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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by sissi, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. sissi

    sissi sissi

    Those of you still visiting PCF might have noticed that its becoming overly 'mod'ified and its distasteful. Thought I'd check out how lively it is over here and do a test.

    1. Neverdie is an amateur when he made the event on pop dragons.

    2. Mindark are complete idiots with the newest vote ad.

    3. Mindark once again prove to be jerks when not communicating with their customers regarding the latest glitch with DIBS.

    and one of my favorite quotes that simply highlights Mindark's largest problem

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  2. Hi Welcome to EP :beerchug: be sure to check the latest threads here something new to read everyday.
  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Well to make it even more fun you can even mention World Of Warcraft here and link to the site:


    And about your post, not sure if I agree with the words you used, but the overall message behind your post is one I agree with.

    oh and welcome to EP, hope you'll stick around a bit
  4. sissi

    sissi sissi

    I don't usually use such words either, but when I called ND an amateur and it got modded I was aghast, it's not even a harsh word and there is truth behind it.
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    We're not in the habit of censoring people here, Sissi, so no worries. I don't think that we moderate more than a handful of posts on a yearly basis.

    And welcome back :)
  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Well yeah when he started his planet he was an amateur (first computer game), so I guess your point 1 is correct indeed and I don't see any trouble with the words you used ;)

    And I think I got moderated once here, not sure what about anymore, might have been a bad word :)
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well,.... I stayed on his planet for several months and would defo go back there (in fact have been even)... I know a lot of "professional" games that didn't hold my interest that much or encourage me to explore.

    As for the MA advert well, I followed the link, voted and wrote a comment about why I love Entropia.... so shame they didn't use their own/better artwork but it still worked... if they overtake rune scape or even just help to hold the position I'd say it was 5 mins time well spent by them.

    Don't know about the other thing.

  8. sissi

    sissi sissi

    He was an amateur long before that, he could have made a lot more with CND than he did. What I want say is that he seems unable to exploit his opportunities to full extent and in the ones that he does it is with questionable means (HELL for instance).
  9. Mindark is in control if pp's have more access then we could see a change in this universe.
  10. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Amateur yes, dishonest no. I think that may be the line where people got heated and some were likely thought to be saying one thing instead of the other. (not sure though, I always end up seeing those threads after they get edited.


    I have one depo 'pending' on my Visa, Not a big deal to me since I have plenty of credit and its not really been billed to me, its just X amount of credit I dont have access to at the moment. But for other people who live on a tighter budget this has been a huge deal. (members of my own soc for example)

    Serica is the new mod there I think and likely still learning the ropes. She is a nice lady so I would like to give her a little slack while she learns, being a mod sucks, so no need to add any more stress on top of that by being overly critical of them.

    On the other hand though, we are free to say (mostly) what we want here on EP which has its advantages and disadvantages :D

  11. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I like it here ... that's it! :biggrin:
  12. After this latest ban over there I am not sure if I'll go back or not. Honestly though, might possibly sell out and buy clds completely since mmos seem like a waste of real world time sometimes. I have started playing swtor a little since it's f2p now, but really some of my more important hobbies irl are starting to need my attention more. JC and Serica have gotten a little more heavy handed over there lately. Seems like part of it might possibly have to do with the new news team over there and uh, some parties on it?

    JC always has been but let some things slide. Nowadays, it's lets pull out the ban hammer left and right for little infractions. I understand why they do it... they are scared. DC Universe went f2p but it was not a threat... Star wars is a whole different ball game. Many more fans.... but honestly it's all the same.. just pixels on a server. Several other mmos are going f2p lately too that used to be subscription only. I see it as a great thing... EU gets boring as hell sometimes.'

    Maybe it's time for ep to take off so pcf can die like it's predecessors. Who remembers Entropia Reality, Entropia Pioneers Kicks Ass?.. things change over time.
  13. I'm not a member of PCF but i do read the post on their from time to time gotta say i will never sign up at PCF not even for 1 million$ reward never.
  14. Honestly I dont really care about the bad moderation or whatever. What concerns me is the whole mood of the entropia community and MA's lack of action to change it. For those of you that been playing since the old Entropia Pioneers days we know we've seen the ups and downs but i dont think i've seen a down mood like i see now. I've never seen the forums so borring. Back in the old EP days the game didn't really matter so much as to the community. There was so much "fun" drama back then and stories in our community. People were excitied and having fun telling storries of what they did. We used to do things together a lot more. Now we've hit this lull where nothing really happens people just have there head down and trying to get a hof and slowly watch there skills creep up.

    I"m not just talking about PCF but every entropia related forum. Back in the day i couldn't wait to read all about peoples little stories and things that happened now i check the forums and there is nothing of interest and when there is something it's usually reporting about something still not working like brokers on Arkadia and missions on Rocktropia.

    it's like we're all just waiting for MA to do something to change the game and make it fun again but it's just not happening. I dont know how an avatar update is going to make the game more fun.

    For example we used to hunt to get a certain resource or item from a creature and we'd work together with people and trade more because it worked better when every mob didn't drop 30 different items. You had to make relationships with people to set up trading partnerships. And because you can loose so much so fast now all everyone cares about is trying not to loose a fortune playing instead of going hey we can have fun and risk loosing 20 PED or so but now it's like 200-300 PED to have fun. I remember doing faulx's with Opalo's in 12 man teams and having a blast. the most we'd loose is like 10-20 PED on 100 PED of ammo. Now you probably loose like 40 PED at least if not more.
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  15. This means...CiViL WAR =)
  16. Hi,

    So true. Ppl now are doing their endless ultra-grinding missions, or are camping mobs with ultra-eco optimized gear, or have combined this. Too easy to loose serious money else.

