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  1. Project Entropia, developed by MindArk AB, is a massive multi-player 3D-based on line game that derives from the RPG tradition, where the action is based on another planet way into the future.

    The following is an interview with the Patric Sundström, the Marketing Manager at MindArk AB, discussing the game, its features and more. Enjoy!

    Can you give a brief summary of what Project Entropia is all about.

    Project Entropia is an on-line multi-player game in an expanding 3D-world. by using a flexible RPG system it allows free personal character development by means of skills, experience and including character appearance and life styles by active social interaction in an evolving internet community.

    The game world is set in the distant future, on man's first off-world colony. The concept of the game will provide the players with an advanced array of technological tools and exciting native creatures from difference environments.​

    Will the game take advantage of 3D technology? Will you be using your own engine? Will the game require a 3D accelerated video card?

    Yes the game will be in 3D. We are developing our own game-engine that will stand up to our demands when online-gaming. We will develop a engine from the technical techniques which exist today and buy looking to other games, and learn from them, also it will be necessary to use a 3D accelerated video card.​

    Will the game be played through a first-person or third-person perspective?

    I will release details at a later date.​

    What features will Project Entropia have that other games in its genre don't posess?

    The difference with most online games that exist today and Project Entropia is that it's played out in the future instead of a fantasy world. Which gives you the possibility to use modern technology, which you would not find in a fantasy world. The cities will be safe zones with a wide thinking community, but if you dare to venture out into the wilderness, there's a good chance of you discovering new forms of animal life and even robots. Which i might add, will not always be of a friendly nature.​

    What types of skills will the player be able to have throughout the game?

    The player will have many different skills at hand, to deal with all manners of problems that may occur on a future world. As well as the basic skills which can be found today on similar games.​

    What types of environments will the player be able to come across?

    The environments in the game are much the same as today's but more advanced. They will function roughly as big city's do today, with all the entertainment and fun, but also the problems which come with city life. Out of the city you can find the same environments as on Earth, forests, deserts, mountains, seas and oceans.

    The game begins with man sending out probes into outer space in search of a planet, which resembles Earth in as many ways as possible, for example the climate and environment. So life could begin with out to many problems. The planet which the game is played on is very similar to Earth but with it's own fauna and flora.​

    What kinds of jobs will the player be able to choose from, if he or she wishes to have a profession?

    When you start to play the game every body will have the same chances. Then maybe you find a job, or receive instructions from other players or NPC. This means when you start to play the game, your not stuck in one position, because your character develops as you play and is influenced by the choices you make. You are also not trapped in the same character as you begin with, because how many times has it happened that when you start a new game as a knight for example, that you find it would have been a better choice to have been a magician, so you have to start all over again. With Project Entropia you don't have to worry about this because you decide how your character will be.​

    Is there anything else you would like to talk about regarding Project Entropia before we end the interview?

    Project Entropia will not be just another shoot-em-up online game. We have put a lot of hard work and energy into creating a functional society were every individual takes control over his or hers future, which means it's very important to make and keep your social contacts as well as developing your other skills.​

    Project Entropia concept art as of 1999
    project-entropia-concept-art-october-1999-4.gif project-entropia-concept-art-october-1999-3.gif project-entropia-concept-art-october-1999-1.gif

    Interview by Michael 'Dethrone' Mikucki for Gamer's Alliance RPG
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    Isn't it interesting that in the early interviews they didn't talk about the RCE aspect? What do you think, were there different plans in 1999 or didn't they want to give the competition any ideas?
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  4. In short :

    Entropia was originally supposed to be "their" online commerce system, back then. A 3D ebay if you want ?


    They already announced all of todays stuff back in 1999, like building shops, factories, Landareas, vehicles, tree harvesting, fruits blah... 20 years ago.
    Just to introduce it as new ideas "now & then". It was all there though.

    Vehicles roamed the testservers in 2002 already, according to a Marco interview from that time. But who knows.

    4 years later (2003) Interface and auction system concepts showed up.
    Auction :

    Society :

    Casino anyone ?

    b_casino_ornament_001_base.jpg b_casino_sign_001_base.jpg

    casino dealer.jpg (Casino dealer animation, handing out cards (May, 2002) aka. VU 3.4)

    Many of the stuff we SEE today, got resurrected from old clients. (Fruits, harvesting, Items, weapons, storyline-items, areas blah)
    Sometimes MA bought 3D models from sites like TuboSquid or "hired" a 3D Artist for some time, instead of letting Entropia "become alive", with the old fitting vehicles for example.

    If the China contract of 2007 would have happened (Cyber Recreation Disctrict), we might have drifted towards "online commerce" a bit more. Sadly the main guy behind it, "Chi Tau Robert Lai" died and looking at MAs history, I dont think this would have ever happened anyway.

    And the Entropia of today ?

    Its a fucking mess and people sit in front of a former sci-fi MMO game, using it as one armed bandit, "crafting" Explosive Projectiles Blueprint 4, messing up their lives. While authorites try to ban lootboxes and Mindark still claiming, that gambling activities are strictly prohibites inside of Entropia.

    Now and then someone shows up on forum or newssites as PR gag, how he made millions with this game...and that you can do it too !

    Go figure.
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    opening post says oct 13 1999 but was this forum around at that time? :headscratch:
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    EP was founded in 2009.
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