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Entropia News: First phase of the CLD estate system

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, May 22, 2015.

  1. First phase of the CLD estate system

    MindArk is excited to announce that the first phase of the CLD estate system outlined in previous development roadmaps and State of the Universe addresses will be implemented in the upcoming Version Update, currently planned for June 2015.

    Work is progressing on distributing CLD estate plots throughout Calypso, including re-landscaping of areas near popular cities and outposts. The first batch of CLD estate plots will be made available in a Version Update after the summer, and will be located in a newly-designed colonist settlement. Participants interested in claiming CLD estate plots will take part in a reverse-bid auction using their existing Calypso Land Deeds. Full details on the auction process will be given as the release of the CLD estate plots draws nearer.

    Building a structure on a claimed CLD estate will require various resources. A new resource gathering system will be introduced in the upcoming Version Update that enable participants to harvest natural resources which can be manufactured into building components utilized in the forthcoming housing system that will be implemented after the summer.

    The attached concept images provide a quick peek at the work going on behind the scenes where MindArk’s design and development teams are working diligently to ensure that these new systems will enhance the enjoyability and depth of Entropia Universe by adding exciting new gameplay opportunities, while also rewarding CLD holders for their valued support and patience.


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  2. I can already feel another half-a$$ attempt on something called... "new" :

    Give away (many) CLDs, to recieve an unfinished "house"in return. An unfinished house that you need to invest more time and money in...just to be able to show it to your friends ? Or will it generate income ? Like, for example, harvest your own crops, as promsied in 2001 ? (TT food)

    I can already imagine how many CLDs the biggest "one" will cost. And no more weekly income then ? Mentioning a "CLD holders reward" sounds nice in the 1st case...but its just text and some artwork, + promises for now. I have seen many of these by now.

    Possible Result : CLDs gone, everyone going like "Yeahii more appartments/houses and everyone going to gather natural ressources for some weeks that might even be worth some MU for some time. Then the "houses" might end up like taming...unfinished, useless. Ok, this time we were waiting for it...*lol*

    Hail farmville !

    -Yay I built a tree. (worth nothing)
    -Man you should see the streets infront of my house, that I built from rare ressources. (2K PED)
    -Yannik is the 1st colonist to discover oil on his CLD area. (0,5 PEC after he build an oil drill for 15k PED)
    -I sold my appartment to decorate my CLD area, yay

    Go for it !
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  3. Hadesheim 2.0? Ugh....
  4. :cheer::cheer:Looks like a farm on the plot maybe free fruit spawns to sell by your house estate, or portable mining in your garden of Eden
    If it has realism like real life I might go for it but not for looks or nothing to show for it.
    Selling corn and coffee at trinity street plot 3 , renting room 3 ped per night per person
  5. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    He he! Only three years ago I would have been excited about this new move.

    Protokoll für Supportfall 230200: 2012-05-20 13:59 Du schriebst:
    We live and fight as colonists at frontier planets. Small parts of the planets are under our control. That means, we've got citys and settlements. I like to own nice apartments there (so far at Medusa's Head/Calypso [finally fixed ;)] and at Celeste Harbour/Arkadia). But most of the planet's surfaces are wilderness.

    Sometimes - especially when PEDcard is low - I do exploration trips. Just for enjoying beautyful landscapes, impressive sun rises and so on. Now and then I find unbelievable beautyful places. At such moments I wish to settle there and stay a while. Just for relaxing and enjoying or for camping at a special hunting ground.

    My suggestion: Give us the ability to craft/buy small mobile homes. Let's say "Omegaton Standard Survive Container" combined with an "Omegaton Standard Seating". Usable at every place we want to settle temporarely.

    Later you may think about some nice extensions like an additional storage (with high capacity), an attachable balcony (for enjoying the sun rises/sets), a small automated gun turret for protection against local wildlife, a small televator to reach the beach from top of a steep coast and go back after a bath etc.

    You may charge a daily or monthly fee for placing such mobile homes - as it was for apartments in the past.

    Furthermore you may introduce a mutual use of such homes. Couples, friends and societies would appreciate such an option very much! I am pretty sure, folks would pay for this option as well. Imagine an additional feature at the home's guestlist (like access to driver/gunner seat" for vehicles): "share items" or even "share PED".

    You can exclude particular areas from placing mobile homes - such as citys/outposts, land areas, event areas and so on.

    Just a suggestion ... keep in mind to name the balcony extension after my name: "Jamira Balcony"! - lol

    2012-05-20 16:10 Entropia Universe-Support:Hi,
    Thank you for taking the time to submit your suggestions. We really appreciate this kind of feedback and I have forwarded your comments to the responsible team.
    We are unable to say whether or not your suggestions will be implemented, but please stay tuned to the News section and Release Notes on the website.

