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Planet Calypso: iMercury Challenge - Win an iPad - Over 25k in Prizes!

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Mercury, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Hello my fellow Entropians,

    Here's your chance to finally get some friendly competition ingame. You don't have to be the biggest or the best hunter to win, but it certainly will help!
    A 12 week event designed to test players on their hunting skills in both stamina and short sprint events. The overall contest will feature prizes given based upon total globals during the 3 month span, 1 hour burst events (hosted on Sundays), and bonus prizes.

    Weekly events will be tailored to test the hunting skills of even the most seasoned veterans. Let me assure you, there will be a chance for all to win prizes!

    Over 25,000 PEDS will be handed out in prizes during the iMercury Challenge (iMC). The master of ceremonies and my assistant on this project, hitman "nutrageti" 47 will be in charge of daily activities regarding this event. Some events will also be streamed live on www.twitch.tv/stargazing with Mercury playing great music and doing live commentary!

    It is important that you log in to Entropia Life and register for this event using the following link:
    Event Dates

    June 30th @ 00:00 UTC - September 21, 2013 @ 20:30 UTC (12 weeks)
    Event Locations
    All of the events will take place on Calypso (Links to each are provided in my Sig)
    OLA #14 - Mercury's Mayhem Expanse (28500, 31800)
    OLA #28 - Mercury's Massacre (25900, 46800)
    OLA#51 - Osseocollum Oasis (21400, 46900)

    iMercury Challenge Grand Finals Prizes
    1st Place: iPad or 5k PEDs
    2nd Place: iPad Mini or 3k PEDs
    3rd Place: Razer Naga Mouse or 1k PEDs

    The model version of each product will be based upon ~ PED value of prizes. Shipping costs to your country will not be included in this calculation. Mercury will take care of the shipping costs (yes they are expensive). If you country is one of the difficult to ship to countries due to International Shipping laws, you'll receive the PEDS. Every effort to provide you with the prize you prefer will be made. Shipping should likely come from the USA or UK depending on where the winner's country is. The "or" means you get to pick which one you prefer.

    The Naga will be shipped via the US Postal Service. For the iPad and iPad Mini, we'll try our best to find a solution that works in order to get it to your house efficiently. As you all know, Entropia is a melting pot of the entire world. It may happen that you live in a country that is extremely difficult to move electronics to from the USA.
    The iPad version will be the newest available for a comparable price to 5k at the time of the contest's end. I'm not going to buy the iPad now and have it be more outdated and cheaper near the end so don't worry. You'll get the best available for that pricetag (~5k PED).

    Monthly iMC Prizes

    1st place: 2000 PED
    2nd place: 1500 PED
    3rd place: 1000 PED
    4th place: 300 PED
    5th place: 200 PED
    6th place: 150 PED
    7th place: 125 PED
    8th place: 100 PED
    9th place: 75 PED
    10th place: 50 PED
    11th place: 25 PED
    12th place: 25 PED
    13th place: 25 PED
    14th place 25 PED
    15th place 25 PED

    Sunday Event prizes

    * In each of the individual events there will over 500 PEDs to win.
    1st place: 200 PED + 5 Points toward earning Final Hunt
    2nd place: 150 PED + 4 Points toward earning Final Hunt
    3rd place: 100 PED + 3 Points toward earning Final Hunt
    4th place: 75 PED + 2 Points toward earning Final Hunt
    5th place: Ticket to following week's event + 1 Point toward earning Final Hunt

    * The person able to dislodge the lead from the person who is in 1st place on the scoreboard at the halfway point of the event wins 25 PED.
    * 25 PED is reserved for miscellaneous prizes throughout the events.
    * Additional bonus prizes will be added from time to time.


    The rules are posted in the following thread on planetcalypsoforum:

    Thank you and best of luck HoFing!

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