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Hi mixed questions

Discussion in 'Life, the Universe and Everything' started by Fan_boy99, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Hi its Fan 'idiot' boy99 here again

    I have a few questions/statements.

    1) The Humble Bumble. When you do that $12 a month thing. When I goto credit card screen its saying $132. Can some1 explain in Ingles what the deal is please?. Ill say why. Can I just sign up. Pay $12. Get the 3 big games. Then cancel instantly after I downloaded? (as it clearly says I can , on their main screen?). Also if i can do that (who would NOT? but seems much on confusion to me. $132 is NOT $12 shumbles..) if so, the 3 games AFTER I CANCEL i can I still play forever???
    Confused about this 1 this most important question. shimbles

    2). Is there any correlation between 'crying' posts on PCF and getting good loot. I seen dozens of 'big bois' crying on PCF. Then after a period of time BOOM ATH. Is it just PURELY coincidence or did your MA have to take action, and feed a dog and his boys a bone? Point in question my shumbles>>


    Was bumped EVERY day by the original guy (ill stick to PCF rules and wont mention names ehhehehe. Scared ;) ) . he bumped it EVERY day. Then 2 days BEFORE he got ATH he stopped bumping for some reason. He also removed his tag saying he was down 18 months in a row BEFORE he got ATH. Read this properly please my shumbles. BEFORE he got ATH.

    Answers please shumbles

    3) Why do people here bend over (means allow them to be walked all over) in blatant semi-illegal sh%t? their official forum is shady as f*ck. practically any1 who disagrees with them on official forum (or should I say ''unofficial forum'') gets banned (except obviously, the big bois who depo and ''invest' a lot). Why do they keep putting up with it?. Is a question so answers please. Also on this 1. I sent my little thing to that Swedish thing and I also sent a little note to Netherlands about the gambling boxes. As some1 said here ''to stick the knife in''

    4) WHy do they allow certain in game rules to be applied to some, but not others?. Read.


    270 ped mistake ($27). Lot of money to some. MA Support told him to eat shit.

    BUT my shumbles


    Your MA locked this guys account. But not the other. This is an important one. As replies here to this 1 will be sent to a major Game Review site (if its approved, then obviously ill edit and post link).

    Also another 1 http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?282079-30000-ped-just-gone-Auction-mistake

    only on Mary Jane did they take action. Question to you my peples is. Why? PLEASE give coherent best answer ;)

    5) I cant remember 5, can I ask later?


    Fan ''idiot'' Boy99
  2. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    1) There are four different plans: 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 months. For each plan you pay in advance and you can only cancel after at the end of the period. Only the 12 months plan is $132 but it's the best deal since you get 1 month for free.

    In general you get games for about $200 every month and discounts for all other games on the store. The 3 games displayed are "early unlock" games you get immediately after payment, you get more games on release of the bundle, usually in the first days of a month. You can take advantage of the system, you can choose the 1 month plan, get the 3 games immediately, get the other games on release of the bundle, get access to Humble Trove and you can cancel the subscription after the first month. And of course you can still play the games after that, they are yours forever.

    So yes, for 12 bucks total you can get 70+ games and I have no idea why not everyone is doing it. I myself have the 12 month plan because I like new games being delivered to my library every month and I can buy all other games with discounts even when there's no sale.

    Your entry point is the Humble Monthly checkout page, there you choose the plan displayed as "Monthly" and in the description says "1-month-plan" for 12/month. That's the only one you can cancel after the first month. And don't miss the currently 63 games in Humble Trove, you can only download them as long as your subscription is active.

    If you do anything Humble Bundle please consider using our affiliate link: https://www.humblebundle.com/?partner=Ludophiles
  3. Alan Krom who felt to be a very rich player was doing a sell out thread on PCF and was CLEARLY saying mindark are never fixing the bugs and are huge thieves... I must have a screen of his thread somewhere in my archives.

    The day after he hitted the actual highest ATH in the game (around 33 000$).
    Then he edited his thread and deleted all...

    So more than clear that people are rewarded by mindark (and particularily if they are high depositors) when they are crying on PCF.


    In the old times, Jenna Star Mercury, also know as Jenna Porn Star, and Farah (for old players), did a thread on EF because he got scammed for 2400 peds i think it was, and mindark locked him and asked him to pay again the same ammount, so star was clearly saying that mindark stole him for 2 x the money he got scammed...

    A bit later, Mindark did an apartment contest and Star received the 3rd price which was a Supremacy Harness because he did a house under the sea made of oil cans.... There was no rule saying you could do this for the apartment contest, so why reward him since he was completly off topic... But nothing new, mindark reward who they want, the way they want, and dont care about their own rules.
    Same I should have pics of his house under the sea... I guess mastermesh could find that easily.

    And I got many other examples showing avatar privileges even mindark claims there are not.

    Would you pay for something if you knew before you start that things are not done fairly ?...
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  4. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

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