    Kind regards,
    Owen | Planet Calypso Support

    Nowadays I tend to agree with McCormick, although I doubt the CLDs will be consumed by building a home. There were other options announced for CLDs. Right to say in a matter - if I remember right.

    But I really doubt MA can handle that in a way like "... will enhance the enjoyability and depth of Entropia Universe by adding exciting new gameplay opportunities ..."
    As always: It could enhance the enjoyability. If they would deliver new features without errors and won't abuse the players as beta-testers. This won't happen. As we know from the past.

    I was at Monria a few weeks ago. The Penthouse Suites were still bugged. And I remember well my 2.5 years of pain with my 5k PED Medusa's Head apartment.

    And btw. where is the pool extension with a large party area? It's easy as you can see at the Penthouse Suites I made for Akoz at Monria.
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  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Does that mean there will not be less than 60k plots? Respectively less than 6666 spots suitable for houses? Now, for years, forever?
  7. This was really the only hick-up I thought that MA would/is have(ing) with the CLDs since you guys would need to work out a system that would place 60,000 estates across Calypso.

    Question is who at MA did have the idea to just put 60,000 Estate Terminals out? I know someone at MA brought that idea up:x3: Or are you going to go this route and have it linked to the new auction? :eek (2):
  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Jamira - great idea! I love that one. A Wistrel Caravan would be awesome and definitely suit my nomadic lifestyle. I sometimes think of my spaceship a bit like that since I think it is big enough to have a small amount of living space.

    McCormick... I think you said everything I thought more or less. Glad that they are not going to "consume" the CLD's. That would be a hilarious (in a "it really isn't funny at all" kind of way) bit of MA comedy. It sounds like they are sticking to the original 9 deeds thing. I wonder how that auction will work though... I think it is going to be tricky to get right / find a good way of programming. Essentially they need a way of distributing the plots to anyone with 9 deeds. I doubt they have that in the infrastructure currently.

    My main concern is that the bar is going to be too high again for this stuff to be worth it against a background of other cheaper forms of entertainment. Estates currently are worth some thousand peds but are they worth >9kpeds? OK you get other benefits from that investment like the weekly interest but still, it is a high accessibility bar.

    If farming is to come... hmmm... well who knows. Lets not even speculate as MA as usual are being tight lipped. They've left enough loose ends dangling in the past that those fields will likely just be the next one. There is without a doubt going to be some extra investment involved here on top of your 9k peds. Weren't the deeds meant to be some sort of mini land area? So what is that about? hunting and mining? taxing.. really? Maybe a better idea would be a farmville system where a 9 deed owner can rent small alotments to any player for a small cost where they can grow stuff? Maybe something that goes into making those buff pills?

    As for how many estates will be available. MA have the maths on how many people actually own a multiple of 9 deeds. I suspect also they can make a guess as to how many deeds will change hands as people try to make up 9 of them. There are also people like me who will stick with their 2 deeds and not sell. By doing so, I am reducing the plot number by 1.

    Still, it is nice to have some news even if it does sound like "very little will happen next month" followed by "and very little more will happen after summer which will probably be delayed till winter and more likely easter next year"


    PS This might technically be considered "hacking" but does anyone know if there is a way to launch Entropia.exe without the client loader? What I'm guessing is that maybe the client loader executes it with a parameter/argument and if that parameter isn't there is says "nah you need to run the client loader". I'm only asking for convenience purposes.
  9. Not sure on openin but closing with task kill works
  10. The 2nd window after launch is where the cookie is at.
    Well uncle/friends Intel says could be done by elite guys, cheat engine was nice before MA patched fixed it, to go around that you would have to build a project from the ground up,. Any one remembering the server crash after update a long time ago some players lost 8 hours of skills and locked out for 5 minutes ( a good start in this field is reverse engineering and computer architecture ) I don't advise any one to mess with this kind of stuff its not worth it and too risky.
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  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Thanks for letting people know. That was my initial question after reading the message. This was announced only on PCF I assume? I just checked the CL and nothing there.
  12. Back then the pe.exe could be started without the client using simple batch file :

    pe.exe -nUSERNAME -pPASSWORD -i812 -v0 -col16 -ai -log -e -ol -bw512

    pe.exe -nUSERNAME -pPASSWORD -i812 -df -col32 -bw256 -v0 -k2

    v0 was standard refreshrate; col32 colordepth; bw bandwith rest no idea, would have to look at old VUs exe. And I havent even looked at the Cherry Keyboard Display Emulator Exe yet. -_-

    Only CE3 SDK has the Launcher.exe, which gets renamed to "Gamename".exe
    Our Executeable is still CE2.

