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Kets, Back to his Cranky old(er) self again.

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by Kets, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter


    Whew! What a ride! I know that not a single one of you could really give a rat's banana about where I was ( well, one of you missed me and I don't want to mention any names, Nutter, so I won't ) or what might have happened to me while I was gone or anything and, for the most part most of you are probably distraught about the fact that I am back again, but despite your affection for me, or lack thereof, whatever the case may be, the whole damn world has changed, both in game and out of game, reali life that is, just in case you don't know what I may be going on about this time, but just in case you do then...then...Oh, crap there I go again. Lost my place and .... Oh, wait...Now I remember. Someone needs to tell you all what has happened after everything has changed, because if I know you like I know me, none of you really know THAT it happened nevermind WHAT actually happened. So, in my own distorted ( some may say perverted ) perception of reality I thought that I may be most suited one to actually explain all that has happened, not only since I've been gone, but since you all left me....YEAH, that's right. I didn't leave EU, YOU ALL LEFT ME!!! Didn't you? It sure as tootin' seems like you did because one day I was happily crawling around the frozen wastes of Solfais wallowing in my own excrement, tears and halucinations and the next thing I know, I'm not having visions of any of you anymore, so, in my own distorted impression of the universe that I am creating in my own mind, you must have all left. Doesn't that sound like it? Wait..wait..do I smell more cat...? Noooo....no. It's seems that I am mistaken. Now onto the real story.

    There are three things that really matter to me ( I know what your thinking, I know it all, I'm just Mr. KnowitAll now, I got my freakin' KnowitAll dgree so I can claim that if there is anything to be known, I know it, so...what do you all think about that? Wait. I don't have to ask because I already know. Don't I? Now I'm confused...Dad-gummit...I hate when this happens. Now back to wherever the F#@ I was....Where exactly was that...Oh, Oh Yeah...what happened since I got back and my impression of it. First, lets start with EU...

    HOLY CRAP CRYENGINE is freaking REAL!!!! Who would have thought? Certainly not me. It's probably been around for more than a year, but with my limited access to reality how am I supposed to know? Tell me! I'll wait.... Nevermind.

    I set my Graphics to Medium today after having set at low for the last week and...HOLY CRAP CRYENGINE IS FREAKIN" REAL and even freakier...Nutter, in her delusion said she actually missed me. First CRYENGINE and now THIS! Or is this all another delusion, probably a little of both. But in any case CRYENGINE is REAL!!! In spite of my surprise ( can you tell that I'm surprised, yet? ) I managed to right my poor avatar ( Oh, speaking or which, WHAT A GREAT FREAKIN" MOVIE AVATAR IS!!!! WHOO-HOO!!!). My fingers are getting sore from all the YELLING!!! I'll try to contain myself...ughnnn..it is cat crap I smell...hang on I'll be right back.:mad:
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  2. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    RUNNNNNNNNN !!!! He's back. lol

    Good to have you back Kets. Word was you were in jail for "Cat Abuse". Would you like to make any comment on this??
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  3. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Me? Cat abuse? Do you mean ME abusing THEM? Are you out of your mind? Do you have ANY idea what they are capabable of? And I have 2 of them? Can you even imagine what that many cats can do if you even so much as pretend to deprive them of any of their demands? I can only imagine where they may leave their mark...so to speak. Such an upspeakable offense there can n'er be. Oh, perhaps I have voiced a cantankerous remark about my own failings in my ability to provide for their most divine fuzzy-nessess, but to provoke their ire by accusations of unwanted behavior or even worse, intentional misuse of their most revered and honorable subbing of affection is something who repercussions I would not endow or wish upon anyone, most notably, not upon myself.

    Now, more to your point.. my absence was not of my doing...at least not that I remember. I just...uh...now how did the police report read...wandered away...aimlessly...much the same way that I react to most of my life. A sudden lapse of memory...a lost password...misplaced identification...a drastic mistake resulting in the unathorized crossing of an international border and the pile of unholy paperwork that is required to re-establish your residency in your country of origin. But seriously, how long could a simple misunderstanding regarding your citizenship really take to resolve? Oh, about, let's say....eight months...well eight months until the U.S. Emabssy responds to your deperate pleas, then about 48 hours after that before you have the chance to stroll back into your house to see the angry faces of your two favorite felines who haven't had their egos stroked in all that time.

    Well, enough about me. How have you been, Bun?

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