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Is this problem driving me mad a mouse issue

Discussion in 'Life, the Universe and Everything' started by nexus7, May 7, 2012.

  1. Have to admit, been having some silly issues with a strange symbol with arrows in it that appears almost all the time when I'm browsing, whether it's with I.E, Firefox, Chrome - doesn't matter which. Also happens when I'm offline as well ... When it appears, the page or window starts scrolling by itself, which is causing me to make typos, etc... Any ideas what could be causing this ?:o

    See pic.

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  2. This is a standard control feature. You are clicking the middle button of your mouse, once done the symbol appears and you can then scroll up, down, left and right by moving the mouse, the further you move the mouse from the symbol the faster the scroll. When you do it just click the middle mouse button again and it will go away.
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  3. Thanks cee. The thing is, I'm not clicking the mouse wheel; this symbol just appears by itself and then scrolling starts and doesn't come up if I do click the mouse wheel, so must be a driver issue, although Win-7 says the device is working correctly ;)
  4. Possibly a faulty mouse, or a hot key configured to act like the middle button.
  5. Yer, I googled the problem and results I found were saying a similar thing, so I think you're right.

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