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Forum beacon mission

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Mora, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. After talking with cantbe & tigeress a while ago I thought we could run it this weekend. If this one goes well, we can always do another with phunksta & red too. My suggestion for date is 11th May, any time for that day (10th May I'm participating in WoF-hunt at 17:00 MA-time).

    This weekend would be okay for Mora, Cantbe, Tigeress, Burgerman, UnaAlconbury, Slartybartfass and Mad Nutter Woman if I'm not mistaken.

    Chela will come if there is nothing to interrupt him at that time.

    7 soldiers + 1 fapper, good.
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  2. 35 ped beacon acquired for tt+645. Location NW of Zeus.
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  3. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    Too bad I don´t own a Vigi+6a´s anymore... For that matter I think I have 6 dodge at the moment o.O
    Got to work on that!...later haha

    Good luck to all! May there be uber loot at the end of this rainbow!
  4. Payments sorted out, thanks for helping me with this. On sunday, meeting time could be 17:30 MA-time at Fort Zeus and at 18:00 MA-time we will travel to the lauch site. Slarty told he can join us about 18:00, so we will wait for him. If someone feels that timing needs to get changed, contact me as soon as possible. Updated first post too.
  5. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Sunday 17:30 at Zeus is ok with me, seeya there. :)

    Weight can really slow your running speed on a beacon, so it is well worth leaving all mining tools, bombs, dung, decoys etc in storage, to minimise your weight.
  6. don't know if I can make it.:(

    Real life strikes me hard in the last days. Wife in hospital, don't know if she will be out tomorrow...:(:(:(
  7. BTW, wasn't Real Life an Australian band? Send me an angle and such things? (was a good video as far as I remember)
  8. Sorry to hear that, let's hope she'll be allright soon. If we have enough people to do the mission, we will proceed in case you can't make it and I'll refund your part later.
  9. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Great music memory there, Slarty. :ok: Yes, Real Life was indeed the Aussie band that sang Send Me an Angel. Unfortunately that was about the only good song they made. :hehe:

    Best wishes to you and your wife - I hope she is feeling much better soon.

  10. If Slarty can't make it i have no problem with putting this off until he can.

    Slarty, best wishes to you and your family.
  11. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    I hope we do another beacon soon that Phunksta & Red can attend, and hope Slarty can join us for that mission.

    I'm happy to postpone today's mission if that is the general feeling, but I also hope we do the mission today as people have planned for it.
    I'll message Mora with a suggestion.
  12. Thanks for all the wishes.
    since this morning she is back home, nevertheless I have to take care on here.
    Mora, if you can pm me the coords or at least post them.
    I will be online the next hour, cause everyone is sleeping now at home. I try to log out at the coords, so hopefully will be there right in time tonight.
  13. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    My pleasure. Interesting explanation. That was early. back home he or she have to take care on here is back home he or she have to take care on here ?post them. Congratulations.I'm not sure if I would like to try to log out at the coords so will be there right in time. What's it like?
  14. I would be ready to postpone this mission too, but next possible date would be a bit far away. Let's try to get online today, Burgerman had a good plan B in case we feel uncomfortable in running 35 ped mission.
  15. nevertheless, thank you bot.
    I hope I meet some of your comrades tonight.
  16. Sure, location is 21997, 28238 on Eudoria.

    Good to hear she got back from the hospital.

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  17. seems like the spot is already marked
  18. This is the loot we got:

    Gnome Foot Guards (F) 1 0.23 PED
    Gnome Foot Guards (F) 1 3.38 PED
    Gnome Foot Guards (M) 1 0.74 PED
    Gnome Foot Guards (M) 1 2.34 PED
    Gnome Foot Guards (M) 1 3.64 PED
    Gnome Foot Guards (M) 1 0.21 PED
    Gnome Harness (F) 1 1.66 PED
    Gnome Harness (M) 1 1.07 PED
    Gnome Harness (M) 1 4.11 PED
    Gnome Harness (M) 1 3.53 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (F) 1 0.81 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (F) 1 0.15 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (F) 1 1.09 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (F) 1 0.32 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (F) 1 0.48 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (M) 1 0.81 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (M) 1 1.23 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (M) 1 1.36 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (M) 1 0.65 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (M) 1 0.63 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (M) 1 1.21 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (M) 1 0.40 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (M) 1 1.08 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (M) 1 1.01 PED
    Pixie Face Guard (M) 1 0.17 PED

    Robot Adapter Module 2 2.40 PED
    Robot Auto Adjuster 3 5.40 PED
    Robot Com Unit 2 14.80 PED
    Robot Component Residue 11258 112.58 PED - sold for 114 peds
    Robot Data Link 8 18.40 PED
    Robot Hyper Charger 4 15.60 PED
    Robot Image Amplifier 2 10.20 PED
    Robot Power Amplifier 4 10.80 PED
    Robot Range Finder 1 5.90 PED

    Also some Robot flare filters which were sold right after the mission for ~113 peds. Power amplifiers are next ones which will boost overall loot value. Others are unfortunately less than 120%, pixie/gnome go for tt+nothing or tt+1.

    It was a great mission though, I saw some robots that I haven't ever seen before. Middle-boss at the pit was Drone coordinator 06 and end-boss was Warrior 09. I included some pictures. Thank you everybody, let's run another one some day in the near future.

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