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Intersociety Alliance Update

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by ToolMan, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Well, Iâ??ve been kind of busy this week on a great many levels. Iâ??ve been away from the forums for awhile, and I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know whatâ??s going on with the Alliance Document. I had mentioned to a few people that the document would be ready in a few days: that deadline was not a reasonable one for quite a few reasons.

    First, within twenty-four hours of our meetingâ??s closing the Inter-soc forum went online. This forum will need to be organized and populated with a modest amount of content before its public release. We are also purchasing a domain name for the site, and are currently contemplating that name. I am hopeful that these tasks will take no more than a weekâ??s time. Any ideas for a domain name are welcome.

    Second, with the administrative responsibilities associated with the web-site, and the clear possibility that the Social Federation, for lack of a better name, will not include said administrators, the need has arisen for a document that clearly states a definitive separation of Administration and Federation. This will include guidelines for administrators that focus their efforts in a technical respect, and limit their activities to pure technical support. Any questions about this can be addressed here, or see me in-game.

    Finally, I have our oCZ society and forum to attend too, I am planning on writing one or two articles for EF during this time period, and I also have a job in real life too. In addition to all of this, I like to get some game-time in as well. All work and no play makes Til a dull boy. lol

    So, as you can see, busy, busy, busy. I apologize for the delay in the writing of these documents, and Iâ??m truly sorry I didnâ??t post this update earlier. You can look for the editing distribution of the Alliance Document near the middle of the week, and look forward to the public release of the Inter-soc forum for our communications efforts next weekend.


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