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    The purpose of this thread is to let fellow gamers know about great games on discount/sale. Would be cool to mix in Entropia related deals too. No individual private sales please - no spamming of referral links.

    Only 15th of December ~200 games for 99 bucks


    6-10 games monthly for a whole year

    People, if you like games check out this special offer. Humble Monthly is a subscription giving you 6-10 games per month. Usually it's a mix of relatively recent indie and AAA games, sometimes exclusives produced by Humble Bundle. In 2018 these bundle games had a total regular sales price of 2355 USD. You can check out the games of each past month on the Humble Monthly page.

    Games library with 80+ games and growing

    But that's not enough. With an active subscription you also have access to Humble Trove. Humble Trove is a games library of mainly indie games and classics but also a couple of older AAA titles and all exclusives ever produced by Humble Bundle. It currently has 78 games but new games are added every month. You can see all the trove games on the Humble Trove page.

    99 bucks only

    Today and early tomorrow (UTC) only you can get a 1 year subsciption for only 99 USD instead of usually 132 USD. That means 99 USD for games worth 2500-3000 USD. With bundle games and trove games about 200 games in total. You also get 10% off for all regular Humble Store games. The trove games are all DRM-free. The bundle games are usually Steam keys, and you can give every single one of them to friends. Or you can sell them if you want. You can also purchase the whole subscription as a gift for a gamer which I did twice this month, easy Christmas present :) Of course I have this subscription too. Of course you can also get 1 month, 3 months or 6 months subscriptions and cancel any time, so 1 month sub for 12 bucks, cancel again and have 80 Humble Trove games and 1 monthly bundle is possible too. But the special offer is the 1 year sub for only 99 USD.

    EntropiaPlanets Premium Package

    Whatever you buy from Humble Bundle please use our affiliate link. We won't get rich from this. From a 1 year Humble Monthly sub we would get just enough to keep EntropiaPlanets running for less than a week. And we usually sell like 1 bundle a year via our affiliate links :) And anyway our approach is that every single cent we get will be given back to "the community" in form of giveaways or similar. If you purchase the subscription via our affiliate links, you send a screenshot of the transaction and we can verify it we'll also give you an EP premium package:
    • free ad in our new ad system for 1 month
    • your YouTube channel or a channel of your choice featured on our 2 YT channels for 1 month
    • your Live Streaming channel featured in our streams directory and when live in our sidebar for 1 month
    • your project (Twitch, YouTube, website, etc) featured in one of our gleam competitions

    Links to ongoing game sales
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    GOG winter sale has started today. If you are interested in classic games and DRM-free new games you'll sure find something for very cheap.

    Just bought 5 classics and relatively new games for ~15 bucks.

    Oh, here's the link:

    EDIT: And also you get Age of Wonders for free, no strings attached, limited offer, be quick.
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  3. What about Steam and Uplay and origin, some top places to get games.
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    Sure mention those too. I know that Steam was doing themed sales the last few weeks, where one of them was survival I believe and another one was exploration.
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    Elite Dangerous still offers a deal before the hard launch on december 16th. Bit unsure on exact price but you basically get some freebies.
    400 billion star systems to explore....
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    Activision sale on steam with discounts up to 75%. Which means a lot of Call of Duty games are cheap.
    It's a weekend deal, and the weekend is almost gone, so hurry if you want one.
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    Wow memory is so weird... I've been playing BM on and off for a while and it felt like I remembered HL. It's odd how we recall stuff.... everything is so familiar. Makes me wonder if the building blocks of what we actually use to reconstruct our memories don't really pay too much attention to details. Looking at those comparison videos.... wow. So different and yet so familiar...
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    Uhhhm ... do I really need such bad graphics and music? No. Additional it looks like stupid gameplay: shoot enemies, grab loot and bonus. Done. I better go back to my improved Skyrim and play it in survival mode without dragons ;-)
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    I like this picture

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