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Golden Carriage Awards

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Meculus, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. BIG Industries proudly presents the:

    With the introduction of vehicles to the Entropian world, many colonists have embraced the versatility of this new addition. Creativity, genius, absurdity, and the drive to make what you hold unique to you has driven a great diversity of designs in the new transport world of Entropia. This deserves to be recognized, and the GCA is here to do exactly that.

    Who can enter:

    Everyone with a vehicle can enter, by land air or sea bring your personalized vehicle to the GCA and be recognized.

    What can be won:

    Thanks to GCA's sponsorship from First Planet Company and Summers Fashion Design, for this season (hopefully many more to come), the beautifully designed Valkyrie MK1 you see in the header of this thread as well as a a shiny new Megingjord MK1 complete with Turret will be given as our "Golden Carriage Award".


    How to enter:

    Simply submit your name here in this thread and you will be added to the list of attendee's, then show up at the location listed below for the competition where you will be directed further by event officials. Late entries will be accepted providing the judges have not scored all of the currently displayed vehicles, however please do your best to arrive on time ;)
    There is no fee to enter, however donations are accepted to help with auxiliary prizes or to help build next seasons event.

    How do you win:

    A panel of judges selected by me will rate all the displayed vehicles based solely on their aesthetic appeal. Each judge will be required to give each vehicle a simple rating from 1-10. The ratings of each individual judge will then be added to determine the overall points each vehicle scored in the competition. Should a clear winner not be determined by the first round of judging, a second "silent" ballot amongst the judges will be submitted to me to determine the victor of our Golden Carriage Award.

    Where and When:

    The Golden Carriage awards will be held on Eudoria South West of Fort Zeus at (86320, 94341) on Sunday the 23rd of January


    Please show up by 1730 so that our judges may help place you and your vehicle in an orderly fashion. Judging will begin at 1800.

    Additional Notes:

    Entrants causing disruption to the event will be disqualified.

    If you do not currently have a vehicle to enter into the competition feel free to contact Summers Fashion Design to get your personal mode of transportation in top show condition.

    "Silent" ballot implies that the judges will not know the designated ratings that their fellow judges have applied to the given vehicles.


  2. Registered Participants:

    General Alcazar
    Maelcum Hideo
    James Bling Cash
    Shogomad Shoti 1st
    Reya Ry Lory
    jeff evil221 rules
    Wolf Curd Fleischer
    Jennson Laudi Marakomm
    Jason 'Jay' Carr
    Carlito Carl Brigante
    Olivia Liv Forever
    Dessy Dessy Valnor
    Amonoa Saber Sunrider
    Dame Kaylee Ainslie
    Linaya Atreides
    Elphaba Lynn Sunshine
    Nerys Sunrider
    Tiny Dancer Cheryl
    Mike Freyr Perry
    Pavilion White Black

    Dave Neuromancer Haze
    Daner Granada Hellous
    Diyos Ang Maykapal
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  6. Registration updated :D
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  8. Registration list updated
  9. Registration updated :D
  10. Less than 12 hours to go!!!
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Less than 12 hours? It's Saturday here, and nowhere near 17:30.

    We're talking MA time 17:30, right?
  12. Yes you are quite correct, 12 hours + another 24 ;) oops... lol
  13. Okay now were down past that 12 hour mark ;)
  14. Registration list updated, not much time left!! I'll take forum registrations for the next hour, anyone past that be sure to get to the coords before 1730 and we'll try to get you lined up in time ;)

  15. Congratulations to our winners!!!!

    Grand Prize:
    Pavillion White Black

    2nd place:
    Wolf Curd Fleischer

    3rd place:

    Carlito Carl Brigante

    "Pukie" award:
    (Most repulsive vehicle)
    Wolf Curd Fleischer

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