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Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Wistrel, Jan 9, 2018.

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    Sorry been unwell today... a "virtual walk" was about as much as I could manage effort/concentration wise.

    Sorry for terrible photoshopping of MA's tagline. I couldn't make the effort to do it without a decent webresource today.

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  2. I like this
  3. Looks good!

    Really like the second picture where the mist in the distance leaves room for one’s imagination to fill with some scary scenario.

    Get well soon Wistrel!
  4. As always, your great images reflect, what went missing long ago, inside of Entropia.

    The love of details. The immersive landscapes, that always made you want to keep walking and exploring...while you discovered more then a CE Sandbox back in the days...anyway, nice to SEE, that you can always make this dull CryEngine Sandbox look fancy with your images.

    I know these moments of image No.2...the mist...but if you walk towards the mist now, there will the same 2003 3D graphics as everywhere else. There is nothing to SEE here, my friend, but I expect a shipment soon.
    Glitches, bugs, missing textures, blurred areas, ugly/bad design...only in our imagination...hail Project Entropia !
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    yup there is a fair amount of uneven editing in Entropia but I do feel the "polish person" is still employed as tweaks appear now and then to seemingly insignificant things. I found some pretty cool alien trees that are not your standard CE (actually quite a lot of the trees don't look earth like). This was a sort of cone like thing with 4 branches at the top that glow green at night. I rather liked it.

    Entropia 2018-01-09 17.10.25 [2, 78766, 68743, 223].jpg

    I know we've disagreed before on this which is fine. I'm complemented too that you say I'm making something out of nothing. Maybe you are right - perhaps I just take a good picture. I do take a lot of pictures though.

    hehe it was Foul (I note one of the mobs that has had a pretty good update - I now find them even more unpleasant/scary than I did in the old days [creepy big eyes]). I also found er... Caperon? Which I'm not sure I've ever seen before, although I know they are very old. Very high level though so I'm avoiding that tentacle. I don't think that mob has been updated though.

    Going back to what McCormick says. Yes it all could be more alien but there are areas that are. I rather like this intermixing of a more familiar forest with the alien plant life. As a counterpoint though these days we are getting better land relief (RT was very good for that - none of this "mostly flat with bumps milarki", RT seemed to be based off real height maps), rocky features, denser vegetation and CAVES.

    The thing I still really miss though, as I'm sure others do, is the remainder of old wreckage from the robot wars. There is NO REASON why this couldn't be put back, even if it just a few broken robot mobs half burred in the ground as a starter. On top of this a lot more could be done with creating missions or content around such models. Nothing wrong with a good story/exploration mission.

    I guess, as with all things, it is time and I suspect MA simply don't have enough writers/artists to populate the landscape with incidental "details" content. This said, I hate to think what has been spent on consulting these so called crypto currency experts or, dare I say it, compet. If I ruled the world, I'd hire some artists with the remit of "go forth and explore, make notes on where you feel something is missing/could help, then make cool stuff to find".

    Ah well, we can continue to dream

  6. [​IMG]
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  7. you stir in open wounds here ... wanna know how many of my caperon spawns mindark/calypso has killed over time? even worse, they removed/changed existing teleporters without taking additional 10 minutes to update their own fucking mission descriptions, and couldn't care less for years to come...

    don't get me wrong, but this virtual planet i was born on and you're talking about doesn't exist anymore, not even mentioning the universe we're still in. the times they are a changin...

  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Exactly this. Old Calypso had history. You'd see it when you were walking around. Little nooks and crannies had unique small little details. Abandoned space ships, robot wreckage, crashed ships, sheds, a mine, the smiley in the water, corkscrew mountain.

    Old Calypso was made by humans who cared. Who had a sense of humour. Who wanted to share a story with us. They might never had told the story as elaborately as they'd probably wanted, but the visual clues of times long gone allowed us to fill in the finer details ourselves. The towns and cities has personality. They were battle worn and weathered by time.

    Nowadays you see some clinically clean buildings in the cities (or more towns, really), and pretty much every outpost is a copy of another outpost. The landscape in most places looks like it was drawn by the same AI that designed a Toyota Prius. It's ugly, boring, static, and lacks anything that makes it stand out.

    Other planets certainly did their best to make the landscape diverse and like you said, different (height-wise, etc). I fear that the last designer or artist who gave a fuck left FPC a long time ago, and nowadays that office is filled with people who only show up for their paycheck and do the absolutely bare minimum. You know, just like the MA support team has been doing all these years.
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  9. Exactly. Even ex-MA employees confirmed, that all creative staff (with heart&soul) "left" (got fired) with the FPC incident.
    These ex-MA employees asked me to not to qoute them on these informations, which as well shows, what kind of company/human is acting in the background. This has nothing to do with NDAs. This is a total mess. Everybody who got involved with MA, rather chooses not to talk about it.
  10. Wistrel

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    Arrrgh! I can't see the wood for the Caperon!
  11. Wistrel

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    See my new thread "Everything wrong with MindArk in one Screenshot" - this is precisely the sort of thing I'm talking about. It's common sense that if you are going to have a mission system, you keep a record/database of every asset/location that said mission directly or indirectly depends on. Then if you change anything, it should be a simple case of looking it up and seeing what the knock on effect could be.

    It must be that time of the year again - I think I only do this rant once a year now.

  12. Wistrel

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    Great post notAdmin! You really captured it. I sure miss the umbra village for example even though I was too noob to go in there. That mine... I think it is still there actually (unless you means Thorkells Tomb - which should NEVER have been scrapped) - you mean the one at Twin Peaks right?

    I've always wondered what might have lay behind that door, and so many other doors on Calypso that stayed resolutely shut all these years.

    Ah well.. "That'll do"

  13. Wistrel

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    Ah you lot... look one you've gone and made me do... CUE NOSTALGIA TIME!

    The Mine at Twin Peaks, back in the day.

    PE 2004-06-21 16-50-02-51.jpg

    I think these 2 arty numbers were from a McCormick or maybe a Jamira?


    Some old incidentals you would find as you walked about:


    (don't think I took this one incidentally... don't recognise it)


    Speaking of doors that never opened...

    FILE205 (2).jpg

    ah well... I can keep on dreaming... (that is, if MA would bloody well let me lie down again of course!)

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  14. Wistrel

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  15. The one u dont remember (SHOP) is from a small Ubranoid Village with a mini cave. And they had this shop...ya...but it was just decoration. Still, very very cool...back then as well as today. :)
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  16. NotAdmin

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    Lykke and I bought a shop somewhere. We paid a premium for it, because it was located very close to the TP. Then CE came around, and next thing we know, the shop was located almost as far away from the TP as possible. We complained, and were basically told by MA to simply suck it up.

    Ever since, I haven't considered investing in EU. Fuck 'em right back.
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  17. NotAdmin

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    That's the one. You also have it in one of your screenshots.

    There was also a cave close to the sweating grounds at Camp Phoenix. Not that there was anything in there, but still, it was a cave that was unique, and a neat little thing to come across while you explored. We at some point got a few avatars together, and waited for a green dot to show up, then commenced a dialogue that made it seem like they stumbled across some secret occult meeting taking place :D
  18. I hadn’t realised that the original creative team had left (McCormick’s post).

    And it all makes sense now, the degeneration of the game to a desperate money grab to keep the Mindark shareholders happy.

    These posts have both finally crushed my faint hope that EU might one day shine again and made me consider completely severing all ties with the game, ie selling skills and everything.

    Still tough to do though.
  19. Wistrel

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    It seems to be at least 2 years since I deposited now - judging by my memory of christmas presents that is
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