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Forum beacon mission #2

Discussion in 'Calypso Missions and Events' started by Mora, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Hello everybody,

    previous mission among forum users was successful so I thought it would be time to open new thread for new mission. Date is open so I'd like to hear suggestion from all of you. I'd say we'll go for another 35 ped mission. There are 35 pedders of two difficulty levels, should we go for harder mission? It will be more expensive and more rare I guess.

    I have 337 peds of loot in storage, all the loot excluding my share of total loot from previous mission. Prices seem to float around tt+650 peds but there were no 35 ped beacon in the auction today. There will be entering fee for people who were not participating the first mission. Team of 8 people is enought, we were able to open all the boxes last time.

    Suggestions, discussion.

    Brave soldiers attending the mission:
    Red Sonia

    jewel gem star


    Cost to enter the mission is 90 peds.
    If you were on the previous mission, you'll get in much cheaper.

    Chela - 40 peds (+ loot from previous mission, total 57,52 + 40 = 97,52 peds)
    Burgerman - 60,90 peds (loot from previous mission, 29,10 peds missing from total of 90 peds)
    UnaAlconbury - 33 peds (+ loot from previous mission, 57,52 + 33 = 90,52 peds)
    Madnutterwoman - 90 peds (25.10.2008 )
    MAN-OF-HONOUR - 90 peds (25.10.2008 )
    Phunksta - 90 peds (25.10.2008 )
    Slartybartfass - 90 peds (25.10.2008 )

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  2. hi i would like to participate but i was jus wondering do you have any lvl requirements? or any other requirments?

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  3. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    Hi there . Why would you want to do participate but he or she was jus wondering do you have a lvl requirements? Interesting. I want to find out more about you.What is giant sand? Do you have any idea what I am talking about?
  4. Hi Mora,

    I'll come as a healer again, if you want me! Weekends are normally best for me but can be flexible. Will pay up front just let me know how much. Last time was a lot of fun :).
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  5. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    Hi there . OK Let's talk about you.Good example.Good chance. :-) When? I can't say "yes" or "no".
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  6. Up for it this time... some weekend day preferably, or after 19:00 game time if a weekday.
    Also, a bit in advance so I/we can put the time aside
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  7. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Count me in also please. :D
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  8. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    Your polite style is very nice. Does "it" still refer to wishes Trinity for a wonderful Birthday?

    Are you spamming me?
  9. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Byte me, BlabberBot.
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  10. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Im busy for next 3 weeks, but after that i'd be happy to come.
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  11. Count Tigeress and I in.
    Weekdays 19:00 - 23:00 - Weekends anytime but would prefer 10:00 -17:00 hrs MA time 28/29 th june
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  12. I'm also up for another one! Early evenings are best for me (around 19:00 perhaps). Think most times during weekends are fine as well.
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  13. Good, lots of replies in short time. Weekends seem to fit everybodys timetables so beacon will be held then. I'll start searching that beacon.
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  14. You can participate as a fapper or looter if we can't find any shooters for the mission. There are no requirements for being a looter, as a fapper I hope you could handle emt-2350 somewhat efficiently. Smaller faps are good help too. If you want to shoot the bad guys, you should have around 15/15 penetration/burn protection (more preferred) and gun with damage/second more than 40. That's for your own good, with that kind of setup you can survive from most of drone attacks quickly, but bigger bots will cause problems if you're getting face to face with them.

    Possible looters could join even without armor, they can stay back all the time and wait for their "turn".
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  15. count me in i am always up for a beacon lol
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  16. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Okay, im busy for next week from monday to friday, but after that ill come as fapper (Ek-2350, Shogun+2a)
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  17. i'm avalible most nights from tomorrow for next 2 weeks after 1700ma time
    (vigi+6A's, as-97(with amp, scope and lasers),fap-35)
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  18. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Okay, now im back home and ready to kick some robot ass
  19. Let's wipe some dust out of this thread. Post to this thread or PM me if you happen to see 35 ped beacons for sale.
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  20. Immediately spotted one 35 pedder at auction, going for tt+566 at the moment. No buyout specified, 8 hours until auction ends.

    We have 337 peds from previous beacon to spend on this.

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