In A Universe Far Far Away

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  1. In A Universe Far Far Away

    There, this long awaited personnal HoF finally happened !
    Lucky Akbar Sylphe killed a creature (Pop Dragon Stalker) with a value of 19007 PED

    At first, I would like to give a very special Thank You to my Friend Janku to who I dedicate this HoF!
    Janku asked me to come back playing with him last year,
    as I started to chip out in the purpose to quit this game For Ever...

    I want to thank all my friends that I met in Project Entropia / Entropia Universe
    Name all would not be possible but anyway here is a few of them ;

    MH Grave Digger (my first friend when I started to play in june 2004), Lord Actus , Buck Buck Stone, J.P.Star, Great Optima, CrazyB, Jack Combo, BlackHawk, Karamazov, Trifle, Joey, Deathifier, McCormick, Joat, Rocky & Jak, Joda, Zippo, GeorgeSkywalker, Linzey & Lady Ho, Auktuma "Mon Ami", Mindstar, Messi, Smilgs, Narfi, Sachi, Alaina & JBK, Ms Pudding & Azzah, Llama, Lord Pyre, JSeven, Johnathan JC, Rick England, Kimmi, Sub-Zero... and so many other friends !
    I was pleased to meet and play with you all !

    And I would like to thank all players who trusted me as their mentor, and who graduated as my disciples.
    19 players in Project Entropia, and 76 players in Entropia Universe, so a total of 95 players.
    All of you receive again all my congratulations !

    And a particular Thank You Mindark !
    That was a very very long wait (2004 - 2021)

    who knowes may be "now" as my luck has reborned
    I will finally get my deserved mining towers and discover cool new items in my loots...
    Since all avatars have the same chances !

    Lucky Akbar Sylphe created June 28th 2004, Project Entropia VU 5.7
    "Akbar", from Star Wars Return Of The Jedi, Admiral "Ackbar".

    01 bandeau.jpg

    02 Entropia 2021-03-06 13-29-40-12_M.jpg

    03 Entropia 2021-03-06 13-32-19-61.jpg

    04 giphy.gif

    05 - ak_sig_2014-2.jpg
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    • Project Entropia Times
    Here is a quick selection of my screenshots In the Project Entropia Times.
    • 00b - Entropia_Nature.jpg
    Me in rascal and many of my mindforce chips
    Yeah Project Entropia was SO GREAT
    • 01 - 2005-09-19 Inv.jpg
    My first resurrection attempt
    Here near the octagon at Cape Corinth, with my friend Great Optima Dane
    Etheral Language "unlocked", no more ooOOooOOoo for me :)​
    • 02 - Ak_Resurrection_01.jpg
    I open a wormhole in Fort Troy, for the pleasure of all players here !​
    • 03 - Ak_WormHole.jpg
    Resurrecting my friend "Dopey Lost Soul" in the old Hadescheim area​
    • 04 - Ak_resurrection_0l.jpg
    Mr Skeleton near the Nymphtown Castle​
    • 05 - Nymphtown Castle Skeletton.jpg 05b - Nymphtown Map.jpg

    The Behemoth mob, in the building of science at Port Atlantis​
    • 06 - Port Atlantis Behemot.jpg

    A view from Fort Ithaca​
    • 07 - Fort Ithaca.jpg
    Here with my friend Dan Dan Petrov, Sweating an Atrox Guardian for my Sweatting Attempts thread.​
    • 07B - Ak_Atrox-Guardian_32Sweats.jpg
    Get a Gold Card from the trade terminal for 200PEDs and secure your account !​
    • 08 - Gold Member Security Card - 08.jpg
    • 09 - You Are Dead.jpg

    The Orb near the Hadescheim Buildings​
    • 10 - The Orb At Hadescheim.jpg
    • 11 - Obsolete.jpg
    • 12 - Connection lost.jpg
    • The Smiley at the edge of the South side of the Eudoria map​
    • 14 - PE Smiley.jpg
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  2. Entropia Universe and Beyond !

