Honey Kitten Little's Swords and Stuff SHOP

Discussion in 'Trading & services' started by Kitten, May 27, 2012.

  1. Now open at the CND TP

    Honey Kitten Little's Swords and stuff shop

    CND Shop.jpg

    Stocking Archon Sword and other blades as well as vehicles curently
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Good luck with the shop, its a great location :)
  3. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Nice! Love the outfit, and the Meow sign!
  4. Mak

    Mak Mak McMak

    WOW - gratz for new shop Kitty!
  5. Shop restocked >^.^<
  6. Restock and 10 months rent paid XD
  7. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    When im there next time, I will be sure to stop by!! ;)
  8. Morgan Fulcanelli

    Morgan Fulcanelli Born to Fly in Space!

    I just discovered your shop yesterday. I see you have vehicles! I'm going to have to deposit soon. I really want to fly! :p
  9. ^.^

    I will try to get there and put a thruster in the shop for attaching to vtols as the thruster lets them go into space as well
  10. Morgan Fulcanelli

    Morgan Fulcanelli Born to Fly in Space!

    So, if I buy a VTOL (I hope that's right) and get a thruster, I can fly into space?

    Sorry for the NOOB questions, but I'm not finding much help in-game. o_O
  11. VTOLs and Quad Wing's can fly in atmosphere and in space. They need a thruster attached to leave or re-enter a planet's atmosphere, which costs 2.ped. The only drawback with flying in space is that it's virtually all PvP.

    The other options for inter-planetary travel are getting a lift in someone else's VTOL or Quad Wing, or getting a ride on one of the bigger ships. Personally I use the Normandie, though that's not the only one. See http://blackmerlin.wix.com/titans-of-space#!
  12. Morgan Fulcanelli

    Morgan Fulcanelli Born to Fly in Space!

    Thanks for the info. Right now, I'm looking at a Quad Wing someone is offering to sell me. I'm guessing that besides a thruster, I'll need oil as well. What about weapons? Does it come with guns or should I upgrade to something better?

    I'm guessing there's a lot of competition for mothership business, right? I'd love to eventually get one (not sure how), but I wonder if it would be worth it?

    Thanks again for your help, SylverDragon!
  13. yupypu each vehicle has specific types of weapon attachment ports and each weapon has a type of port it attaches too. the laser canon is best for quad like the one I shot that space squid down with hehe
  14. shop stocked up with armor plates ^.^
  15. Shop filled up with new weapons XD
  16. Now stocking Quad Wing ships
  17. Shop restocked and icedagger 7 added
  18. Shop restocked with a PILE of blades good for greece trips :D
  19. hmm mebbe I check it out, Honey! I might be your only chance of a customer atm =P ooh I did see Neil and some newbie bewbies yesterday, hopefully they are mining some stuffs.
  20. Actually funny enough my little shop booth there does pretty well even better than my calypso shop :o

    Probably because its right beside a TP and its the only active shop. I have to restock it every few weeks usualy

    Too bad the cost of flying there negates the tiny profits usually I just been keeping it going as a favor for the ppl on NI
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