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Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by kel, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. kel


    Yes folks, step right up - you heard it right, Kel will make an animal tamer out of you.
    Despite it being brand new, it already boasts two new happy graduates:
    Itto and Anfaenger
    Listen to what they had to say:
    "OMFG that roxorz"* and "OMFG that roxorz"*

    come on over and sign right up !!!

    * small print:
    statements might not have actually been uttered by mentioned members...
  2. I can assure you folks, kel's Animal Taming School delivers !
    I was the fist one to try it out and now im a Animal Tamer!! :lol:

    And it didn't hurt a bit :P
  3. Own whip required?

    Do you have to bring your own equipment?....
  4. kel


    Re: Own whip required?

    hey buddy, you bring what you want but keep it in your pants.. mmkay?!

    seriously now folks, nothing to it - as a matter of fact let me outline the steps so you come prepared:

    -Borrow the pet deed from me
    -While close to the stable master, double click on the deed; there will be a short delay after which the deed dissapears and the pet appears in proximity
    -On the pet, right click to bring up the menu, navigate to the PET entry and on the sub-menu that appears click on an action that asks the pet to do something such as greet or impress. Making the pet do something like this will unlock animal taming
    -At this point you can restable the pet or just return the deed to me

    Having unlocked taming, now you can go out and tame one yourself

    There are guides out there telling you all you need to know about taming, but let me list a few general must knows:
    -you need a whip
    -you will have to start with the easy mob
    -you need a minimum of 200 nutrio bars to tame, at least 400 to train it a bit
    -currently you should train to level 3 if so inclined and then stop there
    -next vu will be mostly centered on pets ( so i was told )
  5. Is the school still open :::)))
  6. oh man...are you late for class :lol:
  7. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Hi Phunksta,

    I have a pet Exarosaur, and it is no prob if you want to unlock taming using him. He has already unlocked it for a couple of Soc ppl. You don't need to bring any weapon or nutrios, and it only takes a few minutes. Just msg me ingame next time we are both online. :-)
  8. hello all in the animal taming camp

    This is a some thing that i heard from some avatars on the game.

    That if you tame an animal like snable you carn,t, kill eny snable after you have tamed this right ...

    it has to be the same animal and name, that you carn't kill

    if it is right then noobs that have just started should not do taming...
  9. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Perhaps they mean that once tamed, you or another avatar cannot kill THAT particular creature, it becomes a pet and so is safe from attacks from players.

    You most certainly can continue to kill other creatures of the same type as the one that you tamed.
  10. my friends pet

    Yes a friend of mine has a pet snable and she said that she can still kill all the snables..

    So what i was told was not right, you carn't kill your own pet, but you can kill the other ones...
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