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Global instances rewards

Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by joihnsonlee, May 31, 2019.

  1. what rewards do you get from doing?

    mayhem annihilation events (1 to 10),

    mayhem defense (1 to 10) and training,

    and practice annihilation.
  2. If you win you get a placement token and mayhem tokens. With those you can buy items from a token trader. (Weapon,armor etc)
    If you don't win you still get tokens, Just not that much. You can trade Them for pills with buffs.
    Besides that you Will loot lootboxes. These can have various nice items like.mayhem Amps or raster/summer/Halloween/xmas rings. The lootboxes are tradable . They are of no use if you are Swedish.
  3. do i get tokens for mayhem defense training and practice annihilation?

    also where is token trader in calypso?

    finally is there a teleporter near by when i finish the event?
  4. Yes you get m-tokens from all instances, even.the practice ones.

    The token trader is in cape corinth and I think also in Twin peaks

    Yes there is a tp and some terminals ( trade, repair)
  5. just to make sure, when i say is there a teleporter does it go to twin peaks etc
  6. San


    Iirc the teleporter out of global instances takes you exactly to the place where you have been before you entered.
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