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Gift Shops?

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by Softhart, Dec 22, 2010.

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  2. ye me neither. seems unfair that people have had this special insider oportuniy to get shop booths before others.
  3. Interesting, but no need to jump to conclusions.
    Since Enzo is part of the forum administration and public relations i'm sure he'll be more than willing to comment on the fact. After all, for all we know it might just be there to help players restock until the first player owned shops open up, might even be for sale later.

    Over to you Enzo :)
  4. Hope this gets cleared up. Be diaappointing if is something unfair.
  5. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    ND is a generous person, and known for gifting those who do work for him, either at his forum, or now the planets. He did it in the past when I was moderating his forum from basically its inception. After CND went live, he gifted me with a "G" apartment on CND. Then after I had been doing event promotion and coordinating for him for a while, after the big (and first) fashion show on CND that included a German TV producer, he gifted me at the end of the event with a shop ... both were sold a long-ass time ago. I was told that ND has also gifted 2 market place shops on ROCKtropia at City of Dreams, but not to ND Studios staff, although one person is on forum staff at the RT forum, just not on development staff and working out of the studio in Los Angeles.

    So, it's highly possible that ND gifted EnzoMarius with the gift shop, but now ... it's a whole new ballgame. You had to know this was coming. EM is now a paid staff member of the development company that is building two planets, and playing a regular avatar, so does that not raise another question? Just askin' ... because it's not the same as when ND was just a land owner (CND). There was no inside development information available ... or at least I didn't know anything, other than what themed events were coming up.

    And just for the record ... back in the first generation CND days, it was magnificent, it was exciting, and I absolutely loved working with ND ... we had a great time collaborating on events, and coming up with unique things for the community to get involved with. He was very supportive, and just as generous with the community back then as he is now, and I give him total respect for that.

    However, the dynamics have changed now since the launch of ROCKtropia and ND being a planet owner, as well as building out another one for another planet partner, as well as having a large taxed land area, so it's different. I don't begrudge him success, because more than anyone else, he has promoted EU, but ... even that has changed if you read the media articles and watch the videos that are out there. There are several media articles that talk about ND and Next Island but nowhere mentions David Post.

    Anyway ... maybe my offering will help to understand the possible situation with the gift shop. ND is a generous person. I really don't wish anyone ill will at all, and I hope that MA will once and for all set the community straight so that we can get on with it. :)

    BTW ... what do you plan on having in your shop EM?
  6. Thanks Mindstar for info. Thats good enough for me I'm ready to get on with the show.
    Good Luck with shop Enzo.
  7. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    I also assume it was possibly gifted to Enzo, or he bought it from ND, whatever, I also assume the purpose was not nefarious, but to help us living on NI have a few things to buy to get the economy started rather than having to pay the transport fees on auction all the time. Trading hasn't gotten off the ground yet, and that will take time, new bps will help us of course, and they are coming soon. ND also puts odds and ends for sale in his areas on the 'market' type stalls and in shopkeepers, some usefull, some silly (we need female shorts for the island vibe too ND, not just the male ones lol). Looking forward to shops and more housing going on sale.
  8. I think its great that ND gifted something like this as a thank you. Very nice.
    *On a side note, judging by the little beach houses going for as much as they do, I don't WANT TO know how much the gift shops will be priced at*
  9. I think IMHO in future to help keep things a little smoother things such as this could be handle differently, if it is as we speculate a thank you gift from ND to Enzo. Perhaps waiting till shops are available to all and maybe a statement from someone along the lines of a forum post like. "In appreciation for all hard work of avatar X a shop has been gifted to them" As opposed to it just showing up and fueling speculation.
  10. If NEVERDIE is able to develop his club in advance others who have been working on this project should also be able of being rewarded.

    Since this game is RMT and everything in it consequently has real value, it is completely conceivable that certain items ingame could be used as payment for services rendered. Granted these probably want to be kept to a minimum so that the actual playerbase can get involved, but minimums are relative. But thats neither here nor there. None of this actually applies to the situation we see here. Why?

    Read on.

    This particular shop is on Club NEVERDIE, and all business handled within the club is handled per NEVERDIEs personal discretion, and has nothing to do with the company. NEVERDIE owns the land. The land of Club NEVERDIE was purchased as payment for services rendered on development of this particular property, in lieu of a portion of cash payment, by all assessments thus far. NEVERDIE is thus free to do as he wishes with any part or parcel of this property, no questions asked.

    Have you ever given something you owned to a friend? Did you get questioned for doing so by the school, your workplace, or the community after the fact, all of them with their hands out saying "Wheres mine? It's not fair." Of course not! That would probably make you angry, and make you question the motivations of your associates.

    There's nothing complicated or shady about it. It's really that simple.

    It's Dec 24, 2010. Tonight we give away gifts to our friends, family, and other individuals. This shop was obviously some sort of gift. Those who disagree with it I ask you now to please take all those gifts you purchased for your loved ones and return them. Explain to those people that you had a problem with others giving their property away, and need some time to reflect on what it is to be generous, what it is to be petty, and where you wish to fall in that particular spectrum.
  11. Well put Magyar!

    Happy holidays everyone. May it be a safe and fun time for all!
  12. im just wondering if this Gift shop is operating ? Will have to have a look..

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