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Game deals

Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by Tass, Dec 4, 2014.

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    I downloaded that but doesn't seem to work on my pc. Nothing happens when I run it :(
  3. Pikuniku is now on epic. :) RCT 3 is fun. Been playing it with my 6 year old since it came out on epic last Thursday. It's a lot like the sims but with a purpose.
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  7. Epic Games has Costume Quest 2 and Layers of Fear 2... Next week it'll have Blair Witch and Ghostbusters
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    I have to ask... how the hell are they funding this? And why are they so desperate to attract customers to their platform? Does it require you run some kind of spyware or something? Is the "epic games app" the new windows 10? Highly suspicious of free stuff these days. If there isn't a product, you are the product.
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  9. Typically it's the older version of the stuff when new version is about to be released or whatnot... or indie games. Epic owns a game engine so they encourage indie devs to produce, and the store is one way to get that stuff out there...

    They afford it since from producer's end it's just copy/paste. The 'real' cost is nothing for them even though they might say retail price of game is whatever. It's no different than when you buy some of those computer magazines that have a demo version of something or old version of new version that they want to sell you, even if at discounted price... it's all advertising. Yes, you are the product, but if you just pay zero and pick up the weekly freebies, they don't care... at some point you'll mention some game to someone else, like in this thread, or social media or in person, so it works like old school commercials for them. I just bookmark the epic store as one of my browser's start page and visit on Thursdays to get the new one that week. Currently not installing too many Teen or Mature games since my kid is a lot younger than that. Eventually though I'll have a gigantic library for her to play when she is old enough since they let you keep the freebies just like a real purchase. The stuff like GTA V and top blockbuster games are far and few between.

    To give you an idea... here's a copy of my purchase history over there... like I said not a lot of top notch stuff, but some of it's mighty fun!

