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  1. Hi guys, I was invited here by theProphet from PCForum, I am an author of below threads:

    I have one question. Have any of you ever seriously talked/mailed with The Swedish Gambling Authority regarding some of the activities in game which seem to have some close to gambling experience? Or, in the light of new act which is in power since 01.01.2019 can be considered lottery/gambling in straight line?

    @theProphet, do you still want me to copy-pase those articles here as new threads?


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    Yes, please :) We'll merge them with the existing threads, add the original dates and give them sliders.

    Unfortunately we cannot just copy stuff from PCF without the consent of the original author due to PCFs content policies, actual these say that even the original author doesn't own the content anymore but I think that's not how copyright works:

    "All content included on the Website ... is the property of the Administrators, or their licensors ... The compilation of all content on the Website is the exclusive property of"​
  3. Welcome, it has been done...and before...feel free to read here :

    All authorities did was, that they provided personal data of other "complainers" and never answered on their own.

    You agree to their TOS, that they are allowed to share your personal data, if someone else has questions about the same company.
    So you better contact them anonymously, which is an option on their site as well.

    This wasnt just a one time experiment by me.
    But any further contact, regarding Entropia, resulted in no more replies.
    (considering myself and others wrote from various emails after my 1st contact...I think it is indeed strange that they never replied again...)

    This has nothing to do with DSGVO / GDPR, as they updated their TOS and still say that all your data can be made public.

    I dont think Mindark has the powers to make the Authorities stfu...but thats what :p
  4. I have sent some questions and detailed comments to the Swedish Gambling Authority describing some of the activities in game that may be gambling-related, I refereed to newly introduced gambling law that is in power since 01.01.2019.

    As I really have nothing to loose (PCF trolls suggested I must be pissed off uber or something like that), I have signed the letter with my real personal data - the same data I used to deposit my 100 USD to Entropia. I of course put the GDPR instruction that I don't want my data to be shared without my approval and I allow to spread it only among Swedish authorities.

    To me it is clear that activities like EP IV are in fact pure gambling. I hope my letter will influence them somehow. Perhaps, I will post their response, altogether with my letter, after I receive it.

    If I will get response that "all is ok, let the 17 years old gamble even more" then I guess there is nothing more to do. I will let them gamble and live my life happily. Volenti non fit iniuria. Your money, your choice.
  5. Hi and warm welcome on EP.

    Here truth and facts are legion.

    Yeah, copy and paste your threads here... (before they get modified or deleted by the nazi PCF management).
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    Gambling is the wagering of money or something of value (referred to as "the stakes") on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the primary intent of winning money or material goods. Gambling thus requires three elements be present: consideration, risk (chance), and a prize.

    think thats pretty clear, isn't it? it could be very likely, that EU works exactly the same as a fruitmachine, but higher payback rate and lower jackpots. i guess everyone knows how they work, don't ya?

    by that definition you could even call trading in EU as gambling. you consider to buy an item, risk to lose value, and maybe receive some profit as prize?

    anyways, call it entertainment, call it gambling, does that make a difference in the end? really?
  7. I think it does matter, when people no longer have control about ruining their reallifes.

    For example :

    This guy is still active, even with multiple accounts. Its all about Explosive ammo and gambling. Just face it.
    He got banned before, people started to complain big time in public...that he owes them tons of money...but...hey...whatever, all trades are final, lol.

    Would you still want to call Explosive Blueprint Crafting entertainment these days ?

    It is way too obvious, that we dont need such a gigantic supply of Explosive Ammo...and the only reason people "crafting" it, is the desperate try to hit the jackpot...not that hunting and mining are any much entertainment here. ;D

    Seriously...say "skill based" one more time... ;D
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  8. Skillbased one more time
  9. narfi

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    Devil's advocate here,

    Sounds a little like the guy who bought his fireworks from the guy selling out of his truck so that he wouldn't have to drive all the way out to the reservation where it is legal to sell them. Then Jan 1st, called the cops on him because the explosions at midnight woke him up.
  10. NotAdmin

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    Emphasis mine. So an undetermined outcome. How is that not chance?
  11. It's about Explosives IV
    You cannot simply start crafting Explosives IV.
    You need to skill skill skill and skill some more before you max it. Or do some mothership repairing for a few months. (which is also skilling)
    If you buy a freshly looted BP then you need to skill the BP up too until it is quality 100.

    In a casino I can drop 5k euros on red. I can do it within 10 mins of arriving in the casino.
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  12. Couldn’t the skilling be seen as an equivalent entry fee to get into the casino where the gambling begins?
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  13. Dont forget to mention that it takes ages and ages and ages....and lots and lots of PEDs to "skill skill skill"... to be finally able to actually gamble with the Explosives IV blueprint.

    Finally, should you still have some money left, after the so called "skilling up" process, you can then use it to gamble on Mining Amps or Explosive Blueprint IV. Its so ez and you are so smart. x'D

    When you are skilled enough, gambling away PEDs on crafting can be done as nearly as fast as in Spawns Casino world. :)
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  14. Yeah it could.
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  15. And where you leave with empty pockets.
    (but they dont tell you "you can enter with parental authorization". Only scammers do because there is no law).
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  16. NotAdmin

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    He never mentions anything specific in that post. I took it as it applying to crafting in general.
  17. "To me it is clear that activities like EP IV are in fact pure gambling." ( )

    While I agree that, once you have the skill and the bp maxed out, it is pure gambling, you do need to skill quite hard to start the gambling. When Mindark was being investigated by lotteryinspection, one of the points that cleared them was that a player gets better over time, leading to a different outcome(income).
    a fresh off the boat noob will have a different outcome as a skilled player.
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  18. So it’s like becoming a better golfer.

    You start out as an amateur and gradually improve your game.

    Spend lots of money on lessons until eventually you’re good enough to buy pro level clubs.

    It’s cost you a ton of money but you finally become a professional golfer and, in time, win a few minor prizes.

    All the while your skills are improving but, of course, you’re still investing a lot of cash to try to reach the big prizes (unless you have sponsorship).

    ‘Fresh off the boat noobs’ have zero chance of winning big money as they won’t be eligible to play eg. the US Masters :)

    Therefore it’s spend and skill, spend and skill on and on and if you’re good enough and possibly lucky enough you might hit the big-time.

    In all this ‘skilling’ there is the concept of practice to develop their skills.

    Also individual differences between players that can affect their progress and chance of success.

    I’m just trying to get my head around the concept of ‘skills’ within the EP crafting/gambling scenario and whether MindArk’s use of skills and improvement over time is a valid argument, or not?
  19. NotAdmin

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    That wasn't the post I quoted, though. It's not even by the same person.

    And come on, Spawn. This is a pretty weak argument. You state yourself that t's pure gambling while you maxed stuff out. How the heck is it not gambling then if you haven't maxed the skills? To me, it's still gambling, just with even worse odds than once you maxed out the skills and BP.
  20. I agree it's a weak argument. I am not lotteryinspection.
    Mindark got away with it based on that argument and that Entropia is based on Competition which isnt the same as gambling.

    About skill:

    About Competition:

    We can all say, think and are perfect convinced it's gambling. But lotteryinspection in Sweden says.. it"s not.
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