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Planet Calypso News: Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by EP-Newsbot, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. We have received a report from a brave Calypsian concerning the recent incursions.

    "I’m a hunter. I spend a lot of time alone. Out there in the fields and marshes. It’s home. I used to sneer at the ‘city types’. Traders and auctioneers. Those who need four walls and a warm bed at night. Weak, I used to call them. Soft.

    But now it’s different. Now I’ve seen things.

    Things that make me think twice about venturing out alone.

    Let me explain.

    I was out stalking a Berycled east of Atlas Haven. I followed her all morning till she finally stopped to feed in a mountain valley. Settled myself behind a rock and took aim. There she was. I finally had her in my sights!

    I started to squeeze the trigger.

    And then I heard it. That insectile sound. Then a rumbling like thunder.

    I’d never heard it before, but I knew the rumours. I knew what it was.

    I dropped the rifle and started running towards my Valkyrie - it was only 100 metres away! I thought I would make it.

    But at that moment it rounded the base of the mountain.

    As a young lad I was excellent at biology, and at that horrifying moment my mind (for some inexplicable reason) could not help but examine this monster in biological terms. It hissed and bobbed its long, segmented neck like a leach searching for blood. But unlike a leech, it wasn’t blind. It could see me, I could tell. It’s largest eye held me in its gaze, pulsing with rotten yellow light. Surrounding this central eye were four smaller ‘eyes’, each probing the air independently on stalks. Altogether the head resembled a scolex: the head of a tapeworm surrounded by suckers and teeth to hook onto the host’s intestine.

    And then I thought: ‘this thing is going to eat my guts’.

    It came closer. It was barely 10 metres away from me now. It had no expression, but from its stance I could tell it enjoyed my fear. It was toying with me.

    Then there was a deep booming sound that came from somewhere behind the mountain.

    It stopped suddenly. It angled its head to one side, as if it was puzzled. And then I understood. It was giving me up.

    With one last glare it turned around and stomped back behind the mountain.

    And then I saw something I will never forget.

    There were suddenly swarms of them. Trooping past me barely 50 metres away. They didn’t seem to care about my presence.

    They seemed intent on marching.

    All towards the East.

    I will be in either Atlas Haven, Fort Troy or Camp Echidna this weekend to keep watch. Any other hunter who thinks as I do should do the same.

    For the sake of all Calypsians."

  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I actually rather like the sound of this!

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