Globals and HOFs explained

Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by itto, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Originally posted on EF by Rival

    Quite a good point ;)

  2. I saw this thread also. Not so obvious to anybody who hasnt done any crafting.

    I don't know how long you plan to run the 'Member of the Month' competition, but as we get better at crafting, the crafting globals could take over the competition. At some point in the future, the competition may need to be divided into disciplines (hunting, mining, crafting/tailoring).
  3. GeorgeSkywalker

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    @INTERNUT this thread seems to be made for you :) enjoy
  4. Thanks :) This will be of great help when doing crafting. BTW - what's EF? Also didn't realise that EP went back as far as 2006.
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    EF is Entropia Forum. Quick forum history lesson. (I'm sure I did one of these before but ah well - settle down by the fire and I'll begin) When I joined in 2004 the main forum I knew of was Entropia Pioneers which actually is my (current, not back then) society. Eventually things got a bit raucous (as so often happens) and people escaped to a new forum called Entropia Forum. For a while, things were calm and civilised again but eventually everyone arrived and well,... you know what that's like. Anyhow, eventually Entropia Forum was sold to avatar Neomaven/Vixen or 711 as he is known on PCF. Fast forward some more and he sold it to Mindark and it was re-branded PCF, retaining the old content/users. EF (without content/users) was eventually restarted too but it's a ghost town. 711 is still a mod on PCF last I heard and guessing he still owns the empty EF too.

    hmm... It looks like EF went offline again some time after April 2021 from some brief checking on Waybackmachine

    As for EP. It goes back a way in it's own form but also has merged content from older forums that have since gone offline.
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  6. NotAdmin

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    711 = Jason@MindArk.

    EP was stated in 2009, IIRC. My account shows a start date of September 8, 2009. Oh, the good old days :)
  7. Gratz on having your own soc. So, PCF was formerly EF - very interesting. I wonder what forum MA had before EF though, unless they didn't have one.
  8. NotAdmin

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    They didn't have anything. In the EntropiaPioneers days, MA staff would post on that forum. Once EntropiaForum shifted the crowd away, that became the unofficial forum, though their activity increased once 711 took control of entropiaforum and ensured that critical content and tough questions would magically disappear.
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    haha it isn't my soc. I'm just in it. But I'm happy I am. For me the name carries great honour as EP were like "the cool guys" when I first joined. Today it's a largely dead soc and, if there were any significant benefits of being in another soc, I admit I might even leave. But there isn't (blue radar dots and soc chat hardly cuts it) and I already created a group chat (essentially a soc without the blue dots and the descriotion) to stay in touch with others outside of the soc, which is kinda like "Wistrel's Soc" I guess. For reference, it's called #TheGate. But I think it's got a bit dead too as I'm rarely in, so I don't blame others if they've forgotten about it. Case in point, I've been meaning to log in for 2 weeks... I got as far as patching only... XD

    I heard MA had a forum before Entropia Pioneers became the goto place. But it had problems so MA shut it down or something. This was just an ancient rumour though. I don't know if it's true.
  10. So in the beginning they didn't even have their own forum to promote the game!? This speaks volumes to me, it's almost as if they didn't believe 100% in their own creation, or they didn't have enough ppl to run their own forum to begin with.
  11. Ah ok, misunderstood... So anyway, you think they might have had their own forum after all before Entropia Pioneers? I realise you say you don't know if that's true, but ...
  12. Liu


    Before and parallel to EP there was a Canadian forum called Alchemic Dream where MA (Marco) used to officially post and (sometimes) participate directly on threads and answered (barely) questions.

    That probably was and will ever be the best period of Mindark community management era.

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  13. Interesting, even if that forum doesn't seem to exist anymore. Still it's odd that MA didn't have their own dedicated forum from the start, especially as all planet partners seem to have one, albeit they came much later in the day.
  14. Liu


    No, it's been offline for a good 10 years already I'd say. Maybe more. It was a forum dedicated to a couple of online games, including project entropia.
    At this time, online games usually died within a couple of years. So the forum got quieter and quieter. Finally the company hosting it got bought by another one and soon forum became old fashioned tools and got closed altogether.
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  15. Wistrel

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    maybe check the history of project entropia domain (whatever it was exactly) on way back machine and see if you can ever see one linked? You'd want to be checking 2003 or 2004 or maybe even earlier
  16. Right, so a long time ago - I didn't even know about PE/EU then and had only vaguely known about a few others, but I do remember a lot of games going under at that time. Except SL, played that for a few months in 2006 I think.
  17. Just had a look at wayback machine and there was a, so I then clicked on URLs which resulted in this page. The earliest one's only go back to 2006 though but they don't exist anymore, so no way of knowing so far what type of site it was; forum or otherwise.
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  19. Haven't seen a simple table-based, left-justified web page/site like that since early 00's!
  20. Wistrel

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    Yeh amusingly it looks more or less what it always looked like IIRC even with missing images. It was deliberately boring and no frills corporate looking.
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