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Discussion in 'Adopt a Newbie Foundation' started by Jockmock, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. hello good folk. Well it is truly a interesting game entropia. Tho i feel lost about some parts of the game,

    I would like to get a friend basically haha,

    Someone that i can ask question to. Someone that would give me advices,
    Rigth now i am gathering sweat, to be able to hunt, I lose ped when i hunt so i need to gather more sweat. it is a endless circle, of course i could put money in the game. Tho i kinda used 100 ped on three days when i was hunting so, it feels as a half crazy idea. What should i do ? Should i keep sweating ?
    and what shall i do with those ped ?

    MY in game name is Titus Titus Andersson. I am also ready for adoption if you represent a society,

    Regards Titus
  2. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Hey Jockmock, I saw you are already on the Adoption list so I guess you still didn't meet anyone special. That's a shame but don't worry!

    I'd be happy to come and meet up with you in-world. I have a socmate who is also interested. I mentioned you to him because he is a Swedish 17 year old who happens to think you sound like a decent fellow from what you've written. So, would you like us to meet up with you and we can hang out for a while?


  3. Marcus Kaine

    Marcus Kaine Beacons... mmmm

    Welcome Titus. Seems you are moving in the right direction, gaining some ped through sweating and using them to experiment with hunting.
    Answering questions like what you should do with your ped are kinda hard to answer as as it's a matter of personal preference, basically it's what ever you enjoy doing the most and set yourself up with the minimal required tools from the Trade Terminal ie Opallo + ammo or TT ore/enmatter finder + matching excavator.
    Whether you should keep sweating or not, is entirely up to you. Sweating for your ped is a very long road to travel, if you want to spend more time on finding what profession you want to expand on, then deposit a small amount and use that.
    Starting off is an experimental journey, and you will find that some things you do will drain the ped faster. The main thing is patience, don't jump in all guns blazing, you will lose the shirt off your back, but rather take the time to experiment with the different professions at a low level and find what you like doing, then gradually expand on that.
    Take the time to explore the country side, find the locations of different mobs, or favourite spots for mining, gather TPs. Deposit only what you are willing to lose, read the multitude of tutorials available. Most of all, play the game for enjoyment, and not to make money, less stressful that way. Know the game first. Lot more to add to this I'm sure, nothing a bit of reading tutorials and listening to others wont fix.

    Don't know what time zone you are in, but if you ever see me in-game, come say hi.
  4. i'm in the exact same situation. i've been sweating for 2 weeks now, got enough money to try out hunting for a little, but eventually ran out of ammo and my sword is nearly broken, so i'm back to sweating. still waiting on adoption.

    would it be a good idea to start up a newbie society? i dont know what is required to start a society, but maybe that would give all of us on the waiting list some other people to talk to and help out with whatever really basic stuff we've figured out so far. then when a soc is ready to pick us up we just switch? that also might make it easier to keep track of newbie's and keep them in game until a soc picks them up.
  5. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Very interesting suggestion Jurgioslakiv, thanks for posting it!

    I recall seeing you sweating at Nea's just over a week ago I think. As I'm sure you're aware it's not easy to actively search for a soc for someone, and so far we've mainly relied on the registered socs getting in touch and picking out newbies. It can be a slow process, we've noticed.

    Personally I'm just finding my feet in this Foundation with managing the Fund and more recently standing at Swamp Camp talking to individual newbies while advertising ANF. As of right now though, I will be actively in touch with the society leaders and talking to them directly about the List and start advertising for societies to join up to the Foundation.

    I think it's a great idea to have a society the newbies on the list can join up to, as a kind of waiting room. I think that topic deserves its own thread in the Adopt a Newbie section so if you could start that it would be cool. I would but it would be cooler if you personally posted it.


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