Iron Hunter - Earn Peds At your own Pace

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  1. BIG Industries Proudly Presents:

    1000's of PED in Rewards you can achieve while completing your in game quests!!!


    A large variety of sub events at all of the included LA's for an additional 3000+ peds a month in prizes!!!


    With a wide variety of area's and mobs you can work towards rewards in this competition at your own pace!!


    Five rewards await you as you hunt across all six land area's (one split in 3 sections). Each reward will be obtained much like your in game mob quests by reaching a set amount of globals within any of the LA's included in this competition. Once a challenge has been achieved your reward can be collected and you will start accruing globals/hofs towards your next challenge!!

    Challenge 1 is to recieve 100 globals, Challenge 2 is to receive 300 globals, you will need a total of 400 globals from when you start to achieve the reward for Challenge 2.

    Additional challenges may be added in the future. A wide variety of events registered through the in game event system will be hosted at many of the land areas in the overall competition. Links will be provided for independent events near the end of this post. Keep an eye out for "IRON" events on these LA's


    This event will begin on April 1st 2011 @ 00:01 and continue until I give a 30 day notice that the event will be coming to a close (this will likely be a very long way away)


    This event will take place within the boarders of OLA20, OLA61, Nea's Place OLA16, OLA25, OLA29, and New Switzerland OLA 41(west, east and north)

    Please see the second post in this thread for maps and links to details on each independent land area.

    Iron Hunter Rewards:

    Challenge 1: Obtain 100 Globals Reward: 250 peds
    Challenge 2: Obtain 300 Globals Reward: 800 peds
    Challenge 3: Obtain 500 Globals Reward: 1200 peds
    Challenge 4: Obtain 800 Globals Reward: 2000 peds
    Challenge 5: Obtain 1200 Globals Reward: 3000 peds

    *All globals must be from hunting*

    You may hunt in a team and still achieve globals towards your challenge rewards. The avatar who posts the screenshot of the global will receive credit for it, so be sure to discuss amongst your team who who will be submitting screenshots for this competition for that particular hunt/global. If a team member posts the same team global that has already been posted in this thread, it will not be counted.

    How to Enter:

    Some of the land area's in this competition have a global tag, those area's will utilize the entropia tracker event system to track your current count. Links are provided below to all of the area's that can be automatically tracked in this manner. All other area's will require screenshots to be submitted in this thread in accordance with the "Screenshot Rules" listed in the next section.

    Nea's Place Tracker
    New Switzerland Tracker

    Screenshot Rules:

    Screen shots must be submitted within 24 hours of the global/HOF

    Screenshots must include:

    date/time stamp

    the confirmation of your global in the dialogue box

    radar must be visible so we can confirm you are located within one of the LA's in this challenge.

    Your name in loot distribution *Team hunts only*

    No edited screen shots will be counted.
    (Exceptions will be made for blocking ped card balance, private chat, blocking of local chat box will only be permitted if a screenshot is submitted to me via PM unedited before posting in this thread)


    Screen Shot Tools:
    ESG 1.6
    Entropia Tracker (new version)




  2. Click on Maps below to learn more about each LA


    Independent LA events will be linked here:


    1. Steve Mischief Sunderland10
    2. Jok Star de PE LeMagnifik9
    3. Anthony pepe pepe9
    4. TrisBruce Bolivar diGriz6
    5. James Jimmy Stryker5
    6. Nika Nikolina Belic4
    7. zenith zen cool3
    8. Moraine Lynn Troskald3
    9. charlamaine charlie monroe3
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