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  1. I can't be the first to have noticed that the asteroid has got a lot bigger than it used to be. Is it on a collision course for Calypso and if so, is this a sign of things to come. Makes me think of the Typhon impact that rearranged everything ;)

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  2. Maybe MA noticed it as well and is why they gave us CLDs before the planet was knocked out into deep space? In space you noted it is out of orbit just a bit?:what:
  3. Yea, I noticed that a few weeks ago when I was approaching calypso space station from Cyrene. I just get the feeling another EU chapter is on its way :eek (2):
  4. Haha. I thought I saw this only 'cause I now run on Very High settings. Yes, this can be interesting, indeed.
  5. I couldn't not notice it when running after Hyriuu Old Alpha's or Prowler's like a mad person for about an hour in the middle of that field. It was ruddy distracting to say the least, especially when those big bats flew across the face of it making me go almost blind.
  6. Well, I think the greater question is the stars, and how they can be smaller, yet stand between Calypso and the asteroid. Hm? What is this sorcery, if I might ask?
  7. Yer lol! The layer or overlay order must have got messed up.
  8. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Your all wrong it's in fact got smaller?
  9. Pretty sure it hasn't, but a screenshot of the same sky a year ago would be nice.
  10. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Even then it's got smaller :-)

    Maybe Calypso got bigger and moved closer :D
  11. Are we still talking about an asteroid? :cautious:

    Well, they did move the asteroid closer to Calypso, didn't they? Did this change occur in that VU?
  12. Save - Entropia 2011-10-20 14-00-26-98.jpg

    Ok, not the same spot, but the only picture I could find of the moon taken on 10-20-2011. I'm on on Calypso now to compare the image..but just thought I would post it.
  13. Ah, I recognize it, indeed. It has become bigger! I feel like 16 again!
  14. 28 Aug 2012 11:28 UTC
    The “New Colonist Experience” of Planet Calypso has been improved to offer our newcomers a more instructive, accessible and engrossing introduction to Entropia Universe.
    We have redesigned the “Start Room” and “Gateway” to address concerns expressed by the new players who took part in our surveys this past spring. Among other things they feature a simpler and more linear layout that will be less confusing to the newcomers. The “New Colonist Experience” also contains significantly more information about the gameplay of Planet Calypso and Entropia Universe. All of this has been done in a story driven approach in order to provide the player with an early peek into the rich history of Calypso.
    Current participants will have the ability to test drive the improved New Colonist Experience beginning several days after this release by activating the televator in Port Atlantis named “Calypso Gateway”.
    The default atmospheric and lighting settings of Planet Calypso have been modified to give a more enjoyable experience when exploring Calypso. Some of the features include the following:
    • The moons have been moved closer and their texture resolutions have been increased.
    • The length of a full day cycle has been lowered from about 5 to 2 hours
    • The portion of the cycle allotted to night-time has been lowered.
    • Nights are now significantly less dark.


    It's just a graphics change overall this pretty much sums it all up.
    nothing big is happening robots will attack again with much force but i can assure you that the moon will not cause any harm, the panic is over.:biggrin:

    Calypso is going through some changes with graphics with the new mountains Kim talked about and the new avatar system.
  15. RAZER

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    All this talk about the moon reminds me of the movie Iron Sky, so I guess it is the Nazi's that moved the moon closer to Calypso.
  16. Since you bring it up.

    Off topic.

    The public only know what their gov tells them.

    The past is not what it seems.

    we need a world of love and where everyone is equal.
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  17. Off topic.

    The public only knows what their media tells them.

    The past is present and future; never-changing, forever bonded by blood and memory.

    People aren't equal.
  18. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Just teasing :-)

    Knew about the changes before update (as you can see moon in preview pic is bigger). Kim posted following on pcf:

  19. LOL! What have I started :) All I know is it's a big white bright light that's annoying when hunting big bats that fly across it! :)
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