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NEVERDIE News: January 31st Release Notes

Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by EP-Newsbot, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Events, New Creatures & Skill Bonuses OH MY!



    Starting today players hunting the THING will be able to tally their highest Global or HoF loot per month from a single THING kill to create a combined high score to compete to win the MacReady Mothership. Players may choose their top three single highest monthly global or HoF loots over a 6 month period to arrive at their high score. The Mothership will be awarded in August.
    The MacReady Mothership can be used to ferry passengers for a fee between multiple virtual worlds within Entropia Universe.
    New players who wish to get a leg up with some free gear to Hunt The THING can attempt to locate and assist the infamous avatar NEVERDIE, who has joined the fight to rid the world of The THING. NEVERDIE went missing when his helicopter transporting a supply of flamethrowers and armor crashed into the ROCKtropia Antarctic. The exact location of the downed chopper is unknown, but fragmented distress signals are being received via Facebook.com/rocktropia and Twitter @MYrocktropia and provide clues to his location and the whereabouts of his scattered precious cargo.
    Players Must Post their Highest Loot Screenshots with date and time Stamps in this thread each month at the end of July the Highest Scores from 3 months will be combined to determine each players high Score.
    Entries are restricted to single players only not teams.
    For the Purpose of these event rules a Global includes “HOFs and ATHs”.
    Start Date January 31st – July 31st th (Via the in world Clock – Press U to check the time)
    Out of the 6 month time frame only The Highest single Global from three of the months will be combined.
    Globals will be counted on The THING Mobs only!
    ALL Global Screenshots must include the position (in game hot key = P) and timestamps (in game hot key = U) with the global message in the chat box.
    NDS will monitor the competition closely to ensure a fair event for all participants. Any violation of the event rules stated here will result in immediate disqualification. If there is any confusion over these rules common sense may apply, but clarifications to rules will be made during the course of the event if neccesarry in The Main Event Thread. In case any problems arise in the ability to fairly judge this event. Event manager reserves the right to tweak the rules at any time in the interest of fairness. Event Manager decisions are final. No teams allowed this time!
    Further Clarifications may be added along the way! Good Luck and thanks for competing.

    • The Army, National Guard and Z.D.F have been deployed to City of Dreams in an effort to help combat the invasion of creatures heading towards the city. The nation is calling upon all service men and women both in the Z.D.F and National Guard to hook up with the squad leaders located in the following places…
    - Commander Hauxley POS: 131945 83382
    - Stg.Cortiz POS:136215 82087
    - Stg.Hendi POS: 136377 82662
    - Stg.Willard POS: 134588 85826
    - Captain Petter POS: Unkown -Captain Petters ship was last seen on radar at 138014 89218
    IMPORTANT NOTE: All civilians can lend a hand in these ongoing missions (No Army Service Record Necessary). Service men and women in both the Z.D.F and National Guard will receive additional item and skill bonuses as combat pay.

      • Muscle Park open for work outs (POS: 135759 88072)
        - Ivan the trainer has worked out a strict regiment of dumbell, punching bag and bench press workouts to make you buff! Check it out and get your pump going!
        - You can bypass the noob workout by selecting to bypass the low level missions. To do this simply follow the instructions on any other workout other than the 5lbs dumbell workout.

      • Motorhead Royalty storms the Stadium!
        -The Motorhead Royal family has set out from the Lemmys Castle in a campaign to take rule over the Stadium. The Royal family has been known to carry extremely valueble riches from around the world. If you’re lucky you might encounter the high order of the Royal family including the Prince, King and the Devine God!

      • Tigers, Cheetahs, Leopards, Panthers and Cougers!
        -These magestic creatures have wildly overbreeded and have been seen all over the City of Dreams in giant paks.

      • Blueprints Bonanza
        -Ladies and Gentlemen start your crafting. An influx of blueprints continues to hit the planet with force. Tons of discoveries to be had!

    • Texture Tantrum!
      -You can now create beautiful textures from some of ROCKtropias most popular animals. Here is a list of the new textures you can create and apply to your favorite customizable items…
    Tiger, Leopard, Cheetah, Panther, Couger, Pop Dragon, Elvis Dragon, Joplin Dragon, NEVERDIE Dragon, Lemmy Dragon, Hendrix Dragon, Garcia Dragon, Rudolf Dragon


    • Jarhead Armor (C) blueprint is producing Limited armor parts. In the next VU those same items will become unlimited.
    • Pop Dragon Mission Chain is currently bugged. It will not count your kills.
    • Some textures have known to show up as the ¨RED X¨ for some but not all users. The famous RED X however can still be put into the texturizer window and it will apply the texture as intended.
    • A few BPs have the wrong description. They have been fixed and will be seen in the next VU.

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