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How about we discuss the truth about certain avatars

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Katielicious Kat Mallow, May 17, 2017.

  1. Lets start with Linzey and Messi.

    What do we actually know about either of them and is it fair to link them together.

    I will start:-)
    1. it is rumoured that Linzey has a coffee shop near to the MA office?
    2. Messi is an arrogant sob

    I am sure others here will be able to help?
  2. As long as its to provide disturbing things that the public should be aware of (crime, scam, pedophilia etc.) and/or uncover unfair advantages regarding "Entropia Universe", fire away.

    But lets not create a list of arrogant avatars aka. assholes here. Thats of no use.


    -Linzeys coffee shop is no rumor and MA employees went/still go there.
    He admitted it in public.

    -messi is "The Last Big Depositor" ;D

    -711 aka. neomaven aka. "vixen incarnate" is Jason Peterson, the holy god of "the other forum", with numerous lawsuits regarding cybersquatting on his tail and he was found guilty more then once.

    -avatar x is giving dancing lessons

    -avatar y has a computer shop IRL

    -avatar z is full of shit...a sick bastard...seriously, this list will lead nowhere, if you cant provide illegal things, crime and murder. ;D
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  3. You are correct, won't go anywhere... that having been said... exploiters are annoying... When you first realize just how many exploiters there are in game it really drops your jaw the first time, and makes you question a lot of things as you discover more and more... I did start the exploits lists on my various blogs a long time back... Suggest that if you are interested in the history of that read up on the blogs as a start to this exploratory journey...

    https://entropiascams.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/entropia-scammers-list/ - newest blog...
    https://entropiarelated.wordpress.com/ - older blog
    https://entropiatrash.wordpress.com/ - The good ol blog that originally started it all (this one and the entropiarelated one went in to hiding in private mode for a couple of years after some in the community started bitching about em too much since they started seeing their names there, etc. May eventually move em all back to private settings again someday, but we'll see...)

    There is a LOT of history here... Some of it's just fun 'did you know' stuff... That whole Neverdie suit against Harry Potter for copyright infringement for something his dad wrote a long time ago still makes me ROFL since it tells you a lot about the 'man behind the avatar that says "I am my Avatar"'

    There is another list that the blogs link to that was the 'original' listing like this that someone else started many years before me... What's crazy is that many of the avatars on that list from way back then are still active players today!

    Another funny story is how NBKs old black and red list made it to the public by Patriots at one point in time and then the Patriots name got rubbed in the mud because of it, not the ol NBK who originated the list and was using it (still is) to exploit with mob trains, etc.
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Never heard of them. (in OP).
  5. Aurora Linzey Zamperath:
    Hunting Stats[​IMG]

    Favorite Mob: Warrior

    Highest Loot: 37 417 PED

    Total Loot: 5 036 334 PED

    Hunting Rank: 2 of 3 787

    Gaina messi91 Ultrafluff:

    Hunting Stats[​IMG]
    Favorite Mob: Hendrix Dragon

    Highest Loot: 16 903 PED

    Total Loot: 4 871 988 PED

    Hunting Rank: 4 of 3 787

    I guess they don't know who you are either:

    Hunting Stats[​IMG]

    Favorite Mob: Argonaut

    Highest Loot: 36 PED

    Total Loot: 71 PED

    Hunting Rank: NA. of 3 787

    this is me:

    Hunting Stats[​IMG]
    Favorite Mob: Atrox

    Highest Loot: 2 588 PED

    Total Loot: 175 368 PED

    Hunting Rank: 396 of 3 787
  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Thats because you are old and don't mingle with those newbies (I have never heard of them either :) )
  7. I heard of Linzey in 2006 already...or do I mix him up with Liga...or Divine Vixen ?

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