    you connect to http://login.entropiauniverse.com/

    SEE next post for command line parameters (mostly for the editor).
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  13. Launcher.exe -Arg1 -Arg2 ParamOfArg2 +Arg3 Param1OfArg3 Param2OfArg3 +Arg4 "ParamOfArg4" +Arg5 4-3+2 -Arg6
    ... will result in the following pre-commands (starting with a minus symbol (-); modify the startup behavior):

    Arg1 Arg2 ParamOfArg2 Arg6
    ... and the following post-commands (starting with plus symbol (+); executed as console commands after initialization; all in the same frame):

    Arg3 Param1OfArg3 Param2OfArg3
    Arg4 "ParamOfArg4"
    Arg5 4-3+2
    Recognized Pre and Post Commands
    Below you'll find a list of command-line arguments. If you have Engine and Game code, searching for "eCLAT_Pre" and "eCLAT-Post" should give you all of the available arguments.

    PRE Commands

    Usage (Prefixed with "-")



    Editor.exe -DEVMODE

    DEPRECATED - Devmode is enabled by default in all modes except for Release Pure-Game.
    In DEVMODE, the lua debugger is disabled and the pak file system now prefers files outside the pak files.
    The LUA command execution in the console is now allowed (by using the # prefix). CVars marked with the Cheat flag can be changed.


    GameSDK -nodevmode

    Disable devmode in pure-game mode, even in non-release builds.


    Editor.exe -DX9

    DEPRECATED - Use Direct3D 9 renderer (override the system.cfg setting).


    Editor.exe -DX11

    Use Direct3D 11 renderer (override the system.cfg setting).


    Editor.exe -MOD MyMod

    Loads a MOD DLL, instead of the standard game code. Adds the folder of the MOD to the data directories to search in.
    MODs must be located in the <root>\Mods directory.


    Editor.exe -root RootFolder

    Overrides the default folder for log files (also, LogBackups), cfg files (for the exec command), and level rotation files.
    This command line option is mostly used for 3rd party hosting, with multiple instances on the same machine support.


    Editor -nomouse

    Disable mouse input.


    Editor -lua_storedebug


    Editor -noprompt

    Disable the message box.


    Editor -autodetect

    Auto-detect system spec (overrides profile settings).


    Editor -anygpu

    If CRYENGINE detects an unsupported GPU, you can specify whether to allow continued use or not.


    Editor -LvlRes

    All assets since executable start are recorded.


    Editor -pakalias








    Loads amble.cfg file for Stats Agent.


    Don't load DLC content.


    Set Multiplayer as the default game mode.



    Create pipe for Stats Agent.



    POST Commands

    Usage (prefixed with "+")



    Dedicated +sys_no_crash_dialog


    GameSDK +map Forest

    Load a level automatically after system finishes initializing.


    GameSDK +connect <IP>

    Connect to an IP address for multiplayer use.


    Typical Use Cases
    • Set a console variable and load a map: Launcher.exe +r_displayinfo 1 +map Forest

    • Call a lua command: Launcher.exe +#System.DumpMemStats()

    • Run the game in a specific spec and set a CVar (console variables and commands are not case sensitive): Launcher.exe +loadconfig lowspec +r_displayinfo 1
    Useful Console Variables


    The game starts paused, waiting for user input.


    Abort on load error of flowgraphs
    2:abort, 1:dialog, 0:log only
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  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Interesting set of stuff there. I see these are ce based params. My guess is MA have their own params they pass when executing Entropia.exe that it can use to determine it was called from another process. This was what I was mainly after so I could hop straight into the game. Oh well. Back on topic now...

    I wish MA would give us more info rather than leaving everything to flippin' speculation all the time. I don't know about you guys but this bold new era of MA openness seems rather like the previous era of non openness...
  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well.... if they are going to go that far. How about a system of joint or societal ownership? ;)
  16. MitchyMoo

    MitchyMoo Captain

    Thank goodness for that. Call me a skeptic but I was seriously concerned!
  17. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Oh just a note that I did (by accident) find out how to jump straight in.
  18. Happy 3 year anniversary...of nothing...should I feel sorry for the people,
    that aquired the biggest landplot for about 162 CLDs aka. 16.000-30.000 US Dollars ?
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  19. Not 162 CLD but 162x the difference in price between CLD and CLD (X). Not sure what the gap is these days, never been much interested in deeds.
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  20. Ya, this is can be confusing at time, but what I wanted to say is :

    If you had no CLDs back then, you had to aquire 162 CLDs aka. 16.000$ back then, to be able to "aquire" the land.

    If you still have no CLDs, you would need to aquire 162 CLDs now, aka. 30.000$ now, to be able to "aquire" the land.

    On top of it all the wood and stuff to be able to use it.
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