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  1. On Thursday I was looking through a pile of old books and comics of all kinds in a second hand charity shop in London and I discovered a magazine called EntropiaTimes with 'EntropiaPlanets presents' along the top. It says December 2010. The proprietor wanted £1.75 for it, so I bought it. I did ask how he came by it and he said it was donated along with other things.
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  2. Thanks for the 'Like' Tass! I've been reading through it end to end and there's stuff about John Bates and David Simmonds of Mindark and an interview with someone called Jon Jacobs who started Planet Rocktropia and who sold some gear to help pay his morgage.
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    Thats a very cool find !
    and cheap too
  4. I thought the little easy peel-off label with £1.75 written on it was a bit over the top, but I got it because I immediately recognized 'EntropiaPlanets' and because there was something about the front cover I liked.
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    We published 4 issues that we made available to the community (Sep 2010, Dec 2010, Mar 2011, June 2011). Peter (admin), and his wife (Lykke) handled printing and shipping. As magazine staff, I believe we all got a hard copy of each. I treasure mine, and they still sit on my coffee table.

    It was an incredible experience to be one of the writers on staff. It was a labor of love for all of us. I think all 4 issues are available at the EP Wiki somewhere in PDF format, but someone on the forum staff could help you with that.
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  7. Looks like I have a bit of EntropiaPlanets publishing history then, so thanks for the interesting info on how it was produced. I also wasn't aware that EntropiaPlanets had been around for so long.
  8. Tanks for the list. I'll see if I can download the PDFs for the other issues.
  9. I've been reading through the EntropiaTimes issue that I got some more and they're all great articles, but the one that's really got my attention is the Rocktropia story, as it seems that was the first new planet after Calypso, is that right? Also I'm intrigued as to what gear he sold to pay his mortgage in the States and how he was able to draw out the peds quickly enough.
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  10. When the game was switched to a platform Rocktropia was actually released before space even. Before space was implemented you could teleport between Rock and Caly, albeit for a fee of I believe 25 ped.
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  11. That would be quicker than going there in a VTOL, last time I went to Rocktropia it took about 30 mins, but I can see how 25 peds to get there wouldn't have been popular.
  12. If I remember correctly it was based around around the price hanger owners generally charged to fly players to CND/CP, so at the time we were more than willing to pay it. I believe the hanger owners even got a cut of the fee as compensation for their hangers that were useless till space came in.
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  13. Is that the hangers in N/W and N/E of Eudoria sunk into the ground? I've seen a few of those but they don't seem to be used for anything.
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    That was actually the other way around, he took a mortgage on his house to buy Club Neverdie (what is now called FOMA)
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  15. Thanks, so that must be what he meant when he decide to refinance the house, but before that, according to the article at least, he sold some stuff to someone called Stryker to pay the mortgage on a cottage in Miami - and I'm just wondering how he was able to convert the peds into US$ quickly enough.
  16. Maybe Stryker paid him out-of-game in $ and not in-game in peds. Just saying. I mean, going by stories I've heard, it takes a while to actually get MA to transfer the real-cash equivalent.
  17. Yea, those new design ones were given to the owners of old hangers, they are largely pointless now, but you used to have to go to the hanger of your pilot to travel. After the space VU they were simply given the big ships we are used to today which stay in space.

    Edit: Found you some old pics:
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