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  1. How will pilots commute passangers between planets? Will a pilot owning a Hangar on Calypso be able to fly directly to Next island? Will other planets have Planet-based spaceports or stations in orbit? I can immagine CND functioning as a spaceport.
  2. molleke

    molleke The Ultimate Turp

    Personally I'm not sure they will depend on pilots alone. I can not imagine that a planet ownded by a different company as FPC or MA wants to be dependant on a bunch of pilots from planet calypso to bring them their paying customers. Imagine for the reverse. User from next island will pay money to a pilot from calypso to leave the planet. The fee will never end up in the next island loot pool or company pocket.

    I guess when you log on you can choose which planet to go to.
  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I never thought about that molleke :) Though I will believe you can choose what planets you wish to begin the game in - as a newbie!

    But other than that, I believe there will be some big planet-space stations where you can teleport to the planets from some TP's which will only head to some sertain spots on each planet (bigger than the normal tp's). Probably you will have to pay a fee from one planet to another.

    Maybe you can't bring anything if you use the tp's - so to be able to transfer things forth and back from the planets, you would need to use the space ships, which then still will provide them with jobs - dunno?

    And then you will have seperated storages only working on each planet too where you can storage the stuff you collect there, but if you wish to transfer some to other planets, you need to take a flight.

  4. molleke

    molleke The Ultimate Turp

    The part of TP'ing back and forth I can imagine. For the fee would be a difficult discussion also. You would have to arrange the fee between planets I think. As a planet owner what you want is that people do not have to pay a fee at all to get to your planet as it would discourage people to go there. To get of your planet you want to keep the fee as high as possible to make them think twice about leaving your planet. But I can see possibillities to work this out between companies (OR MA just sets a fixed mandatory fee end of story).

    With pilots (or actually transfer of goods) I can still see difficulties. I believe MA announced that storage will be planet specific. Again this would have to be to sustain a good business model I guess. Suppose all people on planet calypso take all their stuff to next island. The dump all the stuff in the TT there (if there is one). After that they all withdraw their money from next island. They would be instantly bankrupt as the initial money was never pumped into next island but into planet calypso.

    I could also completely miss the mark here offcourse. Just fantasising.:coffee:
  5. I still think Pilots should remain taxis, its a virtual vocation, established. Also it is economically viable and better way to go. Promotes gaming activity and economic insentives. A lot more pilots and hangar owners will be encouraged to be more active now.
  6. molleke

    molleke The Ultimate Turp

    Yes I agree it would be good if pilots have more choices. However Pilots are a planet calypso specific thing. Every planet is run by a different company. To have pilots from planet calypso work on a different planet would be like having taxi drivers from Amsterdam picking up people in Rotterdam (not sure how it is in other country's but in Netherlands it is not allowed and believe me if happens there would be outright war).

    So if anything is planned with pilots they will have to change the piloting system to a universe specific system instead of a planet calypso specific system
  7. Well in that case how about a new type of interplanetary Spacecraft to ferry peops in larger groups between planets? Independant and space-hub-station is HQ:) Pilots do their own thing and space port-airlock-hangars are owned with deeds. Better that way for the virtual economy.
  8. molleke

    molleke The Ultimate Turp

    that could be a good solution. to have a seperate planet where all pilots reside. It would be difficult to stop cartel forming. but with the correct rules it could be a solution.

    How it will look in the end is only know in some dark basement in the MA offices I suspect;)
  9. Yep, no planet tho, just one massive halfway, astroid station. To rest over, shop, refeul, interconecting flights, etc.
  10. Two massive sections to the Hub. Arrivals and departures. Both halls having massive screens displaying flight times, linked to a terminal accecable to pilots only, to log in departure times. Arrival terminal, must be automated calculating arrival ETA of Pilots, or the info is typed in at a terminal at point of origin. Verbal anouncements too;) Flight booking may also be done via a terminal. No more pilots standing around for hours chatspamming for passangers. The more I think about it the more my immagination runs wild.

    Ye Brilliant for an expanding verse.
  11. Automated tram system on the massive space-Hub, to ferry passangers from their respective halls, departures or Arrivals, to the Hangars. Basically a good infra transport system catered around virtual travel, shopping, trading, etc. So no more long walks to boards spacecraft. The new space-busses should be uniqelly designed to fit the space-hub and the efficient passangers load and offload transport system.

    Think of a moving excalator for example, whilst peops move to board craft, they are confronted with in-game advertizing screens, etc. Large shopping mall selling collecteables from all over the verse. Virtual TV, programs. Virtual radio stations. One big buzling space-hub. Pilots of Entropia need to speak up for this. In-flight movies and or entertainment. Notto mention the view whilst in transit, of the entire Hub, should be SF spectacular.

    then there is also the matter of virtual baggage handling. Paying extra for baggage by weight. Taxation. Etc. Gonna make life interesting for traveling traders.
  12. Casper

    Casper Casper

    How about 2 different kinds of Pilot? One for local Hops and another for the Planet to Planet.
  13. Yeah! But as mentioned before, bigger ships for longer hops.
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