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IMPORTANT: Update problems solved!!!

Discussion in 'Technical, security and bug reports' started by wizzszz, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. How can we help you?

    You don't know which version you have installed on your computer?

    Go to the Entropia Universe installation folder (usually "C:\Program Files\Entropia Universe\") and open the file version.txt (it's just a text file, opens in the windows notepad by default)

    You need to reinstall/full installation of EU and the normal way won't work?

    See the link to the latest full setup.exe on bottom of Post #6

    One of the updates is stuck and does always abort in the client loader?

    Go to Post #6 for the direct download links, partially mirrored here on EP, download the needed update and start it manually (with admin rights)

    You can't open the link, it always times out after a while and there is no alternative download link (mirror)?

    Go to Post #2 and try the fix described there (additional info in Post #3)

    You have downloaded the update/setup .exe but you can't run it or get other error messages?

    Go to Post #34 and follow the download instructions there to make sure the downloaded file is not corrupt or incompletely downloaded (basically, simply install this: http://download.getright.com/getright-download.exe and download it again with this tool)

    Your problem is not listed here?

    Read all the following posts, not all info is listed here yet.
    If all the provided information doesn't help you please post here and provide as many informations as possible (Operating system, installed version, exact description of the error / exact text of error messages and what else you may consider helpful)
  2. I had trouble all day to connect to the update server, it always said "error downloading" - especially very odd as only some people appear to have trouble.
    Now, after quite some investigation, i have found the reason:

    The client loader attempts to load the update from

    Depending on where you live and what internet provider you use, this subdomain name is resolved to an IP using your closest nameserver.

    From Germany (my location), it resolves to, which is actually

    from USA, the same subdomain resolves to, which is actually

    This is nothing unusual, as it is done to spread the requests to different servers to lower the load - if everything works fine you get even the closest server with that method.
    download1-1.ilait.se IS DOWN, hence people trying to load the update from there will get the "Couldn't connect" error.

    The solution is easy but a bit tricky, i'll give a detailed explanation in the next post.

    /Edit: The server is not really down, it is reachable from the USA, but internet traffic over one particular router (certain locations/internet providers all across europe) will be affected.

    If you need to do a full reinstall, don't use the torrent version, it relies on many people sending the file which is not the case!

    1. /Edit: Make sure the EU client loader is NOT running!
    2. Open this folder: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ (if you have a different windows directory, look for the System32\drivers\etc\ subfolder)
    3. Start Windows Notepad as an Admin (Right click and select "Run as admin" - this step is important, it allows you to save the modified file to the protected system folder)
    4. Drag the file "host" (not lmhost) from the folder above onto your open Notepad window and drop it
    5. Add the line dlmirror.entropiauniverse.com
    6. Make sure there is a TAB between the IP and dlmirror and that you've pressed enter after this line
    7. Save it
    8. Fire up your Client loader and watch it downloading the next update
    9. Log in, have fun, lose PEDs
    /Edit: If opening the host file via Drag&Drop doesn't work, make a copy of it on the desktop, edit this copy, save it and then move it back to the folder named above (which will require admin rights and ofc overwrite the original file)

    Your host file should look like this after the modifications:
    These modifications make the clientloader download the update from the US server instead of the server that is closest to you (which is obviously down/unreachable most of the time).

    Before you modify your file, try to verify if that is the problem you're experiencing by trying to ping or tracert the server.
  3. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    Thanks for posting the links and workarounds mate...

    After losing 1.5gig of the original patch via the DNA route, and another 800mb using the normal option, I eventually hauled the thing in with getright, so by the time I had the FIRST update done, it had become the single most expensive game I own, just from bandwidth costs.

    Imagine my surprise when I discovered that another 688mb download awaited me. My heartfelt congratulations to MA for diverting 2K ped away from the Calypso economy into the wallets of my ISP :loveshower:

    Not having ftp and proper torrents available is the apogee of FUBAR.
  4. <post contents outdated, removed>
  5. Recent updates, starting from last recommended full install

    Make sure you start updating with the version update for your current version!
    (See version.txt in your Entropia Universe installation folder)

    Older update files have been moved to the post below.

