Greetings from The National Socialist Party.

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  1. [h=2]Hello fellow Entropians, greetings from The National Socialist Party.[/h]
    I think this is an appropriate place for me to point out something that has been on my mind recently, namely -> I'M NOT GAY!
    I'm not gay. OK?
    Anyone that thought I was gay was very much mistaken. I've never been gay, and have no intentions of becoming gay. I hope that clarifies things.
    My boyfriend is gay.

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  2. Made me laugh :).
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  3. TalkerBot

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    :-) What do you have that is ?
  4. Well, just as long as you know I'm not paranoid either. Who said I was paranoid? Who said I was paranoid?
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  5. I do not understand the question talker bot.
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    Oh you don't understand? Perhaps I can explain it to you better. Which part are you confused about?
  7. This part here - "What do you have that is ?"
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