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Home Decoration competition 25 May 2005

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by itto, May 26, 2005.

  1. Do you have a nice home on Calypso? Care to show it, and by doing so, join a competition? MindArk has started a contest in which the goal is to have the nicest looking home. The prize to the winner is a complete set of Supremacy Armor!

    The rules
    Decorate your home with furniture and items. Then send a maximum of three (3) screenshots of your nice home in an email to , with the subject â??Contestâ?. In the body of the email, you must add your full avatar name and the address of your virtual home (for instance; â??Genesis Tower Z, 166Tâ?).

    The contest will end at the 22nd of June, at 12.00 UTC. You must own the home you decorate and you must keep your home looking the same as in the screenshots sent, else you will be disqualified. Your home must be set to public access, as a MindArk jury may at any time drop by and look at a home to see it â??in the fleshâ?, until the winner is announced.

    On the 24th of June, the winner is announced, and a ceremony will be conducted soon after, with the winner and MindArkâ??s Director of Community Relations Marco Behrmann, somewhere in Project Entropia. More info about this will be announced here later.

    The jury will be looking for creative ways of decoration, as well as balance and finesse in style and choice. The decision of the jury cannot be appealed.

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