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Kets' Column ( second edition )

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by Kets, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter


    Where did this Chela fella come from and even more so, from where do his fantastic ideas emanate? :confused:

    I donâ??t know the answer to either of these questions but I will say this, I was almost made a victim of one his ideasâ?¦and it proved to be a lot of fun. Not since my weed smoking days so may centuries ago did I have so much fun being so damn paranoid. It all started with me being classified as a target for assassination.:handgun:

    Chela has an upcoming article about the specifics of this type of event and as I will not do his idea justice with my meager description I will instead, as I usually do, give the results of our proof of concept from my own vantage point, however skewed my personal recollection may beâ?¦as Iâ??m sure you are all aware.:loco:

    I was designated as a target for â??assassinationâ?? effective April 10th at midnight until April 11th midnight MA time. By assassination I was to be scanned, with a scanner that is, in game and the screen print, with the scan, time and date posted to the appropriate Eu-Chronicle.com thread.

    The price on my head was 10 PED given to the first person to post the said scan. I know what you are thinkingâ?¦ â??Is Kets even worth 10 PED? And I have to buy a scanner, too?! Youâ??ve go to be kidding me, but it would be fun to assassinate him, I wonder if that would shut him up, hmmmâ?....and youâ??d be right about the relatively high payout once you recognize my experience as a RL cat crap eradication expertâ?¦or notâ?¦nevermind.

    Regardless, I took the threat to heart, and who wouldnâ??t? Perhaps you wouldnâ??t but then you are not me and you are probably very happy with that as if you were me you would not only be cranky with a decreasing amount of graying hair and a rapidly increasing waist-bandâ?¦not waste band :smokin::booze:â?¦that was beforeâ?¦during my bass-playing, weed smoking daysâ?¦not nowâ?¦Now I spend my time trying to find some kind of legal stimulant to keep myself awake for fear that if I fell asleep that I might be too lazy to wake up and clean out the sinkâ?¦Anywayâ?¦Where was I? Oh, yeahâ?¦

    In EU I spend most of my time miningâ?¦ in spite of the cost mind youâ?¦ but as a miner I need to do two things:

    1.) Keep a stock of probes and bombs in my pockets as I donâ??t wear a backpackâ?¦funny how all that stuff fits in my pockets, extractors ,weapons, thousands of units of oil, lyst, boots, armor. Itâ??s amazing really.

    2.) Sell what I find, in the event that I actually find any ores or enmatters that is, and 1 Growth Molecule doesnâ??t count as a findâ?¦well, maybeâ?¦

    Buying probes and bombs I can do at any TT and as TTs are plentiful this was a lesser threat to me than #2. Not #2 in the litter box senseâ?¦No, not in that sense at all, or even how that may affect your senses, but more as it relates to the list above. You see, in order to sell ores and enmatters one needs to enter highly populated areas, sneak about so as not to be spotted and scanned, find those who are willing to offer you a meager pittance for what you have spent so much time and effort trying to collect, complete the transaction without be seen and get the frig out of there as fast you freakinâ?? can. :scare:[help]
    One note on ore and enmatter buyers, especially at Twin Peaksâ?¦ Red Eagleâ?¦I think that is her nameâ?¦ is actually pretty fair as far as prices goâ?¦ and Sarah Witchblade Iâ??ve found to be reputable as well if you donâ??t mind waiting in line, out in the open, with people running scanners everywhere, it can be unnerving when you are being huntedâ?¦or highâ?¦hang on, I think the cat got into the bathroom againâ?¦OH CRAP! NOT IN THE SINK AGAIN! :toiletgrab: I'll get to that in a minute, but first...

    I know you are all curious about our forum moderator, Burgerman, so next time I will post the results of my interview with the Spiked-Mohawk wielding one himself.


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  2. I wonder kets if this is a suitable solution to your cat crap woes?
    Cat crap kludge
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