MindArk: Halloween Mayhem 2020 Results

Discussion in 'MindArk' started by McCormick, Dec 31, 2020.

  1. So, nothing really has been said. Nothing really has been done. As always. :)
    Some 2nd-avatars might have left. Some big ones might dissapear temporarly. Or not.
    Who knows. Who cares.

    On topf of it, their (detection) system truly sucks.

    "Rick : Please let some cheaters cash out a bit...." whaaa ?

    This guy became so disturbed over the past years...I liked him better when he drowned all of his money into compet...

    Anyway, everyone is pretending to be happy on PCF after such a great announcement. x'D
    All MA needed. Case closed. roflcopter

    Disgusting and embarassing at the same time.
  2. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Happy new year!

    I DID notice your best friend StevieB was not in his usual Cat 3..... but i think because (as some1 on PCF said) they did not this time say who was disqualified.... also at least 3 (to my 100% knowledge) 'Yogsters' are on the winning list ehehehherofl.

    The post i think came literally from that snake Simmonds himself (he came out of his hole i think after the last disaster he did on People Make games).

    WHY WHY WHY was those who where disqualified NOT mentioned? (oh let me guess, a sudden new EU Data Protection law (made up by Simmonds) that Simmonds cant/wont quote? lol).

    The Real reason is they can NOT under any circumstances let the 'high rollers' be banned. .

    Ill be happy knowing StevieB got banned though :)

    Anyway happy new year and off to play (for free epic games) Jurassic Park :)

    Short version = they banned a couple small timers. They did NOT (as per past 3-4 years) say who got disqualified.

    News: - Halloween Mayhem 2020 Results | PlanetCalypsoForum

    Killabee 1st page. Says it all anyway good luck and happy NY
  3. Thanks for Jurassic Park !

    In the end its no worth to discuss exploiters and cheaters anymore. The highrollers will stay forever.
    The highrollers are the only reason this game is still online. All fucking each other so hard...they turned blind and greedy over time.
    Got Psyched...
    They need and like to get raped by Mindark again and again and again...to feel they are still alive...stockholm syndrome anyone ?

    Ya, hard to ignore StevieB with his repetitive "one-shots"...hes really trying hard to deliver an embarassing show though.
    I appreciate that, bringing a (sad) smile to my face everytime.
  4. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    I heard through the 'grape vine' that now even Swedish Gov are very very p off at Mindark (certain grants that Swedish Gov gave = taxpayers (Swe) got back absolutely nothing. It was a certain (real life) General that i spoke to at the party.

    They are very aware (Swedish Military) of Simmonds and the scam grants that he got and his 'connections' to Politicians in Sweden. Wont do a smiley face as taking grants from tax payers.

    Then tax payers get nothing in return. Well i think Simmonds has a new enemy now more powerful than Swedish 'Police' or Poliiticians.

    Happy new year :)
  5. You think so?
    Stryker and Hulk have not recorded any globals on EntropiaLife since Dec 30, the day of the ban announcement...
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  6. Stryker and Hulk changed "owners" before. Shared their login details etc...

    Hard to know WHO really was triggering the "ban" in the end ;D ...keeping in mind its only a temporary "ban" anyway...
    ...without any further consequences...

    ...because Mindark truly needs the wallets of these paid PR gags...

    OOooOOOoooo those handsome guys...

    stryker xmas_pic 5.jpg stryker xmas_pic.jpg Stryker_pimping2.JPG stryker xmas_pic 2.JPG stryker xmas_pic 3.JPG
  7. That's what Danny said, right. *g*
  8. Yup and Danny is so reliable source :D Why would you believe cheaters? Like stated McCormick just gathers info what he wants to hear and fits in his puzzle. :)

  9. StevieB, the most trustworthy and reliable source in Entropia, comes onto a gaming forum...


    You truly got issues and we are all aware of it. Sadly you are not.
    Why on earth would you keep acting retarded like this, with such a bad reputation...claiming to be to clever and omniscient at the same time ? HelllOooOOooo !?

    If some of those simple facts SEEm like a puzzle to you...it might be a matter of missing intelligence ?
    But Im not here to judge you...yet you made it quite easy for the community, revealing your sick, disturbed mind.

    You failed. And not only once. Now feel the consequences. Thats life. :)
    Or just keep going with your usual shady stuff, if thats what you are best at.

    I know this community has sick bastards inside, but dude, maybe seek professional help ?
    Its never too late...


    I wont set you to ignore, because I enjoy such psycho shows at times.
    I mean, I set Spawn to ignore...and hes quite the harmless psycho...you really mean something to me, StevieB ! x'D

    Spawns show got boring quite fast.
    Go, entertain me StevieB ! This is your chance to go up in ranks !
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  10. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

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  11. This great investigation network still didnt find the names who got banned? rooooooooofl?
    Im watching the BIG SHIT and no updates. McShit retired?
  12. As already stated, I asked for entertainment, not for random insults.
    But feel free to try again. :) (I still SEE you trying hard, please, dont give up yet!)

    What kind of updates do you wish for...considering, you already got extreme problems figuring out the basics ?

    The summer-mayhem list of banned avatars can be easily obtained by "Multiple-Accounts-Evey".
    If you trust her...uh...him...that is. But I bet you wont even recieve a reply...

    Yog is around since years, so it shouldnt be thaaaaaaaat hard to figure things out.
    I heard you like riddles. Get the hint ? :)
  13. hahah so you dont even have a clue ? :D
  14. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Mark with some1 like:

    https://earnpedstevebtruth.com/ i genuinely do not think he is 'ok in the head'. In his case though he killed a guy (ya i know the USA laws about 'self defence') but reading his own text messages...

    Also how come you keep doing alts on PCF? (even an idiot like me knows you have at LEAST 2 alts on PCF that ring seller and that Michaelwhatever).

    How is your Church fund doing Stevieb
  15. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    You think they got 'banned' ? lol. Temp 'vacation' until it blows over (which it will). Still awaiting the long awaited Camera deeds though as Mcc promised once (best deed ever even better than Conpet
  16. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

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  17. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

  18. Grossberger...at least creative x'D

    This guy is so fucked up and disturbed, but his greed and need to fuck others is stronger than his common sense...
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