly encourage mothership owners to keep on increasing that SI.

    Q19: With space you know we have our 2D space map with 3D space, was there ever a plan to bring us a 3D space map?

    K: yes there is a plan to do that but once again I have to say that I can’t tell you when that will be done.

    Q20: Did you enjoy creating space? Did you enjoy it when you were testing space?? Going up there yourself and flying around?

    K: It was very fun creating space actually. You could fly around really fast and in the beginning you had extreme bumping physics so we had kind of bumping PVP. We flew into some smaller ships and flew to hell, something like that, it was really fun! It’s really fun developing stuff!

    Q21: A lot of us are sociable avatars...the people are the biggest part of Entropia for me, I would like to know if in the future are we going to get more emotes. KittyKat commented that it would be nice to get emotes as a mission reward instead of say nova fragments.

    K: We already have a lot of emotes but if there is interest in having more that wouldn’t be a problem to add I think. It is something we can look into.

    Q22: A personal question now... Obviously if you have been interested in gaming for quite a long time, and with the designing and everything, what would you say are your top three games, and EU doesn’t count because obviously we all know it’s not a game.

    K: Of course, Well I could give you the top one from four different categories instead, I think that’s better. My favourite all time MMO would have to be Ultima online, preferably when it was first released, that was a great game for me. Top for role playing games would be a game called Knox by Westwood, also a pretty old game, for strategy games it is Worldcraft 2 Tides of Darkness and my favourite shooter game is Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

    B: So quite a mix you have got there but quite a lot of older games too. Do you find when you are playing games that you are thinking about your job, the design elements or do u get stuck into the actual game itself??

    K: No I think about the design elements all the time, it’s a sort of curse for being a game developer, when you are playing games you study everything you is like when you see a graphics artist playing a game you will find them running up to the rocks and staring at textures for a long time, it’s pretty funny, or something -it depends on what their discipline is.

    B: Do you have different specialist fields, do you have different people who specialise in rocks or clothes or something?

    K: Well I would say as the game industry gets more advanced, including the graphics and sound and what not, the person working on the game tends to get more specialised as well, it takes a lot of practise to develop the area’s to their fullest. Ten years ago an artist may have been and animator and a coder as well but now maybe he is only an artist or only an animator. It is a necessity game design we usually differ between those who write documents and design features, and sometimes we have people who are experts in doing parameters for equipment etc.

    Q23: What would you say is your favourite thing to design?

    K: The favourite thing I like to design is quests actually, I like to spend a good amount of energy designing really interesting quests with a good story...telling a short story through a quest is probably my favourite activity, and balancing and paramatizing weapons and making it work really well, aiming interesting recipes that end up working really well in game later, contributing to the economy later is really interesting as well.

    Q24: The next question is regarding customer feedback, being on the forum as much as you are it must be hard to see all the chat people have about various updates and such, I know people feedback more negatively than about what they really like, what Zen suggested was to have voting booths, for people to comment on the updates at a booth within game, what do you make of something like that?

    K: Yeah we definitely plan on adding voting booths, for the land deed owners and the regular users but maybe they will have different ways of making their voice heard, and different strings to their votes if you will. We don’t know exactly how it’s going to look but we are working on it.

    Q25: Working as a designer, do you feel as if you get free rein to make decisions on what you think looks good or do you have to work within the team?

    K: Yeah I get pretty much freedom, I have to make sure everything works within the framework of a real cash economy, and that of course is a constraint by itself but otherwise it is pretty good.

    B: Do you ever come up with a great idea whilst out fishing or snorkelling and then bring it back to work the next day.

    K: Yeah sure but you have to exercise some impulse control because this thing is like a super tanker, you start a development team on doing some stuff and you can’t just stop them and do something else just because you had an idea, you have to stay calm and follow the plan. You have to restrain yourself if you think you have a really good idea.

    B: It must be hard if you have an idea that would work really well as a game feature but not as part of the real cash economy, it must be interesting having to make the two of them work well together.

    K: Yeah it’s a great challenge, no doubt about that.

    B: Do you relish the challenge or does it cause pressure sometimes?

    K: No it is fine, it is good to have a challenge now and again.

    Q26: If you had a magic wand and could change something today without having to get the team working on it for ages, what three things would you change instantly about Entropia or add?

    K: That is an interesting question. I would ... I’m not sure actually. I would probably revamp most of the loot tables on each creature to make it interesting and worthwhile, pretty much make each creature unique in what loot it gives. It would take a massive amount of time but it is something that could be very good. So that is one thing, and two, well.... I am actually not sure.

    B:I kind of dropped this one on you, if you have had so much practice in showing constraint with your ideas it isn’t easy to open up instantly.

    K: Yeah exactly. It is kind of hard to think of something you want added, I will probably do an overhaul of the user interfaces to make them more coherent and efficient across the UI, that is probably something I would want to have done as well, those two are probably my most desired ones.

    Q27: A two part question for you here from KillerBee . He would like to ask about the current schedule, obviously you can’t tell me what time things are to released but would you say you are on track?

