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Gambling and Entropia in 2009. SEE what the oldtimers said back then and what they have to say today

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. I stumbled across this old "Gambling in Entropia can destroy your reallife" article from 2009 on rock paper shotgun.

    And jesus, they all came up with their avatar names to fuck with the author...or, did they ?

    -Oldtimers yelling at the author, how shit he is...but disliking Mindarks way of today.

    -Oldtimers protecting Entropia at all costs, claiming the author "wasnt made for Entropia"...but disliking Mindarks way of today.

    -Oldtimers crying how shit the game is in 2009...just to fully protect it 10 years later...because they have "invested" tons of money...

    This is pure gold. Grab some hot chocolate or whisky and enjoy another "history repeating".

    Then, after 2 years of silence in the comments section...the account "Entropia Planets" shows up ala : "Hey, come around, we have all the info about this game you need" ^^ :p


    I mean, look where we are today.

    -Entropia turned into a gigantic PR gag, that keeps announcing things, introducing em half ready, or never...it fails constantly (CLD Land plots, Compet, Deeptoken etc.)

    -The bugs are strong in this game, keep returning and usally take ages to get fixed, if its a player problem...and hours, if its a Mindark problem.

    -Explosive Blueprint crafting (pure one armed bandit gambling) became a gigantic..."profession"...

    -"Kunrad Solo Reez" scamming millions since 2013 from other players...
    ...to feed his and others gambling addiction...on Explosive Blueprints...

    -Developer handing out big loots planned or by "accident" (Leeloo or recent Whip(L))

    leeloo 158k ATH.


    Yet this "game" is online...and they all keep dropping their money into it, because it is still so much fun...and they are all makign so much money...*lol*....uncontrolled gambling addiction anyone ? While the top players share all the badass items and win those steady events...events...this game is just events...
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  2. If only I’d read this guy I’d never have downloaded and saved a ton of money. I like his straight talking:

    “First of all: It’s shit. This game is shit. It’s a grindfest devoid of the colour, sense of place, charm and polish that makes that palatable. You [1]can [2] do [3] better [4], don’t go near it, don’t let your friends and family near it, and if they disobey you then make a habit of sneaking up on them while they’re sat playing and farting in their ear”.
  3. Usually such introductions can make a game become more interesting to the reader. x'D
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  4. Liu


    This game is shit.

    But most here still play it or at least keep discussing it.

    We like to eat shit.


    We are shit.

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  5. "Planet Calypso is loosing momentum"
    In 2009.. And here we are 2019.... LoL
    The writer probably doesn't work there anymore or plays games. He moved on to become an adult.
    We, the children remain.
    The Mindark giveth and the Mindark taketh away.

    Let"s bump this thread every year, until we have all died and there's nobody left to click it. When Kim's grandchildren come in here to SEE what the old farts wrote about granpops game in the 21st century.
  6. Interesting to SEE, that 10 years later, the text still has the ability to hit a nerve.

    Just because this game will survive for another 10 years, because a dozen people are still depositing big sums, as they are beeing afraid of loosing their previous "investments", just to do steady grinding and high level Explosive Ammo crafting (pure gambling), doesnt automatically mean, that this is a great sci-fi online experience.

    Id love to SEE it though...the great sci-fi online experience...thats why I joined, still waiting...since 15 years now.
    I cant look away. What a show. So, ya, SEE ya in 10 years. x'D

    (*feel free to insert here, how amny times they lied to us, whats missing in this game and what got promised or left behind various times, since more then a decade*)

    But ya, I know, we are all here only because of the epic and rare RCE "feature"... ,-)

    IMHO this does indeed reflect what the author was trying to say with harsh words.
    2009 - 2019 ? Ya, to me the game did indeed turn into a shit version of "Project Entropia" over the past 10 years.
    So shit, not worth my money anymore. But I enjoy Mindarks clown show and the people always trying to justify it. Out of the ordinary.

    All this "Get over it" or "Leave the game" or "LOL it is online for so long" never changed anything over the past 10 years, not for you, not for me. Because neither I will change anything.

    Keep believing, thats all they need you (us) to do.

    Well written. :)

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