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Job for beginners: Runner

Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by Smoerble, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. I do this from time to time, but this is more in general a explanation, what people mean if they ask for a "runner" or "mob trainer".

    It works like this:
    The "tagger" owns a low level pistol or rifle (Opalo, Cb5(L) or beginner pistol). If you own a fully repaired armor (Pixie/Goblin) that would be perfect, but is not a must.
    The tagger recieves 100 ammo from me. He runs around, shoots 3 to 10 mobs and then runs back to me. I kill them, before they kill the tagger.
    I heal the tagger and the round starts again. If all ammo is shot, I give the next batch of 100 ammo.

    I pay: armor decay, gun decay and ammo.
    I get: more mobs than I can count [​IMG].
    You pay: nothing of course.
    You get:
    + free attack and defense skills
    + some stress and a lot fun [​IMG]
    + meet players who answer all your questions
    + get players to your friend list who help you whenever they can
    + sometimes (rare event [​IMG]) I give away items from my loot. Don't count on this though!

    If you want to join a mob hunt as a tagger (or simply want to meet players who are friendly and helpful), contact me (see signature) to meet me in game.
  2. that's a great idea smoerble.. id definatly like to try that sometime!
    ill private chat you when i see you walking around ingame :)
  3. ok smoerble i will contact you

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