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Idea for running a racing event on Calypso

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by nexus7, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Many great events are run on Planet Calypso on a weekly basis and have been for some time, but most of them are hunting and PvP related events. So how about a racing event as an alternative - I think EU colonists would welcome this.
    To this end, Chela and myself were discussing how this could be done the other day; where the location would be, how the event would be organized, and most importantly, what to call it. I suggested 'The Calypso Wacky Races', but any other name-ideas are most welcome... For siutable locations, we came up with three likely places:

    1. The race track near Chugg's Hideout outpost on Eudoria.
    2. The first of two race tracks just East of New Switzerland on Amethera.
    3. The second of two race tracks East of New Switzerland on Amethera.

    See pics below

    View attachment 7189 View attachment 7190 View attachment 7191

    Considerations for running the event were as follows:

    1. Stewards at certain places to ensure that drivers didn't go cross-country too much so as to cheat (obvious mistakes excepted), and to ensure that all racers go in the right direction and follow the same course.

    2. To have an entry-fee of 10 peds.

    2. To have 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place winners.

    3. Prizes of 100 ped 1st Place; 75 ped 2nd Place & 50 ped for 3rd Place. This means that a prize-pool of 225 peds is needed, which means that at least 23 ppl (= 230 peds) are needed to cover the prizes.

    Anyway, that's just the outline. Any and all other suggestions for this event idea welcome and much needed :)

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  2. Been thinking, this needs to be kept as simple as possible. Would be an idea to determine how many judges you would need at each track and pick the one that needs the least! Certainly I will act as a judge or in another capacity should it be required.
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  3. Yep, I agree. To that end, the first track East of New Switzerland seems the easiest to manage and is near to a TP location. The start/finish strait would be the section where the narrow exit road is. Judges/stewards would be at strategic points around the track, and I think six ppl tops should be enough, that includes two ppl near the exit road. An initial timed lap would determine who starts in which position. Vehicles would be Valkyrie Mk.I.
    ---mini update---
    After further thought, it turns out that the race track near Chugg's Hideout would be better, for the simple reason that this is not in an AV owned land area. This means that there would be no other costs other than peds needed for the prize pool. Once again, all other ideas for this welcome.
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