    K: Yes pretty much. Iit has been a bit slower than we expected but that is sometimes the case in game development. You are not building a house or a car and sometimes you have to change things as you go because you notice that it doesn’t really work. It is an art, that’s what it is, you have to expect that sometimes. You never know if what you do will cause a bug or something, it is like a house of cards, pull out one thing and you never know what is going to happen.

    B: It certainly sounds exciting. Before an update or a launch do you ever get nervous??

    K: The day before an update I don’t sleep. I stay at the office until the update is done then go home and pass out. It isn’t professional pressure, I am just anxious about what the players are going to say, once I have read that and see that they are fairly satisfied at least then I am happy.

    B: Ok, the second part of KillerBee’s question is this....Do you think in the future there is going to be any more marketing for Entropia, or do you think it is more down to the planet partners to do this themselves? In which case would there be more for Calypso??

    K: Well we are going to do marketing for both planet calypso and Entropia Universe. One doesn’t exclude the other but it is going to come pretty soon.

    B: Tagged onto the back of that question, Chas sent me a pm and asked if you knew whether Mindark are going to be attending the E3 2012 Exhibition in Los Angeles? It is apparently a big gaming thing.

    K: I am afraid we will not be attending that.

    B: Just jumping back slightly to when you were talking about the missions, and how you like to make the stories to make them more interesting..Harmony has asked if any of the old mission story lines will be continued forward or is it more working on the new ones like those on the new islands?

    K: Well it is a lot of work to go through looking through all the missions. What I try to do when making new ones is to look at the original history of Entropia Universe or Project Entropia as it is called. What entities were involved, how does the story work and design the quest with that in mind.

    B: And what do you think of some of the older stories?

    K: Well I would like to play more on the conflict between the corporations and the government back on earth, the exclusive licence the Omegatech corporation got to operate stuff on Calypso but which was later revoked and stuff like that, there is a lot of potential for interesting quests there.

    B: Definitely, it is a good meaty story that people can get their teeth into.

    K: Sure, and the stories aren’t only told through quests, stories are told through environment you see, logo’s on buildings, everything is a story not just a quest.

    B: As we were saying earlier you do come on the forums, and you do chat to us, and tit’s awesome that you are chatting to us today, Do you sometimes regret kinda getting thrown into the wolves den a little bit?

    K: No not really, I like talking to Calypso and Entropia community in general. It can be rough sometimes but people talk here because they like the game, I believe that ,even those who can be rude and make some personal attacks. As the front of any organisation you are going to take a lot of hits for whatever that organisation does even if you weren’t really responsible and that’s what you have to expect in that position.

    B: So you have to have a tough skin sometimes

    K: yes a really tough skin

    Q28: SomeExtraDamage would like to know where do you see Planet Calypso in five years and what do you think it’s main strengths will be?

    K: That is a really hard question. I would say that we have hopefully filled nearly all of the systems with an abundance of interesting content for the players to explore. That’s my goal. That you shouldn’t ever use the systems such as mining, hunting or crafting and feel that you have reached the top and don’t have anything to explore. I am sure some of the current players feel just that, and that is something I would like us to work on.

    B: So a game that we can keep playing for decades to come?

    K: Yes exactly! You should always have something to explore and when we reach the stage where we have a massive amount of content in the game then I am going to be satisfied. Hopefully we have eliminated most of the bugs as well and perhaps rectified old mistakes in some ways.

    B: Ok we are coming to the end of the interview now and it has been an absolute blast but I do have one last question for you, and I am going to hand this over to there anything today, live on air that you would like to tell the community??

    K: Yes actually I do have some news for you! First of all the Hussk has been tested several times, or hundreds of times and we can say that he works and you will be able to spawn him, and yes he is shared loot and it works.
    Secondly we, as in Mindark are redesigning the total avatar system so that the avatar visuals will be top of the line, as in comparison with any other game out there. It will be a very advanced avatar system, I have looked at avatars made already and it looks really really good. The new functions such as tattoos, to be able to control body hair, the density of the hair, the avatars really look alive. We are also going to redo all the clothes and all the armour just to fit with the new quality of the avatars.

    B: That sounds really amazing, I can’t wait to see what they are going to be like...even with the hair movement I was very excited but that just sounds amazing. What type of things will we be able to change then?

    K: You will be able to change what you have now but you will have more interesting hair and beards with physics, you will have body hair of course, tattoos on different parts of the is going to be something really cool I think.

    B: And I don’t know if you can tell me but will the tattoos be like masks are now, where we can draw out own??

    K: I don’t know actually, but that would be cool. I will see about posting a picture really soon of one of the those new avatars, as soon as I can persuade one of the artists to let me show you something, its going to be great I think.

    B: The local chat is going crazy here at Twin Peaks, everyone talking about the tattoos and beards etc

    B: Well Kim it has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you today, thank you very much for coming on live to us and thanks for all the juicy information you have managed to give us today

    K: Thank you for having me.

    B: Hopefully we will be able to have another interview with you again in a few months time and we can get just as great answers.

    K: Yes I hope so.

    B: You have been listening to DJ Bonnie LIVE on Normandie Radio

    The End

    Thanks for taking the time to read this transcript, we hope you find the interview to be informative and interesting and that it enhances your game play....from all at NORMANDIE RADIO.
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