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  1. Find myself wondering if anyone has a method by which they can assess how well a hunt is going?

    I do work out the returns at the end but by then it's a bit late! I am looking to find an objective way to assess a hunt as I am going along without trying to keep a running total of costs and loots.

    If you have a method you use or have a suggestion as to how to do this I would be interested to hear.
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  2. I don't have a fixed method for assessing a hunt, but I've found with some regularity, that going to a different area every ten minutes or so, gets you more loot than if you stick to the same area. However, going to a different area, does not mean going to somewhere completely different, as the EU system somehow associates your AV with being in a certain area for at least a while, so I've found that chopping-and-changing areas too quickly, say every two minutes, doesn't work either.
    I've also noticed other factors that seem to determine how well you will loot, aside from what weapon you are using and what skills you have. For instance, mobs near to other mobs that are being sweated tend to loot very well and very regularly, more so than mobs not near to mobs being sweated! Why exactly this is, I don't know.
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  3. Interesting! I have not tried deliberately moving from area to area on a regular basis, I tend to just wander toward the next mob wherever that may be. I will have to try this.
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  4. As in a completely different TP area? I don't do this either, as I think it takes a while for the servers to 'know' that you're suddenly in a new location - they have to reset the loot parameters, etc, etc. But going to a different part of an area that you're already in every ten minutes or so seems to make a difference, in my experience anyway.
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