    You will find many interesting links in my Akbar's Travels Main Thread
    Saddly some pictures are not accessible anymore : Penalise all people for the hate of 1, strange vision.

    Here is a special thank you for my friend McCormick who invited me to join the EP Forum some years ago

    I gave him a bit of help in his great work to do videos and various content.
    Have a look to his content of oblivion

    Ak Level 60 Sweat Gatherer !!! Sweat Forge Skill :)



    I'm honored to be nammed in the Login Page :
    Lucky Akbar Sylphe managed to tame a rare Hogglo Pygmy Black on March 19

    03 AK Tamer Loader_M.jpg

    Ak, winner (one of) in the Roctropia screenshot contest

    Ak 2012 Screen Contest Winner.jpg

    Joda and myself having fun by creating a "flying structure" around 50m above the Aakmul Outpost Teleporter.

    Eye 02.jpg

    Sweat Love


    My Scan Technology event was a real success, all players loved it
    so I organised a 2nd event the year after which was again a HUGE success.
    Many times I was asked to run another event but saddly scanning vehicles got "bugged" and is still bugged today...

    Watch this cool video made by Svarog ;


    Akbar's contests are cool !


    Shard-Angel "Amazing! The Scribe of Entropia at his best! :)"
    Johan Roadkill "Like always you keep the true old spirit alive. At least someone still cares :)"
    Bones "wow... you always seem to see the best of EU... Thanks for sharing... Again"

    Ak march 12 2021 : yea... the only One who should have really rewarded me for all I did for them during all those years,
    clearly ruined my pleasure to be here and forced me to quit...
    I received many gratz for the 19k from friends who told me this is the first from many others to come.
    I really wish they are right.


    Ak's Bubbles




    Here are several videos I did in 2012 and after
    watch in full screen !

    To finish, I got a special thought to my dear and beloved friend Mindstar
    who was a GREAT EP writter and who have also been Cyrene Official Avatar.
    We explored the new released Cyrene together, for ever in my heart.

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  3. Entropia 2021-03-12 06-30-11-17.jpg

  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Congratulations, Akbar :) FINALLY!
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  5. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Congrats. I have always considered you a friend, but I only log in a couple times a month these days, so hadn't seen your HOF. Enjoy it!

    And you know what grandma always said.....
    "Don't spend it all in once place!" :P
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Aww love this thread. So many nice old pictures, such feels seeing that stuff again always. Really glad you got a HOF at last super congrats for that. I liked the black and white video btw - never seen that one before, very cool seeing the models like that.


    PS you are younger than me (by a few months)... you noob ;)
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  7. Big GZ! Very cool to see :clap:

    I'll never forget all the team hunts we did years ago, and all the help you were when I needed ya!

    Grateful for the friendship. Here's to many more years in EU :beerchug:

    Cheers, mate!

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  8. Thank you a lot my friend, and true we had a lot of fun together !

    Here are 3 videos I recorded with us, some cool memories to watch again and again :)

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  9. Thank You Wistrel.

    Again I did all those screenshots, enjoy !

    Some more pics from Project Entropia

    Project Entropia Login Page / Christmas Gift

    01 2004 Login Page XMas.jpg

    Project Entropia Login Page

    02 PE Login VU 7.x.jpg

    Project Entropia Login Page / Gold Card Security Code

    03 PE Login VU 7.x. Security Code.jpg

    Project Entropia Login Page / Christmas Gift

    04 2005 PE Xmas.jpg

    Project Entropia Login Page / Your avatar is already logged on

    05 PE Login VU 7.x-1.jpg

    Aquarius, swedish society that I first joined, and where I became Leader 6 months later
    our best rank was 20th in the most skilled soc in the game, pretty good ! :)

    06 Aquarius Community_640.jpg

    Project Entropia Trade Terminal

    07 2004 Trade Terminal.jpg

    Project Entropia / Disciples List

    08 2006 Disciple List.jpg

    Project Entropia Options

    09 PE Options.jpg

    Hadescheim Center Teleporter
    Yeah again, I really LOVED those years !