    10/22/20 Layers of Fear 2 $0.00 Purchased
    10/22/20 Costume Quest 2 $0.00 Purchased
    10/15/20 Kingdom New Lands $0.00 Purchased
    10/15/20 Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs $0.00 Purchased
    10/10/20 3 Out of 10: Season One $0.00 Purchased
    10/10/20 Heroes & Generals WWII $0.00 Purchased
    10/10/20 Rocket League® $0.00 Purchased
    10/10/20 Rogue Company $0.00 Purchased
    10/10/20 Star Trek Online $0.00 Purchased
    10/08/20 Rising Storm 2: Vietnam $0.00 Purchased
    10/08/20 ABZU $0.00 Purchased
    10/01/20 Pikuniku $0.00 Purchased
    09/24/20 RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3: Complete Edition $0.00 Purchased
    09/17/20 Watch Dogs 2 $0.00 Purchased
    09/17/20 Stick It To The Man! $0.00 Purchased
    09/17/20 Football Manager 2020 $0.00 Purchased
    09/12/20 Paladins $0.00 Purchased
    09/12/20 Delores: A Thimbleweed Park mini-adventure $0.00 Purchased
    09/12/20 3 out of 10, EP 5: "The Rig Is Up!" $0.00 Purchased
    09/10/20 Where The Water Tastes Like Wine $0.00 Purchased
    09/10/20 Railway Empire $0.00 Purchased
    09/06/20 Diabotical $0.00 Purchased
    09/06/20 Spellbreak $0.00 Purchased
    08/28/20 Unreal Engine $0.00 Purchased
    08/27/20 Shadowrun Collection $0.00 Purchased
    08/27/20 HITMAN $0.00 Purchased
    08/25/20 3 out of 10, EP 3: "Pivot Like A Champion" $0.00 Purchased
    08/20/20 God's Trigger $0.00 Purchased
    08/20/20 Enter The Gungeon $0.00 Purchased
    08/13/20 The Alto Collection $0.00 Purchased
    08/13/20 Remnant: From the Ashes $0.00 Purchased
    08/07/20 Wilmot's Warehouse $0.00 Purchased
    08/07/20 3 Out of 10 Ep 1 Welcome to Shovelworks $0.00 Purchased
    08/04/20 Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP $0.00 Purchased
    08/04/20 Barony $0.00 Purchased
    08/04/20 20XX $0.00 Purchased
    07/23/20 Tacoma $0.00 Purchased
    07/23/20 Next Up Hero $0.00 Purchased
    07/17/20 Torchlight II $0.00 Purchased
    07/11/20 The Escapists 2 $0.00 Purchased
    07/11/20 Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition $0.00 Purchased
    07/11/20 Killing Floor 2 $0.00 Purchased
    07/03/20 Hue $0.00 Purchased
    07/03/20 Trackmania $0.00 Purchased
    06/26/20 Conan Exiles ModKit $0.00 Purchased
    06/25/20 Stranger Things 3: The Game $0.00 Purchased
    06/25/20 AER Memories of Old $0.00 Purchased
    06/18/20 Pathway $0.00 Purchased
    06/11/20 ARK Valguero $0.00 Purchased
    06/11/20 ARK Crystal Isles $0.00 Purchased
    06/11/20 ARK The Center $0.00 Purchased
    06/11/20 ARK Ragnarok $0.00 Purchased
    06/11/20 ARK Editor $0.00 Purchased
    06/11/20 SAMURAI SHODOWN NEOGEO COLLECTION $0.00 Purchased
    06/11/20 ARK: Survival Evolved $0.00 Purchased
    06/05/20 Overcooked $0.00 Purchased
    05/29/20 Sludge Life $0.00 Purchased
    05/28/20 Borderlands: The Handsome Collection $0.00 Purchased
    05/22/20 Sid Meier's Civilization VI $0.00 Purchased
    05/17/20 SMITE $0.00 Purchased
    05/14/20 Grand Theft Auto V $0.00 Purchased
    05/08/20 Death Coming $0.00 Purchased
    04/30/20 Crashlands $0.00 Purchased
    04/30/20 Amnesia: The Dark Descent $0.00 Purchased
    04/28/20 SMITE Epic Starter Bundle $0.00 Purchased
    04/23/20 For The King $0.00 Purchased
    04/16/20 Wheels of Aurelia $0.00 Purchased
    04/16/20 Just Cause 4 $0.00 Purchased
    04/10/20 Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments $0.00 Purchased
    04/10/20 Close to the Sun $0.00 Purchased
    04/02/20 Gone Home $0.00 Purchased
    04/02/20 Hob $0.00 Purchased
    03/28/20 Drawful 2 $0.00 Purchased
    03/26/20 Tormentor X Punisher $0.00 Purchased
    03/26/20 Figment $0.00 Purchased
    03/26/20 World War Z $0.00 Purchased
    03/19/20 Watch Dogs Standard Edition $0.00 Purchased
    03/19/20 The Stanley Parable $0.00 Purchased
    03/12/20 Mutazione $0.00 Purchased
    03/12/20 A Short Hike $0.00 Purchased
    03/12/20 Anodyne 2: Return To Dust $0.00 Purchased
    03/06/20 GoNNER $0.00 Purchased
    03/06/20 Offworld Trading Company $0.00 Purchased
    02/27/20 InnerSpace $0.00 Purchased
    02/20/20 Assassins Creed Syndicate Standard Edition $0.00 Purchased
    02/20/20 Faeria $0.00 Purchased
    02/13/20 Aztez $0.00 Purchased
    02/13/20 Kingdom Come: Deliverance $0.00 Purchased
    02/06/20 Ticket to Ride $0.00 Purchased
    02/06/20 Carcassonne $0.00 Purchased
    01/30/20 Farming Simulator 19 $0.00 Purchased
    01/28/20 Magic: The Gathering Arena $0.00 Purchased
    01/23/20 The Bridge $0.00 Purchased
    01/16/20 Horace $0.00 Purchased
    01/10/20 Sundered Eldritch Edition $0.00 Purchased
    01/01/20 Steep $0.00 Purchased
    01/01/20 Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition $0.00 Purchased
    01/01/20 Darksiders Warmastered Edition $0.00 Purchased
    12/31/19 Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair $0.00 Purchased
    12/31/19 Hello Neighbor $0.00 Purchased
    12/29/19 The Talos Principle $0.00 Purchased
    12/27/19 Faster Than Light $0.00 Purchased
    12/25/19 Totally Accurate Battle Simulator $0.00 Purchased
    12/23/19 Ape Out $0.00 Purchased
    12/23/19 Little Inferno $0.00 Purchased
    12/21/19 SUPERHOT $0.00 Purchased
    12/19/19 Dauntless $0.00 Purchased
    12/19/19 ReadySet Heroes Free Trial $0.00 Purchased
    12/19/19 Into The Breach $0.00 Purchased
    12/13/19 The Escapists $0.00 Purchased
    12/13/19 The Wolf Among Us $0.00 Purchased
    12/06/19 Jotun Valhalla Edition $0.00 Purchased
    11/29/19 Rayman Legends $0.00 Purchased
    11/26/19 Bad North Jotunn Edition $0.00 Purchased
    11/14/19 The Messenger $0.00 Purchased
    11/10/19 RUINER $0.00 Purchased
    11/10/19 Nuclear Throne $0.00 Purchased
    11/01/19 SOMA $0.00 Purchased
    11/01/19 Costume Quest $0.00 Purchased
    10/25/19 Layers of Fear $0.00 Purchased
    10/25/19 Q.U.B.E. 2 $0.00 Purchased
    10/22/19 Alan Wake's American Nightmare $0.00 Purchased
    10/10/19 Surviving Mars $0.00 Purchased
    10/05/19 Minit $0.00 Purchased
    09/29/19 Metro: 2033 Redux $0.00 Purchased
    09/26/19 Everything $0.00 Purchased
    09/05/19 The End is Nigh $0.00 Purchased
    09/01/19 Celeste $0.00 Purchased
    08/24/19 Fez $0.00 Purchased
    08/17/19 Mutant Year Zero $0.00 Purchased
    08/17/19 Hyper Light Drifter $0.00 Purchased
    07/30/19 The Cycle Alpha $0.00 Purchased
    07/30/19 Moonlighter $0.00 Purchased
    07/30/19 This War of Mine $0.00 Purchased