    Everybody does it's own thing today, and as soon as you start to do something funny, exciting or challenging, your PED card will take a dive in a frightening speed.

    Team hunting a bit bigger critters with newbies? Be prepared, you'll bleed sheer PED's.
    Rescuing a newbie that resurrects in a sieged outpost? "No thx, I'll take my VTOL."
    Searching ppl for a suicidal big mob team hunt? "Nah, sry, have to finish stage X of mission Y first."
    Chatting with a miner you meet at the end of nowhere? "Sry, have to drop my bombs, I'm still below the needed return. HF & GL!"

    EU has become a treadmill. And quite competitive, one against the other. Your HoF is my loss! Socs have been broken when the members went to different planets. The community has been broken by the need to grab every single advantage to survive with not too much loss, and by land deeds that are forcing any owner to promote "her planet" at all costs.

    And this reflects in the forums, too. It's very quiet now, besides a few people that still take the time. And besides the ones that are spitting out their propaganda, following their personal interests.

    PFC is still the biggest forum, not least by the fact that it's used by MA as "official forum", ignoring that it's a "planet specific forum" in fact. If you want to be up to date, there's no way not to read there, at least. From my understanding this should be EF, but it isn't.
    It's one of the tactics they use to promote the planet they own now, one of the tactics to unfairly disadvantaging the Planet Partners. Hoping to save their cute behind as long as possible, at any cost.

    It's not a good situation, IMHO. The most part of the community seems to be busy with their individual game, we're spread out widely, a communication breakdown. And at the same time, while still every day some new players are shining up, rarely ever one of these will be there some month later. And at the same time, more and more long time players are giving up.

    We need a change. IMHO. Or we'll be forced to discard our investments, sooner or later.

    And no cheated voting on some external game sites, using pirated cheap images will help here, I fear.

    Have fun!
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  17. very very well said Xandra i agree 100%
  18. Ya ! Damn !
  19. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    OK while I hate to disagree with the other olds.... wait ok I don't actually disagree... what am I saying? OK try again. I'd say you are right, I used to spend a long time reading forums. If I didn't keep up with them every day I'd get behind. I loved reading about the game more than playing it, cause playing it was expensive. I wasn't interested in skilling cause I knew that I'd NEVER make the stupidly high level I needed to max a freakin' Jester D1 so why bother?

    Now I'd actually say I "play" the game way more than I used and it seems to have more point and be cheaper. Why? Well I think for me the planet partners has been a huge factor. Each server square is 8x8km and there are tons of them. I feel like I could never ever get bored any more cause I don't have that much time to play anyhow (more I just don't WANT to spend THAT much time playing games). Now I appreciate my play style is "weird" and probably NOT what MA ever had in mind but take the new calypso gateway area? I've been there for weeks now and I've largely been climbing mountains on foot! Why? I have no idea... except well... its fun? I like it, I want to see if I can do it. I like the view, I like the music, I like the graphics and I love that I have no idea what I will find. I'm not really spending that much money though... very occasionally I shoot an alpine mob which is just a few pops with a breer m2a.... and at the same time I get a ped cheque every week from MA for my 2 land deeds, the interest rate on which is way higher than my RL savings account. Those ped equate to money I would otherwise be depositing so in many ways MA are paying me to have fun. I'd call that a winner.

    At the same time I am sometimes chatting to people via IM and telling them how great the place I'm at is. When I've been all over the newbie island I might finish the mission line there and move on to exploring all the other new stuff on Caly that showed up during the year I was away exploring space and other planets. (bear in mind I still haven't been to Cyrene or the howling mine and plenty of bits of RT and NI and Ark I haven't been to either).

    Going back to the forum's again for a sec I have to say the discussions that stired the most interest/debate were all the cock ups and complaints. VU day was exciting cause it would always mess something up and people would be hotly debating the latest changes. These days it just seems things get better and better. Turn on the news on tv and tell me how much of it is about good news... yeh not much. I'm not saying the forums were always just about winging of course but hopefully you understand me.

    Now, there is an issue that there is less community spirit now maybe cause we are all off missioning or exploring or whatever I don't know. As a perpetual newbie though I know if I go hunting I will see a real increase in skill that will move me up to the next gun that gets me up to the next mob and so forth. Before it was the sweaters and the cK's of the world so we had some real characters to admire and the only thing we had going for ourselves was "us" and the fun we could have in small group hunts and sweating etc.

    I do feel that somehow we need the 2nd M back in MMO and get people getting to know each other again. Group missions and instances seems like a good one for that. Another is the spreading of the community. For a player to "survive" on a sparcely populated planet they need a community. Like that Friday Market thing that ND set up. Or the nice feeling we had going on NI before it finished. That was the frontier feel we all used to know and love and yes we need it back. I don't think we should knock the game though. I personally (I know many disagree) feel it's better now. Ultimately I feel the issue is that "back then" we had to make our own entertainment in PE, now its handed to us on a plate. There is potentially an analogy here to modern life vs the "good old days" our parents and grand parents have told us about. ie where you made your own games and entertainment. These days everything is made in china and dead cheap and we have computer games and the internet so we can never be bored again. Its all so convenient, its probably killing imagination even. Not sure about that one... might be enhancing it. Who knows where it will all end up?

    You know... I'm actually reading Green Mars at the moment and all this is feeling eerily familiar, its like "we" (ie the olds) are the equivalent of "the first hundred" and we remember the old frontier days when we had to do everything ourselves and had control. Now we don't know all the new people who come in and they don't understand what it used to be like... after all, 8 years is a long time. When I see all the new players running around and there is all this stuff I don't know about I feel like a stranger in my own home... Calypso is still "home" though, I somehow I feel like it always will be. I find that fascinating...

    "There was a point to all this but it has temporarily escaped the authors mind"

    Thanks for reading if you did

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