    10 2005 Hadescheim Center.jpg

    Skeleton inside ship at Billys

    11 skeleton 02.jpg

    People sweating and trapping mobs E of Camp Phoenix
    Me I was sweating alone berycleds N of Zeus and drowning them once dry in the water
    I remember it like if it was yesterday, but this was over 15 years ago !

    12 Sweaters at Spaceship.jpg

    Pets and Training
    Taming was full of promisses, but we never reached the stage 2 of 4...

    13 2005-12-11 Daikiba Pet.jpg

    Dan using Firestorm Chip on an Atrax

    14 Dan Firestorm Atrax.jpg

    If I am allowed to post more pics, I can add others again :)
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  10. Thank you a lot Narfi :)

    You can see several of the globals we had together while I was doing my hunting support service, see posts #10, 24, 25.

    Here are 2 pics of us from february 2013 :)

    2013-02-17 Narfi and Ak 01.jpg

    2013-02-17 Narfi and Ak 02.jpg
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  11. A last bunch of pics

    VU 6.0 Login Page

    01 PE VU 6.0.jpg

    2006 04 Login Page

    02 2006-04 Login Page.jpg

    2007 03 Login Page

    03 Entropia 2007-03-20_20.jpg

    2009 11 Login page (lost connection on login...)

    04 Entropia 2009-11-02 21-05-06-10.jpg

    December 2013 Login Page

    05 Entropia 2013-12-23 23-15-03-25.jpg

    Debaser friend resurrecting me to life

    06 Resurrection 00.jpg

    07 Resurrection 01.jpg

    08 Resurrection 02.jpg

    I open a wormhole for the members of my soc Aquarius

    09 Ak WormHole 05.jpg

    Opening a wormhole at Port Atlantis near the dome (old memories !)

    10 Ak WormHole 06.jpg

    11 PE Buildings Fort Ares.jpg

    12 PE Buildings Fort Ithaca.jpg

    13 PE Buildings Fort Troy 01.jpg

    Hadescheim Town

    14 PE Buildings Hadescheim 01.jpg

    15 PE Buildings Hadescheim 02.jpg

    Clothe Shop In Hadescheim

    15 PE Hadescheim Clothe Shop.jpg

    The Feffoid Trader (who was opening a trade facility, only in the game)
    You could scan it for hours and get mutant skills,
    now this is not possible anymore (Really dumb, MA love to shoot themselves in the foot)
    The Feffoid Trader mob to hunt existed in the game when I joined in june 2004, and was removed a bit after.

    16 PE Feffoid Trader 01.jpg

    17 PE Feffoid Trader 02.jpg

    Friend list in 2005

    18 PE Friend List 2005.jpg

    Other friend list interface

    19 PE Friend List.jpg
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  12. Xenobiology Unlocked in Project Entropia times
    Skilling was so so easier than what it is today.
    Scanning was great at that time, now it is completly fucked, ty MA...

    20 Xenobiology Unlocked - 01.jpg

    2006 Female Hunter

    21 2006 Nude Ava.jpg

    Me and my soc Aquarius doing a beacon

    21 PE Aquarius Beacon 01.jpg

    22 PE Aquarius Beacon 02.jpg

    23 PE Aquarius Beacon 03.jpg

    Project Entropia Revival Building

    24 PE Revival Building.jpg

    Project Entropia Website Interface

    25 PE Support.jpg

    Tina Leiu

    26 PE Tina Leiu.jpg

    Too much avatars in this server, come back later lol

    27 Server Participants Window.jpg

    VU 10 Raining at Port Atlantis for Christmas

    28 Entropia 2009-12-31 Port Atlantis VU 10 01.jpg

    29 Entropia 2009-12-31 Port Atlantis VU 10 02.jpg

    Oh What A Man !!!