    Full installation to Version
    entropia_universe_setup_11.0.7.48670.exe (MA Server)
    File Size: 3.77 GB

    update_11.0.7.48670- (MA Server)
    update_11.0.7.48670- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 45.1 MB (47,334,737 Bytes)

    update_11.0.8.49004- (MA Server)
    update_11.0.8.49004- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 10.6 MB (11,145,216 Bytes)

    update_11.0.9.49875- (MA Server)
    update_11.0.9.49875- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 27.4 MB (28,792,392 Bytes)

    update_11.1.0.51168- (MA Server)
    update_11.1.0.51168- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 8.26 MB (8,672,043 Bytes)

    update_11.1.1.51229- (MA Server)
    update_11.1.1.51229- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 8.27 MB (8,672,300 Bytes)

    update_11.1.2.51247- (MA Server)
    update_11.1.2.51247- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 11.4 MB (12,015,993 Bytes)

    update_11.1.3.51617- (MA Server)
    File Size: 198 MB (208,048,893 Bytes)

    update_11.2.0.52969- (MA Server)
    File Size: 17.1 MB (18,019,309 Bytes)

    update_11.2.0.53148- (MA Server)
    [File Size] 457 MB (479,318,841 Bytes)
    [MD5] 29f0d579812c1d418b197163140df98c

    update_11.2.2.53823- (MA Server)
    [File Size] 44.8 MB (46,978,309 Bytes)
    [MD5] d9d80941c1b518ecee753bfabd1f0b88
  6. Version updates archive

    Older Updates, just in case they are needed
    (deprecated, use the full installation linked in the post above)

    Make sure you start updating with the version update for your current version!
    (See version.txt in your Entropia Universe installation folder)

    In installation order:

    Update_10.0.0.28255- (MA Server)
    File Size: 37.0 MB (38,891,912 Bytes)

    Update_10.0.0.28586- (MA Server)
    File Size: 7.04 MB (7,384,811 Bytes)

    Update_10.0.0.28681- (MA Server)
    File Size: 7.35 MB (7,710,983 Bytes)

    Update_10.0.0.28782- (MA Server)
    File Size: 143 MB (150,200,170 Bytes)

    Update_10.0.4.29098- (MA Server)
    File Size: 20.4 MB (21,441,599 Bytes)

    ----- Skip the following two updates and use the Update_10.0.7.29368- below instead of the two Updates below -----

    Update_10.0.7.29368- (MA Server)
    File Size: 429 MB (450,121,772 Bytes)

    Update_10.0.8.29698- (MA Server)
    File Size: 395 MB (414,437,554 Bytes)

    ----- Proceed here with Updating from ----

    Update_10.0.7.29368- (MA Server)
    File Size: <approx. 460 MB>

    Update_10.0.8.29700- (MA Server)
    File Size: 32.7 MB (34,303,022 Bytes)

    Update_10.0.9.30235- (MA Server)
    File Size: <approx. 159 MB>

    Update_10.0.11.30729- (MA Server)
    File Size: 153 MB (160.569.264 Bytes)

    Update_10.0.14.31423- (MA Server)
    File Size: 16.3 MB (17,116,510 Bytes)

    Update_10.1.0.32302- (MA Server)
    File Size: 13.8 MB (14,484,178 Bytes)

    Update_10.1.0.32407- (MA Server)
    File Size: 46.7 MB (49,073,017 Bytes)

    Update_10.1.2.33506- (MA Server)
    File Size: 16.0 MB (16,809,658 Bytes)

    Update_10.2.0.34173- (MA Server)
    File Size: 8.57 MB (8,987,465 Bytes)

    Update_10.2.1.34917- (MA Server)
    File Size: 8,15 MB (8.547.715 Bytes)

    Update_10.2.2.35158- (MA Server)
    File Size: 1,13 MB (1.186.490 Bytes)

    Update_10.3.0.0- (MA Server)
    File Size: <approx. 2.95 GB>

    Update_10.3.0.35944- (MA Server)
    File Size: 1.07 MB (1,127,119 Bytes)

    Update_10.3.0.36001- (MA Server)
    File Size: 7.17 MB (7,522,980 Bytes)

    Update_10.3.0.36176- (MA Server)
    File Size: 688 MB (722,135,138 Bytes)

    Full installation to Version
    Entropia_universe_10.3.0.36270_setup.exe (MA Server)
    File Size: 2.95 GB

    Update_10.3.0.36270- (MA Server)
    File Size: 47.0 MB (49,361,912 Bytes)

    Update_10.4.0.36604- (MA Server)
    Update_10.4.0.36604- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 10.8 MB (11,406,935 Bytes)

    Update_10.4.2.37033- (MA Server)
    Update_10.4.2.37033- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 15.1 MB (15,836,893 Bytes)

    Update_10.5.0.38121- (MA Server)
    Update_10.5.0.38121- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 7.26 MB (7,618,668 Bytes)

    Update_10.5.1.38212- (MA Server)
    Update_10.5.1.38212- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 11.8 MB (12,449,712 Bytes)

    Update_10.5.2.38477- (MA Server)
    Update_10.5.2.38477- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 73.7 MB (77,374,821 Bytes)

    Update_10.6.0.38841- (MA Server)
    Update_10.6.0.38841- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 1.00 MB (1.049.739 Bytes)

    Update_10.6.1.38964- (MA Server)
    Update_10.6.1.38964- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 104 MB (109,646,096 Bytes)