    Steam does something similar, but it's harder to navigate than epic imho...

    However, there's a site over at https://steamdb.info/upcoming/free/ that usually logs the freebies over there. Bookmark it too. :)

    If you are in to older retro stuff, look in to emulators. Tons of emulators out there.
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    Watchdogs is great, too. But yeah, without a doubt, GTA V was the biggest game they released so far.

    I bought that game when it first came out (2013 or so?) on PS3, have since also purchased it on PC, and while I skipped it on PS4 (Only have a handful of games on that. Only reason I bought it at all was for Red Dead Redemption 2. The other games I own on it are The Last Of Us (1) and Death Stranding).

    I expect it to be ported to the PS5, too. But really, bring on GTA 6. For the price of a few EU hunts, you can get the PS5 AND a game that will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours.
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    So it is simply a website/account then? Not some sort of program you have to run like with steam?

    i.e. more like humble bundle?
  12. Fan_boy99

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    Horizons expansion is now today part of the Elite Dangerous base game. Existing owners of base game get it free
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    It's both. I typically use the site to claim the games. But you have to install the program to *play* the games.

    Epic has a lot of financial backing. If I recall correctly, they're partially Chineese owned nowadays. Back when I still worked for one of their competitors, they tried undercutting our price offering, hoping to engage in a price war that'd deplete our coffers a lot faster than theirs. My employer at the time called their bluff, and stuck to their guns.

    I think/believe Epic is trying to see if they can become a new Stean. Let's face it, Steam is pretty much a monopoly right now, and monopolies are bad. I support them for that, but do prefer my Steam experience (probably because partially due to Humble Bundle, my Steam library is huuuuuuuuge).

    At the same time, Epic is picking a fight with Apple (FUCK apple) over the squeeze Apple has on the appstore. I cannot recall the details, but think it's something over them not being allowed to sell in-game currency that doesn't flow through the Apple Store, and thus makes Cupertino miss their 30% cut. I fully support them in that, too, because FUCK APPLE.
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  14. They have a huge success with Fortnite, but developing a gaming platform for only one game is not really longterm. To use the hype is smart, but then there would still only be the playerbase of Fortnite. Free games are just one of the many ways to get folks to use the epic client. They also try to be more attractive for devs, with better offers than Steam. Its a pretty closed market, but hype can be a nice big lever to breach up existing structures. Also more competition is a good thing for everyone :-)
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  16. Dungeons 3 is on epic games
  17. This week epic games - Textorcist...

    Next week - Elite Dangerous

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