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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Phunkygeeza, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    You may have seen me mention in society chat about my partner, Red Sonia, starting up a society to help newcomers into the PE universe.

    The society is formed around providing the kind of help that a mentor gives to their disciples, but also around getting more advanced disciples to help the newest by hunting with them, giving advice etc.

    It is not mandatory that members are her (or my) disciples, however we would like to give a little preference to those noobs who HAVE taken up discipleship and are progressing well - and therefore any disciples you may have that are maybe a little too fresh to be introduced to the Forsaken society are welcome to apply.

    We would like to think of it as a 'pre' society to get new disciples up and running in the game, and would expect them to move on eventually and either find their own preferred society, which may well be the Forsaken for disciples of our members.

    As a service to it's members we have been cacheing all noob gear such as low to medium level weapons, starter armour, mining kit and various other items.
    These as you know are usually cashed in at the TT as they do not have much resale value.

    We would therefore like to ask for the opportunity to buy any such items before they go to the TT, as they are TT food for us but might be a huge boon to a noob. All cache items are sold to EuTropians for their TT value so there is no question of profiteering.

    We also offer them a loot buying service so they can quickly cash in anything they loot for 10% under market value. They are of course free to trade on the open market.

    Thanks for listening - we hope you can help!
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  2. I can only say major REP+ for this idea Phunksta :lol:

    This a awsome solution to our hiring\fireing dilemma
    This was we (tF) knows when they finally joins the Soc they are serious and well trained players.
    And the newbs get a fair start in they gaming

    I will doante some stuff i have in my storage for this
    and if you guys like i give you a special section here on the forum for your questions away from the public

    *oh man why didnt i think of this solution ](*,) *
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  3. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Just a great idea and a big Well Done to Phunksta and Red Sonia :-)
  4. What a great reception

    Many thanks to Itto, Burgerman and Stratos for their donations to the cause - and what a great reception for the idea!

    We're well set up now and our cache is looking great. We just need to get on a recruiting hike now and bring in more noobs.

    It goes down extremely well in Port Atlantis and we get almost instant responses from newbies arriving. Shame it's such a hike to our HQ. Anyone fancy donating a big house or castle that's easy to get to? Joke ;)
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  5. Need any Pixie or Goblin? I've saved some for possible disciples but Im not sure if I have the patience for that.
  6. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    Awesome Idea

    Awesome idea. +rep to you also. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. :-D
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  7. Hey again...

    I must admit that our stock is currently looking very impressive. What I should probably do is keep a running list of the kinds of items we need.

    For instance, I'm crafting quite a lot of weapons, but there are gaps in my BP's and you lot might be crafting these. If I put a list together then we can co-ordinate a little bit and you can know that you can put some crafting input into certain weapons and have resale point.

    I'll see if I can do this fairly soon - although I'm up to my neck in work again :( so here's hoping I get a wi-fi enabled hotel.
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  8. Post the BPs you need here:

    However I am not currently crafting due to horrible returns. Heck, I'm losing money at mining even while selling my stuff at top dollar. That's why I've been hunting more than usual.
  9. Many thanks again to everyone that's put stuff our way.
    We have acheived a sort of critical mass now with several sets of armour, nice weapons, attachments etc. all now available for the noobs to get started with.

    To make life easier we'll keep a list going of stuff we do need - so if you're crafting/looting this stuff and would normally put it in the TT or stash it for noobs, please consider putting it our way :)

    Goblin: face F, gloves F&M, arms F
    Pixie: shins F, thighs M, gloves M
    crafted weapons lvls 1 & 2: Plasma kyller, killian sword & G2, Mir 1&2 energy glove, Mann MPH DLXE, Maddox II, Clericdagger 1b, 1c, original viper
    Any crafted attachments
    Any looted weapons except Frean D Alpha as we have LOADS of these ;)
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