    Update_10.6.2.39088- (MA Server)
    Update_10.6.2.39088- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 1.00 MB (1,052,975 Bytes)

    Full installation to Version
    Entropia_universe_10.6.2.39119_setup.exe (MA Server)
    File Size: 3.00 GB

    Update_10.6.2.39119- (MA Server)
    Update_10.6.2.39119- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 13.3 MB (14,030,139 Bytes)

    Update_10.6.3.39166- (MA Server)
    Update_10.6.3.39166- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 1.00 MB (1,052,980 Bytes)

    Full installation to Version
    Entropia_universe_10.6.4.39182_setup.exe (MA Server)
    File Size: 3.00 GB

    Update_10.6.4.39182- (MA Server)
    Update_10.6.4.39182- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 9.70 MB (10,171,593 Bytes)

    Update_10.6.5.39532- (MA Server)
    Update_10.6.5.39532- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 9.43 MB (9,895,243 Bytes)

    Update_10.6.6.39790- (MA Server)
    Update_10.6.6.39790- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 23.2 MB (24,389,668 Bytes)

    Update_10.7.0.40449- (MA Server)
    Update_10.7.0.40449- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 11.2 MB (11,844,093 Bytes)

    Full installation to Version
    Entropia_universe_10.7.1.40575_setup.exe (MA Server)
    File Size: 3.00 GB

    Update_10.7.1.40575- (MA Server)
    Update_10.7.1.40575- (EP mirror)
    File Size: 11.6 MB (12,194,338 Bytes)

    Update_10.7.2.40969- (MA Server)
    File Size: 1.67 GB (1,804,287,616 Bytes)

    Full installation to Version
    Entropia_universe_10.8.0.42477_setup.exe (MA Server)
    File Size: 3.01 GB

    Update_10.8.0.42477- (MA Server)
    File Size: 12.2 MB (12,834,780 Bytes)

    Update_10.8.1.42850- (MA Server)
    File Size: 13.6 MB (14,337,844 Bytes)

    update_10.8.2.43641- (MA Server)
    File Size: 30.4 MB (31,881,598 Bytes)

    update_10.8.3.43941- (MA Server)
    File Size: 8.03 MB (8,425,665 Bytes)

    update_10.8.4.43999- (MA Server)
    File Size: 310 MB (325,069,783 Bytes)

    update_10.9.0.44378- (MA Server)
    File Size: 8.08 MB (8,482,556 Bytes)

    update_10.9.1.44517- (MA Server)
    File Size: 10.3 MB (10,835,747 Bytes)

    update_10.9.2.45050- (MA Server)
    File Size: 718 MB (753,724,464 Bytes)

    Full installation to Version
    entropia_universe_setup_11.0.0.45848.exe (MA Server)
    File Size: 3.83 GB

    update_11.0.0.45848- (MA Server)
    update_11.0.0.45848- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 8.11 MB (8,511,441 Bytes)

    update_11.0.1.45891- (MA Server)
    update_11.0.1.45891- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 10.5 MB (11,013,367 Bytes)

    update_11.0.2.46046- (MA Server)
    update_11.0.2.46046- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 122 MB (128,888,816 Bytes)

    update_11.0.3.47275- (MA Server)
    update_11.0.3.47275- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 24.6 MB (25,861,494 Bytes)

    update_11.0.4.47694- (MA Server)
    update_11.0.4.47694- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 12.4 MB (13,017,358 Bytes)

    update_11.0.5.47824- (MA Server)
    update_11.0.5.47824- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 11.3 MB (11,950,440 Bytes)

    update_11.0.6.48272- (MA Server)
    update_11.0.6.48272- (EP Mirror)
    File Size: 176 MB (184,926,970 Bytes)
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  7. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    You're doing an awesome job here, Wizzszz :) Thank you!
  8. Hello will your method work for me. This is my problem:

    Ok this is what i did and i got the same errors on both ends

    1. i installed with admin
    2. i installed withouth admin

    this is the error

    Error executing

    Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to
    access the item.

    AppData\Local\Temp\entropia\entropia_universe_10.3 .0.36270_setup.exe

    Oh and i am the admin to my computer so not sure why its asking me for permissions

    any thoughts on this?

  9. I am not sure how you could install it without admin rights, if it requires admin rights it wont run without.

    However, this is clearly and error on your side, try to download the installer to your desktop and run it from there, if this won't help review your access rights.

    Where do you try to install it? C:\Program Files is the default target location, altho installing it i.e. somewhere on D:\ might help to circumvent your problem.

    And ofc, check the "trivial" causes before, like HD space, and maybe turn off your antivirus software during the installation.

    By default you run with reduced rights and everything that requires admin rights needs to be (at least) confirmed - this way, no executeable can modify system files w/o noticing.
  10. Download link for Version update 10.4.2 added to the list above.

