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First NI house sold

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by Kitten, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. first house is now sold at 2001 peds

    HUGE grats!

  2. Wow.... I was figuring they'd go for around 400-600 PED. Guess it's the "I'm the first one with something new" syndrome kicking in.....
    Nothing on Tracker about this avatar. Let's hope it's a genuine noob with some PEDs and not a form of market manipulation.
    Everything into consideration, it appears as though the community valued the property at about 1k PED. Seeing's it was the FIRST sold, I would assume all others will be realistically valued at around 600 PED each. Just because one person offered 1k more than the current bid doesn't mean the property's really WORTH that much.

    Gz to the new owner!

  3. Seems to me they were trying to jack up the price. Why would you jump 1000 peds?
  4. lol cant believe someone paied 2k peds for a single room and 100 item points.
  5. Maybe the new owner will put in a few shopkeepers and open up for business. This is not an ideal location for a shop but it might work as the only shop on the planet. The auction transport fees are outrageous.
  6. but doesn't it come with a monkey butler ?
  7. Wow, that does seem as awful lot, a jump up of 1k :S Maybe he overestimated how much it would go to, and expected someone to outbid him?
    2a wasn't even that nicer location either, compared to some of the others, 2b and 2c are both much nicer locations...
  8. What are the differences? I looked around all of them and the only thing I saw different was that 2d didn't have windows.
  9. 2D is not for sale right now. The only difference is the view and 2A actually has some land below it.
  10. Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 2A is currently managed by avatar Anke Keks Stock. Haven't find anything on him/her, nor The Real RiKi. Kinda irritating that this avatar (RiKi) outbid Jagger to not be the proper owner. Further, after having won 2A, drove the bids on 2C and 2E. Does make you wonder...

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