    30 Entropia 2015-08-24 20-57-56-39.jpg

    31 Entropia 2015-08-24 20-58-01-06.jpg


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  13. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    gratz on the 19k pop dragon hof
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  14. I hope you made some reallife money out of this / profit / brake even. Keep us updated on "further questions" regarding your withdrawal. ^^

    Like they did with me..."HEY! EXPLAIN TO US WHERE YOU GOT THOSE PEDS FROM !"
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  15. Is this all my thread is inspiring to you ?... wow.
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  16. as I started to chip out in the purpose to quit this game For Ever...

    I left long ago and Im happy for ppl like you getting "payed" a bit by MindArk.
    What else did you expect ?

    Nice pics, nice meories, it will never be forgotten. The future was here. Better ?
  17. I first chipped out skills in 2009, as I was thinking to leave this world mainly caused by my HUGE feeling to have my avatar cursed by mindark and I was clearly robbed.
    But since I was recalled to life, well i continued to play...

    Last year (near february 2020), I was indeed more than bored by so many issues in this game, that I decided to start to chip out in the purpose to quit the game For Ever.

    As I explained above, a friend asked me to come back to play with him.

    *EDIT : the attached picture was in wrong post, I dont know how to remove it from here.

    Attached Files:

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  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Lovely seeing all those old interface pics. Sure brings back memories. UI was never something I thought to capture but indeed it's good to be reminded of all the evolution over the years. Ah the crashed spaceship wing where people used to sweat haha. I remember when I first found out about that. Before then I think I was sweating round a turret at Phoenix or something... then there was this place not far where we'd sweat a mob 3 times then move till it was off radar, do another one then go back to the original.

    That spaceship wing got so crowded haha. Then MA put up their first invisible wall. I could have throttled them for that. I detest invisible walls in games. The lazy good for nothing programmer's way out. Was the beginning of the end even, one could maybe say.

    Out of interest, what did the feffoid trader buy or sell? I never saw it but I read about it in fan fics.

    All those worm hole pics and the thing about arriving somewhere you might not want to go... I'm now imagining a McCormick video where either he goes back in time via a wormhole or maybe goes forward in time from 2004 accidentally
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  19. There was another area, S of Nymphtown, i found a pic from my archives but i did not want to post too much here and i did not keep in my selection... find it back will take me again hours.... it was a small "town" with atrax daikiba and molisk and a huge tree in the middle, which was close to the pvp3.

    Well seem mindark love to add invisible objects to cheat us, particularily in the shinook area there are tons of invisble solid trunks and invisible trees, clearly spawned there to make us lose time while we use cars and flying vehicles.
    I was thinking to show in with a 3D tool, but it'd need again a lot of work to do it... anyway, this is mega boring.
    In my opinion, that's mindark who should hit the button "respect the EULA" (every day).

    The feffoid trader particularity is he was giving 5 ped ammo, where all trade terminals were giving 1, 10 or 100.
    You could scan it to get mutant skills as i show in the pic, and stay here for hours... saddly scanning is fucked since the new disciple system around 5-6 years ago i'd say, a completly illogic move from mindark in my opinion, and even worse today as you could be sure many players would scan AFK while they sleep...

    Hey mindark, if you need a consultant to make you win more money you can call me, and i promiss i do not watch little girlz...
    Btw, i will be also able to show you all your bugs that lay in the game since years.

    To mindark, may be you can explain us how you consider the hyriuu mob flying underground not beeing an exploit ?
    And same for igni, pupugi and diripi.
    And as described above, invisible trunks and trees but solid, is not an exploit also ?

    Weird dont you think mindark, only on your planet that mobs are "bugged", pretty strange when we know you are the platform owner.

    Integrity : The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

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