    Terrain1.pak now available for download, too!
  11. hulyss

    hulyss Unlimited

    I think u can be super user of ur computer let me check if i find a script somewere.

    Ok so hum, hum.

    .Right click on desktop >> new >> text file.
    .Name and save it with this name >> GrandAdministrateur.reg
    .Double click on it;
    .Verifie in "format" that return to the line is disabled.
    .Then copy/past the following instructions:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    @= Grand Administrateur
    NoWorkingDirectory = "
    @= cmd.exe /c takeown /f \ %1\ && icacls \ %1\ /grant administrateurs:F
    IsolatedCommand = cmd.exe /c takeown /f \ %1\ && icacls \ %1\ /grant administrateurs:F
    @= Grand Administrateur
    NoWorkingDirectory = "
    @= cmd.exe /c takeown /f \ %1\ && icacls \ %1\ /grant administrateurs:F
    IsolatedCommand = cmd.exe /c takeown /f \ %1\ && icacls \ %1\ /grant administrateurs:F
    @= Grand Administrateur
    NoWorkingDirectory = "
    @= cmd.exe /c takeown /f \ %1\ /r /d y && icacls \ %1\ /grant administrateurs:F /t
    IsolatedCommand = cmd.exe /c takeown /f \ %1\ /r /d y && icacls \ %1\ /grant administrateurs:F /t

    .Now go to file >> save under >> and select "all files"
    .Save it.
    .Double click on the file and say yes to had it to registry.

    So it work on French computers. I think Administrateur should be
    exchanged with Administrators an english dude should check it to be sure.
  12. Thanks for all the great help..:yay::yay:When i get home im going to diable admin rights, virus program and windows shield. I have no idea why i didnt think of this before.

    I will be back and give you a update

    oh one more thing


  13. Update: I changed the directory of the instillation, took off admin rights so when i log in i no longer need password, unistall windows defender, unistall my virus program.

    I am still getting the error saying that i dont have permissions. any thought on this?
  14. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

  15. Nobody ever asked you to uninstall defender or your anti-virus software.
    Moreover, the windows password has nothing to do with admin rights.

    You say that you tried installing with admin rights (only necessary under vista &win7, not on xp: xp has no rights management like vista) but then you claim that you uninstalled defender (which is an add-on for xp, but a mandatory part of vista which can't be uninstalled that easily) - so, what OS are we talking about here?

    My apologies if you are really, really not just trolling - but either way this is not the right place to assist you with a broken OS installation. There are a couple of problems with installing the EU software/updates and quite easy to spot, problems with your operating system may have many different reasons and it is next to impossible to find out whats wrong w/o physical access to the computer in question.

    Please contact your local vendor. :)
  16. Im not sure if your reading my post correctly. I never said i unistalled admin rights. I stated that i took off admin rights so i dont need to log in with a password. My windows defender is disabled not unistalled at this time. Also i never said anyone told me to unistall defender and/or my virus program. Wich i did unistall my virus program. I have heard that my virus program will interfere with admin rights. What forum are you reading that i said someone told me to do this? Read my first post http://www.entropiaplanets.com/forums/showthread.php?t=503

    I stated that i installed it with admin rights and i installed it without admin rights. I also gave the error wich i was getting. According to your sig you stated that your a Tech so i thought i would post in this forum for help. But you seem to think that im a forum troll?

    This is how to disable windows vista defender http://www.mydigitallife.info/2008/...move-and-uninstall-windows-defender-in-vista/

    I have kapelsky for a virus program and im on windows vista 64 bit..Sorry to bother you. I wont be posting in this forum again if all your going to do is call people a forum troll then turn around and apologize?

    Please delete my account...going back to EF
  17. I am sorry that you are not satisfied with the help provided, but your problem is by no means EU related and you might be better off seeking help from someone who can actually access your computer.

    The tech advices given here are just my personal fun, and as i "donate" my time to the community this way i will (ofc) concentrate on problems that will help as many members as possible.

    Problems that occur only for a single member are very likely caused by problems with your OS (read: vista) - reinstalling your OS might fix this (or letting someone with the appropriate knowledge reconfigure the settings), but i will not recommend such actions to people who are not familiar with the difference between "disable" and "uninstall" (your english seems ok besides these obvious misinterpretations) - hence, the best advice that you will receive is:

    Contact your local vendor!!!!!!111

    Is this very mature reaction solely based on the lack of knowledge that i am one of a handful of people here AND on EF who have both, the knowledge AND the patience to struggle with tech problems from ungrateful computer noobs? Did you maybe hope that your behaviour increases the chances that people are willing to solve your computer problems for free? Or did you just confirm between the lines that you were nothing but trolling and abusing this forum for your personal morbid fun?


    Are you, btw, this jackson ?
  18. Added direct download link to Update_10.4.2.37033- (a.k.a. VU 10.5) to post #6 in this thread.

    * B U M P *

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