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Discussion in 'MindStar Media' started by MindStar9, Oct 29, 2013.

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm cancelling the MSM server effective Oct 31st, and if there's anything at the site that you are interested in, then please copy the content before then.

    The only site I will continue to post any content to will be Entropia Planets as an all-universe environment. It's the only site that has it all (including a wicked Wiki), and the freedom to write openly as long as constructive. I have also requested that my account at Entropia Forum be deactivated as well, but it looks like they decided to give me a permanent ban instead, which doesn't fit, because I've done nothing there to deserve it. I have asked that it be changed appropriately according to my request, as they have done at PCF, but I doubt it will be done.

    I am keeping my MS9 avatar account in the game, but the only two planets I have any interest in are Cyrene and Arkadia. My time logged in will not be that often, but I would like to maintain connection with close friends.

    I may not be writing for or about EU anymore, but you never know if once in a blue moon there might be something that just deserves to be published, and if so, then I will write the article and publish it here at EP.

    In the meantime, I'll be quite busy IRL working on my own personal writing, and looking into options for freelance writing.

    I've been in this universe 8-1/2 years, and there's still plenty that is understood, known and can be written about.
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  2. SUGGESTION: put it in to the internet archive's "way back machine" - not exactly sure how you do that other than searching the url on there... There used to be a way to submit sites to it that I remember from a few years back but I can't remember the process or how you do it now off the top of my head. Alternative idea... upload the files to the wiki?
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    Thank you for the suggestions MM, I will take them into consideration, it's appreciated.

    What I have decided to do instead of cancelling the server, is just take MSM offline, because I pay so little for the server that I have, and not only have full control of the server, but get so much for the cost, including being able to host my TeamSpeak server that others use. I would also like to make use of the TS server for other things as well, so it will remain intact.

    Perhaps what I can do is consult with the EP staff and see about moving certain content here at the forum in the MSM section, and anything they think might be worth adding to the EP Wiki. I'm not on a time limit now since I decided not to cancel the MSM server altogether, so I can always access the content.

    Also, there will be a new website revealed that I have on the server sometime in the future (there's no set date), but it will serve a very useful purpose for the plans I have for my other writing.

    In the meantime, I'll continue to connect here at EP when I have something to contribute.

    Thank You
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    always sad to see an area end, but the world is moving and constantly changing IRL and as well in the virtual world and it is good to get along and not try to hold on to the good old times forever. look forward to good new times my friend! I am glad to see you stay here and keep your account to keep in touch a bit :)
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    Thank you Ms LeeLoo, and those who agree with her, it's appreciated. Sometimes making changes is absolutely necessary for a higher level of positive things to happen.

    EP is a good place for me to be, and the MSM site is sill open because it's taking time to get content transferred to this forum environment, but as soon as that's done, then MSM goes down and a cover page goes up, so there's time to get anything there that you might be interested in.

    I'm working with Tass in particular to accomplish what will work best here at EP, but he's a very busy Staff Member at the moment, so I accept what time he has available. The staff here is wonderful, long-time friends, and Tass is awesome to work with, so I'm happy to be here.

    This is really the only place I'll post going forward, because it's the only place where I absolutely feel the freedom to do so in the way I'm comfortable with, and it won't all be negative.

    The EU community rocks, and I will continue to respect it, because it deserves so much more.

    This is my home now. :thumbsup:

    Thank You
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