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    Inspired by Nexus7's thread discussing graphics cards, I thought it might be interesting to see screenshots taken using different graphics cards. If the screenshots are in a lossless format then hopefully we can actually see some of the differences in how the game would appear.
    (.png seems a good choice for lossless & filesize, please comment if there is a more suitable format which would give smaller filesizes)
    Your monitor screensize is another factor to consider in the game's appearance. I'm sure our different choices of screensize will influence how the game looks, but hopefully the screenshots will be useful to compare.

  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    My following pics are taken with the settings all at highest quality. Unfortunately some time elapsed between taking the pics, and so the lighting and shadow changed. The filenames indicate which card was used, 580 being Nvidia GTX580 1920x1200 and 280 being Nvidia GTX280 1680x1050.
    The filesizes are rather large so please be patient downloading them, or beware if you have limited download capacity.

    Here are pics taken at Atlas Haven, trying to show the ground detail.


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  3. Burgerman

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    Pictures of Port Atlantis.


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  4. Burgerman

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    Two more pics at Port Atlantis.


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  5. Burgerman

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    I took a pic of a Jeep in Port Atlantis. When I went back for a comparison picture, the vehicle had gone.
    I was not particularly impressed with the vehicle appearance, it seemed lacking in shading or detail so that parts such as the wheels looked quite "flat".
    By comparison here is a Jeep from the actual Crysis game, which to me feels more solid.
    Might be worth keeping in mind with EU that some of the low rendering or low detail seen might be due to MA's choice of artwork rather than limitations of the graphics card?


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  6. Good idea for testing graphics cards. The one I have is an ATI HD 5450 and the in-game settings were also set to high for the test pics that I took. The quality is not as good as Burgerman's because I found out in another thread that my card is more suited for HTPC than for gaming...

    Screenshot of helicopter landing near PA

    Screenshot of helicopter after landing

    Screenshot of creature at the Swamp camp

    Screenshot of Port Atlantis skyline

    Screenshot of mini Gun Tower at Swamp Camp

    My conclusions are that, although the quality is just passable, the jagged lines, etc, means that this card is not great for EU in spite of it being shader 3.0 and DirextX 11 compatible with 1gb memory, or MA is compromising in some way with the cryengine2 implimentation.
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  7. Nice idea :). I shall post some pictures once I get my new machine working, taking a bit longer than intended!
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  8. Finally got around to this, sorry for being so slow. Had a lot on getting the new machine running and when I did I wanted to play with it :). Anyway the graphics card is a Point Of View Nvidia GTX580 1536MB not top of the range but not too far away from it :). The resolution is set at 1920 x 1080 x 32, which is the maximum EU will permit me, I am limited to this size by my now archaic monitor with it's VGA socket!

    Entropia 2011-11-22 21-05-33-73.png The BMR hovering over some water, this card shows the "suds" at the waters edge, I had not seen this previously.

    Entropia 2011-11-22 21-12-20-26.png The BMR in a vertical climb, another not previously seen effect is visible but you have to look, the BMR casts a shadow in the sky, it's much clearer in game, I suspect a video would show it better!

    Entropia 2011-11-22 21-12-34-15.png Changing the angle this now shows heat distortion from the engines of the BMR, I had seen this on the previous card but it was not as good, I think the frame rate is responsible for this improvement, the shading in the sky is also visible.

    Entropia 2011-11-22 21-16-00-05.png This just shows the view from the top of the building visible in the previous two shots. And yes I jumped, I had to it's me!

    Entropia 2011-11-22 21-17-13-49.png Just like this shot of the bank, looks like a scene from Vice City

    I should be reconnecting the old machine soon so will try some similar shots with that before I rebuild it, if I can stay logged on long enough :).
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  9. Burgerman

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    Great pics Cee, gratz on the new comp. :ok:
  10. Thanks Burgerman, it's increased my enjoyment of EU no end :), I can go to PA and Twin and not crash.
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  11. This looks like a really good gfx card, so gratz there :) This could be my next purchase for my pc!
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  12. Thanks Nexus, I suspect it is overkill for EU but hopefully it's future proofing! I think my old card would probably have done just as well but unfortunately the system it was in would not support any more memory and it kept crashing because of a lack of it. I may try the old card in the new PC at some point in the future.
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  13. If it is overkill, EU needs it as much as possible. That card seems to reduce jagged lines, other artifacts, etc, as much as possible and handles cryengine really well and 1.5+GB memory is prob' a safer bet than just 1GB.

    Strange about BMR casting a shadow upward though, unless there's a strong light source below :)
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  14. It has 1.5 on board but takes an additional 2.5 from my system memory, I made sure I had plenty of that :). The smooth edges are due to maxing the Antialiasing setting in EU, which it handles no problem.

    The shadows are being cast sideways and down slightly, I see what you mean though, I suspect it's just a camera angle thing.
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  15. I only have 1GB on the card but it takes 3GB+ systems memory. Maybe if a gfx card had 4GB+ or something crazy it wouldn't take any RAM ;) That would be the day...
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  16. With the Nvidia cards I have had the trend seems to be the more on the card the more it takes from the system! I have had three so far though the last one is in a machine with significantly more memory so maybe it takes more because it can! The first two were both on the same machine though (strictly speaking two points cannot really make a trend).
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