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Hunting @ NI. Need help.

Discussion in 'Skills & professions' started by symbil, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. i am thinking to visit NI for first time and need some help.

    i would like to hunt mobs with hp from 2000-5000 so is there any proposal?

    if any suitable mob please give location and damage types if possible.

    Also is it possible to sell hunting loot @ NI or tt/calypso is the only way.

  2. Hello and welcome on Next Island :)
    The mobs you're looking for are mainly :
    * drakes :
    - ice drakes : stalkers 2000HP do cold damage
    - storm drakes : providers 1200HP (higher maturity, higher HP ofc) do electric damage
    - fire drakes : leader 5000HP do burn damage
    - death drakes : mature 1600 HP do acid damage
    They are located on NI biggest/main island (in the North Eastern part) and on CND in 2 locations (SE of Eruption time travel Club TP, and in the crater between Omen's ridge east TP and west TP). see pictures for some coords.
    * skeletons :
    till now only located on Next island Club Neverdie :
    - West/NorthWest of "mount pele checkpoint tp" : space pirates skeletons with HP up to 10000HP
    - North/NorthWestcloser to this same tp you have : pirates skeletons with med to high HP
    - between "jungle of dreams TP" and "jungle of dreams ruines TP" : pirates skeletons
    * great white sharks : young 5000HP
    located in many oceans on NI (one of the coords is on the screenshot joined), they hit hard and attack several at the same time, hard to take one alone.
    From last vu, they did take the place of the regular sharks also in the lagoon at "hidden beach tp, hidden beach underwater tp".
    * island sharks :
    one exemple of location is SW of more SW part of NI main Island
    * sacred boars :
    they did disappear from almost 2 months i think now, maybe they are seasonnal but you might like them if they come back.

    Concerning the abilities to sell hunting loots : some people buy paints/extractors, from time to time it's possible to sell some animal oils, some avatars buy all the crystals and the animal parts specific to NI, but not sure if they pay with markup.
    Anyway, there are several hours during the day/night where nobody is buying anything atm :(

    If you find my answer usefull, if you get lucky while hunting, i ll be pleased to buy from you some specific crystals :
    carnelian, chrysoberyl, emerald, jade, iolite, onyx, opale, topaz, turquoise, tourmaline and Time Travel Crystal (not discovered yet though)
    I wish you fun and good luck on this planet :)
    Enjoy :)

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  3. Well to address you last question first. Most of the generic loot is hard to sell on NI. The NI specific loot I would hold onto until after time travel launches(can't be long now since Ancient Greece is already in the map) because you don't know what will be useful. Assuming you can afford to stay on NI until then.
    Here are is a TP map and a list of cords to give you a better idea as to where I am sending you. http://www.nextislandlife.com/general-discussion/509-new-next-island-tp-list.html http://www.nextislandlife.com/geography/521-next-island-tp-list-coords.html
    Some creatures to check out for that HP range are;
    Island sharks, young to provider can be handled with Gremlin and no plates. Add 5b plates for Dom-old alpha. Prowlers and Stalkers hit alot harder, I use Lich and 5b for them. Go to Kyanite Lake TP then head West over the ocean to find young-doms. Morion and then SW to find Doms-stalkers. That in untaxed area.
    Pirate skeletons fit into you catagory aswell here is a list of the maturitys, Entropedia: Creature: Pirate Skeleton find them around Mount Pele checkpoint TP or Jungle of Dreams ruins TP. Gremlin with 5b works for most of these. The Boatswains hit hard for their maturity. Lich works for them but might be over kill on the protection.

    Oh, and welcome to NI and please, enjoy your stay :)
  4. Great infos.

    Thanks and coming......

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